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Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, KIIROO is a fast growing technology company. We are wedged between Amsterdam’s business and red light district, so it seems appropriate that we spend our days making high-quality, innovative toys and solutions. 

We have been leaders in the sex tech (teledildonics) industry since 2013, working at the intersection of technology and human interest. We are continuously innovating in order to keep people satisfied.

Moreover: we are in the business of communication. We use technology to forge new and better ways for people to connect, because in an increasingly digitalized, freelance world, the need is growing every day. 

We are on a mission to improve human communication online. To date, online communication has only included video, audio or text - but we continue to add a new dimension to the world of social networking; touch.

We strive to be different from other adult sex toys by making high-quality, luxury products with the twenty-first century in mind. We don’t want to look or act like any other brand. We aim to be the brand that brings you the most unique and authentic experience online.



KIIROO has been changing the way the world thinks about Teledildonic and sex technology since we arrived on the scene in April 2013.
We are a technology company focused on bringing people together in new ways, online.
When we embarked on this mission, we saw what our direct competitors had to offer, and we knew we could do it better. We never doubted ourselves, and now 5 years later, we are the award-winning leader in the sex tech / teledildonics industry.
What began as a project to change the way people connect has now evolved into an entire array of platforms that do not only cater to long-distance relationships. 
Our first designs had simplicity in mind, to connect a vibrator with a masturbator through the internet, no matter how far the devices were from one another. 
The first slimline vibrator; oPue was capable of sending touch data to one or many sVir masturbators. SVir contained multiple contracting rings that imitated sexual stimulation.
In early 2014, we moved to a new office in Amsterdam. Our team gained five new employees - fresh, young talent from all over the world. 
We started looking at ways to improve the connection.
We renamed the products in a way that highlights their luxurious nature. Onyx for the gents and Pearl for the ladies. Pearl had a sensual curve, perfect for hitting the G- spot, and a super powered motor. Onyx, even more advanced than SVir, had contracting rings that created a jerking motion along the shaft, making it feel more realistic than you ever would have thought possible. 
The KIIROO online platform was created in tandem, the perfect place for lovers to connect sensually and securely.
Fast-forward to 2019, and KIIROO has superseded all expectations a young company would have. With over 15 adult industry related awards, and the title of “Top 10 Fastest Growing Startups in the Netherlands”  KIIROO is one of the companies to keep an eye on in both the adult and tech industry.
Press coverage
Teledildonics: Expert explains technology for 'remote sex'
Express - August 31, 2019
"Teledildonics have helped normalize sex toys for men by making the experience centered around interaction, not just solo masturbation. In 2013, a Dutch-based company, KIIROO, created the leading teledildonic couples toy: the Pearl for her, the Onyx for him. The Onyx works like a Fleshlight sleeve, while the Pearl is your standard—albeit sophisticated—vibrator. "
The Fleshlight Is a Portal to the Future of Sex
MOTHERBOARD TECH by VICE - September 04, 2019
"In the same KIIROO study, 66% of respondents said the hardest thing about being in a long-distance relationship was the lack of physical intimacy, and 31% said the lack of sex was the hardest part."
9 Real Statistics About Long-Distance Relationships
YAHOO! Lifestyle - September 05, 2019
"According to a 2018 study conducted by sex toy brand KIIROO, 58% of Americans in long-term relationships will stay together."
9 Real Statistics About Long-Distance Relationships
Refinery29 - September 05, 2019
"Teledildonika is one of the types of virtual sex in the process of which a webcam is involved. Sex can be one-way - with a model that uses a vibrator. Or bilateral - for this, special sets of “vibrator + masturbator” are being developed. One such gadget Onyx2 & Pearl2 Couple's Set has already released the Dutch company Kiiroo."
Do you want to talk about it? - 10 rare sex words
Vogue Ukrain - August 10, 2019
"ALREADY we have online "friends" that we have never met in real life. Next, we will have online lovers. Kiiroo are the world's leading manufacturers of internet-connected sex toys. We spoke to them about where the technology of internet-connected sex is today – and where it’s going in the future."
Teledildonic ‘virtual sex’ lovers can control each other’s pleasure ANYWHERE in the world
Daily Star - July 26, 2019
"In a study done by a sex a toy brand KIIROO, the researchers surveyed 1,000 adults who have been in a long-distance relationship and tried analysing the challenges and benefits of being in this setup... However, nearly half of the respondents were willing to experiment with sex toys to maintain physical intimacy in their relationship."
