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Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Kiiroo is a fast growing technology company. We are wedged between Amsterdam’s business and red light district, so it seems appropriate that we spend our days making high-quality, innovative toys and solutions. 
We have been leaders in the sex tech (teledildonics) industry since 2013, working at the intersection of technology and human interest. We are continuously innovating in order to keep people satisfied.
Moreover: we are in the business of communication. We use technology to forge new and better ways for people to connect, because in an increasingly digitalized, freelance world, the need is growing every day. 
We are on a mission to improve human communication online. To date, online communication has only included video, audio or text - but we continue to add a new dimension to the world of social networking; touch.
We strive to be different from other adult sex toys by making high-quality, luxury products with the twenty-first century in mind. We don’t want to look or act like any other brand. We aim to be the brand that brings you the most unique and authentic experience online.



Kiiroo has been changing the way the world thinks about Teledildonics and sex technology since we arrived on the scene in April 2013.
We are a technology company focused on bringing people together in new ways, online.
When we embarked on this mission, we saw what our direct competitors had to offer, and we knew we could do it better. We never doubted ourselves, and now a few years later, we are the award-winning leader in the sex tech / teledildonics industry.
What began as a project to change the way people connect has now evolved into an entire array of platforms that do not only cater to long-distance relationships. 
Our first designs had simplicity in mind, to connect a vibrator with a masturbator through the internet, no matter how far the devices were from one another. 
The first slimline vibrator; oPue was capable of sending touch data to one or many sVir masturbators. SVir contained multiple contracting rings that imitated sexual stimulation.
In early 2014, we moved to a new office in Amsterdam. Our team gained five new employees - fresh, young talent from all over the world. 
We started looking at ways to improve the connection.
We renamed the products in a way that highlights their luxurious nature. Onyx for the gents and Pearl for the ladies. Pearl had a sensual curve, perfect for hitting the G- spot, and a super powered motor. Onyx, even more advanced than SVir, had contracting rings that created a jerking motion along the shaft, making it feel more realistic than you ever would have thought possible. 
The Kiiroo online platform was created in tandem, the perfect place for lovers to connect sensually and securely.
Fast-forward to 2022, and Kiiroo has superseded all expectations a young company would have. With over 15 adult industry related awards, and the title of “Top 10 Fastest Growing Startups in the Netherlands”  Kiiroo is one of the companies to keep an eye on in both the adult and tech industry.

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Enhance your chilling moments or improve your sex life with your partner with these sex toys (AI technology included). Discover the new way to experience sex with AI Sex Toys. - Kiiroo, FeelMe, FeelStars

AI Generators Porn

Why we love Kiiroo Keon + PowerBlow: The Kiiroo Keon and PowerBlow combo performed best among the penis milkers we tested. The automatic masturbator frees your hands from the tedious up-and-down thrusting, while PowerBlow’s automated suction settings offer better control of the experience and make the sensations more intense.


It didn’t take long for me to write a conclusion about the Dainty Wilder stroker because it’s freaking tight. But it’s not the kind of bad tightness that just feels tight, I can easily feel the suction-cup-style internal texture when I use it. If you’re a fan of Dainty Wilder or tight-pocket pussies then it’s a no-brainer, buy it! But if you’re above average in terms of penis girth then I would strongly recommend something less tight unless you’re okay with an extremely tight vagina.


My Final Thoughts About the Dainty Wilder Stroker I’ve tested my fair share of pocket pussies over the last 13 years as a sex toy reviewer but I have never tested one as tight as this one. Holy bananas it’s tight! It has certainly taken the tightness crown and will be the one I recommend to you in the future if you’re after a tight male masturbator. But it’s not all just tightness, the different internal textures are easy to feel and stimulating from all sides.

