A Look at Trends in 2017

In our last segment of ‘What’s Gaying On?’ we took the time to address some exciting moments in lesbian culture and various ways you could get involved. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t expand to look at other elements of queer culture too, and so here we are looking to explicitly gay contributions to the arts and other forms of media.

2017 has arguably been an incredibly eventful year for gay culture and, more specifically, gay awareness and visibility. As we mentioned in our last article, the Oscar success of Moonlight highlights the prominence that queer (and intersectional) contributions can provide to the wider world. But how is this reflected generally right now? Well, let’s find out!

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Things To Read about Recent Gay Culture

If you fancy yourself to be a fan of the classical then there’s always Gore Vidal’s The City and the Pillar or James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room to casually peruse, but there have also been some recent greats and some exciting upcoming works too.

A recent must-have for most younger gay individuals is The Gay Gospel: A Survival Guide for Gay 20Somethings in America Today. This book delves into the ins and outs of gay culture and being gay in one’s ’20s.

However, this book also has many relatable points which will speak to pretty much most homosexual individuals. Its cover also brings the appropriate level of color and identity to the topic of negotiating one’s own homosexuality.

If, on the other hand, you’re a bit of a humanities-buff and wanted something a bit more general then Valerie Traub‘s Thinking Sex With the Early Moderns may just be the read for you.

Though not solely focused on homosexuality, this book explored the many ways that the early moderns explored sex and sexuality—giving a solid basis to any debate where you need to debunk the apparent permanency of current conservative norms. A true ally in the fight against sexual ignorance.

And if autobiographies are your deal then you’ve got a solid read to look forward to unpicking with Rich Merritt’s Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star. This publication tells the story of Rich Merritt, also known as ‘The Marine Who Did Gay Porn’ by The Advocate.

Except, this time he gets to tell his own story in intricate detail. A must for anyone who wants to understand the prejudices that many gay individuals still face.

For those shorter reads these articles also offer some incredibly compelling viewpoints:

Gay in Ballet: Two Men Defying Traditions in the Dance World by R. Kurt Osenlund
Gay Personal Trainer Uses New Passion To Break Down Barriers With Straight Men by Michael Pavano
Why Cishet Black Men Calling Out “Black Gay Privilege is Counterproductive by Alfonso Francois

Things To Watch

Moonlight is the obvious one here, so we’re just going to give it the proper respect straight from the get-go and then move on to look at other gay representations.
And who can ignore the most recent buzz from Disney and the new Beauty and the Beast live-action film?

Disney faced an outlandish amount of backlash when they declared that one of the characters would be openly gay. Never mind that it was heavily implied in the subtext of the animated movie too. What? LeFou is gay? No shit!

Who would have guessed that the guy leading a pub sing-along about how great the man he follows around all day has an inclination towards burly men? It’s unthinkable!

All sarcasm aside, it’s great to see Disney move towards more open representations of LGBTQ culture, and even better to see them actively defending it when confronted with censors.

Meanwhile in the UK co-creator of the popular TV-series, Sherlock, has taken on a new project—a BBC Four series intended to chart a century of ‘the UK gay experience’. With a brilliant track record for creating exceptional content, this series looks sure to be unmissable for anyone with an interest in Britain’s gay history.

If, however, you’re more of a reality TV show then you may be happy to hear that E! is releasing a series documenting life in L.A.’s most prestigious ay bar, The Abbey. What can you expect from this series? Oh, I think you can already make some guesses.

Things To Attend

One of the great things about being queer in 2017 is the sense of unity that is constantly being fostered to counter any attempts at hatred. Put simply, we just won’t allow it nowadays, and we’re not silent about that fact.

This means that there are a lot of huge and wonderful Pride events that are primed for attendance in 2017. Here are just a few of note:

NYC Pride Island 23-25 June
San Francisco Pride 24-25 June
Pride in London 24 June-9 July
This is my Pride, Amsterdam 29 July-6 August

Time to get jet setting!

New Releases And Miscellaneous

And, for one last random bit of gay news, it seems like Snickers has teamed up with Gay Star New’s support section to provide further resources for anyone in the gay community who is struggling and could use some help or guidance.

Speaking on the decision Snickers told Campaign that “We all know Snickers tells us ‘you are not yourself when you are hungry’. Now it will tell us ‘your friends will accept you whoever you are, in all your colors’.”

That’s right—the gay community now has the support of a candy bar-turned-meme.
What a time to be alive.

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