Believe it or not, long distance relationships bring partners closer!
Adom Online - July 16, 2019
"This kind of technology increases the sexual connection you can have with your partner in specific, surprising, and exciting ways. This interactive male sex sleeve is truly ahead of its time. As a bonus, the Onyx 2 is USB rechargeable, body-safe, and has a discreet design."
3 Sex Tech Innovations for People with Penises
Future Of Sex - June 09, 2019
"By connecting devices to the site [Flirt4Free] through the app [KIIROO's FeelConnect], users can connect to a model’s toy. As a show progresses, the touch-sensitive technology can echo the model’s movements in it — and vice versa. For the models who have embraced this tech, interactive sex toys prove profitable and also allow them to enjoy their own performances even more."
Flirt4Free’s Interactive Experience: Evolution and Support
YNOT - May 31, 2019
"Give your partner the next best thing to you by investing in some teledildonics. You can outfit yourselves with a sleeve (Kiiroo Titan) and vibrator (OhMiBod's Fuse) toys—or each use your favorite vibrator–and control your partner's stimulation remotely via apps. Just sit in your beds with phones in your hand so you can operate the controls and behold your powers at work. Take turns wrecking each other or go full power on each other at once."
5 Long-Distance Sex Positions to Try Even if You Live, Like, Four Blocks Away
Cosmopolitan - May 29, 2019
"‘Companies like Kiiroo and Fleshlight have created toys like the Launch, that combine a really great sex toy with an automatic device that can be linked to online content....Particularly of interest is the rise of app-controlled toys, which are shaking up the industry in every way, and ultra-realistic, highly sophisticated sex-cessories, which are starting to make even the most unusual sci-fi fantasies seem like reality."
What’s the sexual taboo that will define the next generation?
Metro UK - May 29, 2019
"BEST VR SEX TOY - Fleshlight Launch Powered by KIIROO - When paired with compatible VR porn, the Launch is like living out a fantasy — and is completely hands free."
Best sex toys for men: Fleshlights, VR, and cock rings — oh my!
Mashable - May 18, 2019
"Kiiroo est encore allé plus loin en connectant ces derniers sur des plateformes interdites au moins de 18 ans afin de pratiquer le sexe connecté mais en solitaire. Le constructeur propose donc une nouvelle manière de pratiquer l’amour. "
Demo and Geek - May 17, 2019
"The Kiiroo Couple Set enables couples across the world to experience pleasure even from a distance. Its built-in touch-sensitive technology allows for bi-directional control of devices so that either party can drive the action, and control the other person’s pleasure."
All you need to know about sex toys
Femina - May 15, 2019
"What makes the Pearl 2 special is that it can be paired with another Pearl 2, which to my knowledge makes this the only Bluetooth sex toy that caters to lesbian couples when it comes to pairing."
How Bluetooth Sex Toys Closed The Intimacy Gap In My LDR
Future Of Sex - May 14, 2019
"KIIROO FLESHLIGHT LAUNCH - The interactive mode will sync with both VR and 2D videos, delivering the most realistic simulation you’ve ever felt. You won’t believe it’s only virtual reality!"
Hustler Hollywood - May 07, 2019
"The first time I used it, I had this vague feeling like I might have just cheated (in a relationship) because it was so wild to feel like I had just been stroked off by someone else, yet it was just me using an advanced sex toy."
Fleshlight Launch Review & Ultimate Guide To The Best VR Sex Toy
Medium - April 12, 2019
"Technology is capable of bringing about an improvement in people’s sex life. They have also helped them to overcome issues of intimacy in some cases."
How Virtual Reality will Create More Intimate Experiences?
Erotic Scribes - May 07, 2019
"It’s like you really are having sex with them, despite the miles between you."
OhMiBod Fuse Review: Bringing Bodies Closer
Sex Toy Education - May 02, 2019
"These innovations allow lovers to stay connected, even when they’re not physically together. Here are the best sex toys that will immediately make you feel closer to your partner."
7 Sex Toys That Will Help You Stay Connected With Your Long-Distance Lover
Hornet - May 03, 2019
"Similar to when Apple launched the Apple II, in my opinion the Fleshlight Launch is a game changer. With the growing popularity of VR, interactive sex is just going to get bigger and better over the next couple years. I personally can’t wait to see how they will make me cum next! ;)"
Review: Fleshlight Launch
Over Stimulated Male
"«Les sextoys sont très personnels. Je ne crois pas qu'on puisse en fabriquer un qui convienne à tout le monde», avance Tom Timmermans, le directeur général de Kiiroo. «C'est pour cela que je voulais rendre notre technologie, “Feelrobotics”, accessible à tous: plus il y aura de consommateurs, plus les entreprises de contenus vont essayer de nous implémenter dans leurs produits… Plus il y aura de possibilités pour les consommateurs.»"
Sextoys connectés: loin des yeux, près du corps
Korii. - April 03, 2019
""For the more adventurous couples ready to take on the more cutting edge side of sex toys....throw a little tech into the mix. “We even have stuff now that integrates virtual reality and bring sin the fantasy element,” says Dr. Shannon Chavez. "