Kinky Cow

Conclusion The Kiiroo FeelDainty is obviously great for fans of Dainty Wilder. But chances are not so great that you already know her. Even in that case, or if you have used masturbators from other brands before, it is nice to “try something different” again. And even if you have never used a masturbator before, whether you have a Kiiroo Keon or not, the FeelDainty might be for you. PROS of the Kiiroo FeelDainty Stroker: Soft and flexible material Suitable for beginners For fans of Dainty Wilder as well as those who have never heard of her Can also be used with the Kiroo Keon mechanical and interactive holder Also use with the Kiiroo Powerblow for vacuum action Also for use with FeelMe AI interactive content

Naughty Business Report

In conclusion to this Dainty Wilder Kiiroo Stroker review it has truly exceeded expectations and left me thoroughly impressed. From its remarkably realistic design modeled after an adult film star to its unparalleled level of stimulation, this sex toy offers an experience like no other. The compatibility with Kiiroo Keon and PowerBlow adds an exciting dimension of interactivity, elevating pleasure to new heights. Despite minor considerations such as the snugness of the first chamber, only an issue if you have a huge penis, and the price point, the overall quality and performance of this stroker more than justify the investment. For anyone seeking an extraordinary and unforgettable experience, I wholeheartedly recommend investing in the Dainty Wilder Kiiroo Stroker. It’s a decision you won’t regret, as it promises countless moments of pure bliss and satisfaction.


FeelMe AI is what I enjoy This masturbator brings me so much joy This AI porn site – I’m on cloud nine All these babes feel like they are mine! This sexy toy is the toy of future I like it immensely, brings me much pleasure It is not free, but I don’t care Check it out, friends, come on, do you dare??

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Why we love Kiiroo Keon + PowerBlow: Kiiroo Keon with the Powerblow accessory was the highest-rated blowjob machine among the products we tested. Period. Especially the Powerblow accessory was a game changer, and unlike the traditional suction cup, the automatic attachment gives you more control over the sensations, making blowjobs more explosive and realistic. Let’s address the design first. Right from the unboxing, we loved the ergonomic build, and it felt like an upgrade to the other Kiiroo products we’ve reviewed in the past. The team was skeptical because of the massive size, but it became evident that the well-thought-out design negated the dimensions. Of course, it can be a problem for people with mobility issues or weaker hands, but it won’t be something a regular user won’t handle.


Kiiroo Onyx+ is one of the latest in Kiiroo’s line of premium male masturbators, and it's got some serious hype surrounding it. With two previous versions already setting the bar high, the Onyx+ has some big shoes to fill - but does it deliver? If you're new to the world of male masturbators, you might be wondering if it's really that much better than just using your hand. All I can say is that the Onyx+ has quickly become one of my favorite toys, and it definitely lives up to the hype!

Porn Dog

The Kiiroo Onyx+ is a male sex toy that is worn on the penis to stimulate it for the user’s sexual pleasure. It is a product of the Kiiroo Company, which has been producing a wide range of adult toys, particularly dominating the long-distance relationship pleasure products market for a number of years now. The Kiiroo Onyx+ is made of high-quality polymer and silicone, making it completely safe for use. Kiiroo also uses Fleshlight’s trademarked SuperSkin material for its sleeves, making the Onyx+ feel almost exactly like the real thing. The Kiiroo Onyx+ is a single toy that houses several components, including the mechanical components and the Fleshlight SuperSkin sleeve.

Long Distance Fun

The Kiiroo Keon is like the future of pocket pussies on your doorstep. The sheer amount of tech packed into it is mind-blowing. You attach the stroker, add lube, get inside it and let the machine stroke you off at up to 230 strokes per minute. But it doesn’t stop there. The Keon has FeelTechnology, meaning it can connect to other Kiiroo devices, sync to 2D, 3D, and VR porn so it strokes you in time with what you see, and even work over video calls to your partner. The sleeves that Kiiroo sell are high-quality, but if you already have a pile of Fleshlights you can actually put FL sleeves into the Kiiroo stroker’s case and use them with the Keon. It can be a challenge to hold on to while in the throes of passion and especially if your hands are covered in lube, so it’s best to have a towel handy.

Sexual Alpha

The FeelVictoria orifice is stunning, and feels different from the usual masturbator orifices! This stroker has a very clean, realistic look to it. The lips are very tight together, and this makes for a really fun, challenging entrance 🌟. Everything from the color used in the stroker to the soft touch feels super inviting and realistic. Like all FeelStrokers, we get Victoria June's signature on the side, which is a very welcome touch 😃.

Safe Lust

Looking to get yourself a VR sex machine? I got you covered! I have tested and reviewed the best VR porn sex toys and VR masturbators available on the market today. Read on!

Sexual Alpha

The Keon is well made. It is relatively easy to use, enjoyable, and a breeze to clean. Just untwist the hole and wash it out and you’re good until the next session. Charging is quick and the battery lasts long. The device is pretty quiet too. It’s difficult to find much downside here. Any time a male sex toy is mentioned some guy will undoubtedly say he can beat his own penis off for free. The same argument is often made against happy ending massages. This line of reasoning ultimately falls short however. Most people are capable of cooking food. Yet nearly all go out to eat at a restaurant. At times its nice to kick back and let someone (or in this case something) else do the work.

Rockit Reports

Kiiroo specializes in toys that allow partners to feel bi-directional pleasure. In this set you get the Pearl2, a G-spot vibrator, and the Onyx+, a male masturbator that fits over a penis that hits up to 140 simulated strokes a minute. According to Amira Williams, PhD, sex therapist and resident sexpert at LetsTalkSex, the toys will respond to each other during use via the brand’s app, “allowing couples to feel each other’s rhythm in real-time despite being miles apart, making it perfect for maintaining sexual intimacy in long-distance relationships.” The toys themselves are compatible for remote use with any other Kiiroo toy, so if you decide to branch out your collection, you’ll still be able to use them together.


I shut the door behind us and put some softer porn to get us in the mood. Just a few moments later, he started rubbing my clit through my soaking-wet underwear while I grabbed his cock and began stroking it up and down the shaft. It felt so good, but all I was thinking was how badly I wanted to try the sex machine while stuffing my mouth with his hard cock. The anticipation was making my porn-addicted pussy throb so intensely. After edging ourselves for a while, we decided it was time to put the toys to the test. The sex machine was assembled and ready to feed me with the orgasms I was craving. Rhys increased the intensity of the porn we were watching and linked the sex machine and the blowjob machine via Kiiroo’s Feel Connect app.


The Glow sleeve; I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting it to have a vulva orifice – but I’m not one to let that stop me. Before using it, I left it under a bright light to ‘charge’. After a couple of hours, I was ready to give it a try and so took myself away to a darkened bedroom. As soon as the lights were off; the sleeve emitted an eerily beautiful blue glow. So it certainly lives up to that part but what does it feel like as a stroking sleeve? In short – OK. It’s not as tight as the ETB but the texture is pleasant enough. The see-through aspect is always a turn on – I love being able to see the cock inside the sleeve (whether it’s mine or someone else’s). The Glow was a nice touch and whilst it didn’t really add anything just for me in the bedroom; I can imagine anyone who does any cam work; this could certainly help create some memorable content.

The Big Gay Review

This interactive couple set by Kiiroo is another which deserves prided place on this list of best LDR sex toys on the market. This couple set works in quite a similar way to the previous one. A masturbatory sleeve for the male and a touch-sensitive G-spot vibrator for the woman. This pairing is going to be an absolute lifesaver when you are craving the touch of each other. Some of the features of the Onyx 2 + Pearl that makes them worth considering are: The toys connect together via WeConnect and are compatible on both iOS and Android. This allows you to control each other’s toys and almost feels like you are together in the flesh. Both devices are USB-rechargeable which is handy and saves on the price of batteries, which is especially important if you use the toys on a regular basis. The Onyx 2 includes 3 different contraction modes for the male to play with and enjoy and the Pearl has 9 different vibration speeds for the woman, depending on what intensity is preferred. Both toys are made from a silky silicone material and are designed to feel as realistic as possible. You can feel your partner in real time, the toys are compatible and when connected, the Onyx will control and react when the woman moves and vice versa.

Long Distance Fun

Onyx+ Sexual intimacy is an essential aspect of an intimate relationship. However, it can become boring and routine over time. You can make things interesting by investing in high-quality adult toys that will keep you happy. To get the most enjoyment, you should choose the best male masturbator available that will deliver a satisfying experience each time you use it. For instance the Onyx+ Kiiroo Onyx+ Kiiroo is a great option for anyone looking to make a difference to their sexual experience. The Onyx+ is designed specifically for males. It is quiet lightweight, light, and comes with a rotating motor that goes in an up-down direction, emulating sexual relations. This feature can really spice up your sex, and it's a huge improvement on the Onyx 2.


The Pearl3 is the latest of Kiiroo’s popular and award-winning Pearl series and has been beefed up with higher power and an improved battery that allows you to get more pleasure for longer.


The Kiiroo Titan & Tight Fit Sleeve Enjoy tһe biggest newbie porn grouρ on the net aѕ nicely as fuⅼl-length scenes from the toⲣ XXX studios. Ꮃe update ߋur porn movies eѵery daү to ensure yoᥙ always get the ƅest possibⅼe quality sex motion pictures. Ӏts detachable sleeve іs transparent, which is great if you’re not into realistic-lookіng sleeves. Still, yоu d᧐n’t have to break tһe financial institution as therе are undoսbtedly many gadgets whіch aгe ߋf nice vɑlue—if you do your analysis. A arms free masturbator іs just liҝe ɑn everyday maⅼe masturbator іn shape, however it’s automated. Thе wearer must be іn management օf the FleshPump alԝays. Classic Pink Lady™ Super Tight Τhe Original Fleshlight һaѕ stood tһe test of time becaսѕe thе premiere mаle intercourse toy. It’s the riցht mаle masturbator for people who aren’t certain іf hands-free sex toys ɑre for thеm. Ⲣlus, іt comes wіth ɑn edging characteristic tⲟ increase playtime. Υou can use a delicate material and cleaning soap tо wipe or sex toy cleaner ᧐r cleaning wipe tߋ doѡn your toy, maҝing sure that no water сomes into contact ԝith the electrical components.


De FeelGlow masturbator van Kiiroo is een heerlijke fijne masturbator die heel geschikt is voor beginners. Je kunt deze natuurlijk gewoon met de hand op en neer bewegen over de penis en ik garandeer je dat dat een heerlijk gevoel geeft. Nog leuker wordt het met een PowerBlow van Kiiroo, omdat de sleeve dan wat strakker wordt gezogen. En wil je echt een geweldige vernieuwende ervaring, overweeg dan om een Kiiroo Keon aan te schaffen.

Naughty Business Report

The Kiiroo Keon earns its reputation as a premier pocket pussy sex toy due to its outstanding performance and hands-free stroking capabilities, as consistently emphasized in user reviews. The device’s standout feature lies in its integration of FeelMe AI technology, offering a groundbreaking experience by enabling real-time interactivity with adult content. Notably, users appreciate the ability to personalize their experience by changing the strokers to match those of their favorite porn stars, culminating in a unique and immersive opportunity to engage intimately with preferred adult entertainment.

The Guy Shack

By now you are probably familiar with Kiiroo and their range of amazing sex toys. From blowjob machines, automatic masturbator and sex machines, to glow-in-the-dark masturbators, they have it all. All of them have been a great hit so far, and I'm fully excited for my first review of a Kiiroo masturbator which is modelled to an adult actress 🥰! Meet Reya Sunshine ☀️. Born in 1990, she has starred in over 200 videos, won an XBIZ award, modelled for a virtual reality game and now even has a Kiiroo FeelStroker modelled to her, allowing us to feel what it's like to be with her.

Safe Lust

Kiiroo is one of the biggest names in automatic male sex toys and for very good reason. Their latest and best invention is the Keon. The first thing you notice is how sleek, well-built, and professional it feels. A lot of male sex machines kinda feel like some wacky inventor in a garage made them, but the Keon is polished and – dare I say – cool. It walks the walk, too. Boasting a top speed of 230 strokes per minute and a stroke length range from 0.8 to 2.56 inches, it can simulate sex nicely.

Sexual Alpha

The Kiiroo Couple Set is our favorite long-distance sex toy. The synchronizations, stimulations, ease of use, and build quality were all better than the competition. They were also easier to set up than with other products we tested.

My Sex Toy Guide

Kiiroo’s Keon is only the top choice for a handjob toy. I mean, you can literally hook up the Keon with FeelMe AI, put up a ‘handjob’ porn video, and go immerse yourself in a handjob session. It has great build, reasonable price, reasonable noise levels, and great accessories like a hand strap, neck strap, and table clamp for some hands-free action.

Sexual Alpha

Described as the most technologically advanced, the Pearl 3 is the evolution of the Pearl 2 which was already at the time one of the flagship products in the world of female masturbation . This sex toy is, like its predecessor, specially designed to stimulate the G-spot.