These 8 Sex Toys For Couples Are Relationship Therapist-Approved
The Zoe Report - May 06, 2019
"Enter Kiiroo, a growing tech company based in Amsterdam. It’s developing a solution to this problem. Kiiroo is the leading producer of remote-controlled smart teledildonics for couples. "
VR on Valentine’s Day: The technological evolution of love, connection, and intimacy
Venture Beat - February 14, 2018
"Long-distance relationships are tough for myriad reasons, chief among them the long dry spells between visits. Dutch toy company Kiiroo offers one solution: its newly updated couples set includes a Pearl 2 vibrator and an Onyx 2 sleeve (lined with Fleshlight’s trademark SuperSkin), for heterosexual partners. "
The 8 Best Sex Toys of 2017
Men's Health - December 26, 2017
"Kiiroo, a sex technology company based in The Netherlands, have created an array of products for both men and women that can keep you sexually connected wherever you are. Some devices on their website can even be synchronised with adult sex videos."
Can online sex be as hot as real-life sex? Of course it can. In some cases it can even be hotter…
"A new company called Kiiroo, wants to break into the e-pleasure biz with a hardware-meets-social-media combo."
Teledildonics: The Weird, Wonderful World of Social Sex Toys
Gizmodohttps://presskithero.com/shopify/articles# - January 02, 2019
"What if you could physically touch the random people you meet on Chatroulette? Kiiroo lets you do that"
The Company Whose New Sex Toy Helps You Hook Up With Strangers
TelePresence Options - January 22, 2019
"It's about getting more intimate with a person you'd likely never be in the same room with (let alone inside of)"
Cam Girls Are Charging Clients to Control Their Vibrators Over the Internet
- October 08, 2015
"Their devices enhance virtual reality pornography by adding physical sensation to an already "immersive" visual experience, according to Maurice Op de Beek, the firm's chief technology officer."
Is virtual reality the future of online pornography?
- August 19, 2016
"The Kiiroo-OhMiBod partnership is changing the way people experience intimacy all around the world. It only makes sense that we debut our revolutionary collaboration at the world's largest gathering for tech lovers."
OhMiBod Demonstrates Groundbreaking Interactivity for Sexual Health Tech in 8th Year at CES
- January 08, 2018
"VR is so real and immersive, but historically, you couldn’t feel it. You needed touch. We have created the illusion of touch and are solving this problem."
VR on Valentine’s Day: The technological evolution of love, connection, and intimacy
- February 14, 2018
" Teledildonics gave me the gift of long-distance sex with a stranger "
Feel the vibration.
- July 02, 2018
"Both devices also promise to sync with VR and traditional porn and can be used by webcam models to give their clients an extra-sensory experience."
Don’t call it a dildo: Kiiroo and OhMiBod on the future of sex toys
- January 11, 2018
"With compatible devices, clients can now play with their device, causing the model’s device to react- and the model can also control their device, resulting in the most realistic, mind-blowing experience ever!"
Kiiroo launches an adventure in bi-directional teledildonics
- August 01, 2018
"Kiiroo, billed as a revolutionary product in the adult sex toys category, allows couples to feel each other from anywhere in the world."
India’s appetite for erotic ecommerce grows, but sex toy market gets no love from investors
- February 28, 2018
"Companies like Kiiroo are working to create extremely realistic immersive intimate experiences. Kiiroo CTO, Maurice Op de Beek, believes we’ll achieve hyper-real, sexual experiences in our lifetime."
10 ambitious predictions for how VR/AR will shape our world
- June 02, 2018
"I’ve enjoyed laying back and experiencing a unique mode of pleasurable stimulation that previously just wasn’t possible with casual solo masturbation"
Six months with the first semi-mainstream sex robot for men.
- July 24, 2017
"Videos alone have sight and sound covered, and Kiiroo adds haptic feedback, which signals that we’re more than halfway there"
How Virtual Reality Could Improve Your Sex Life
- January 28, 2016
"If VR cam sex doesn't pan out, of course, users can still utilize their Kiiroo Onyx or Pearl device for remote encounters with real-life partners, and with other strangers and performers via Kiiroo's own platforms"
This VR Platform Invites Users To Have Virtual Sex With Real Performers
- July 21, 2016
"Adult entertainment may sell itself as a fantasy, but the next frontier is about bringing it into the real world...we're on the verge of simulation itself: bringing the action to you, either through devices like Kiiroo's"
How tech is taking over your orgasm
- January 22, 2016
"One tester said, ‘It doesn’t feel like sex, and it doesn’t feel like wanking either—it’s totally different.’ "
4 virtual reality sex toys which will be the future of porn
- May 20, 2015
"Thanks to Kiiroo, Fleshlight and Flirt4Free, I am going to virtually go Back to the Future one last time with my fans, while showing the world the new future of interactive sex.’"
Webcam porn just got extremely weird and realistic with this virtual sex toy
- August 21, 2015
"KIIROO devices are adding touch to our advanced platform of real-time video and audio, and that opens up a new and more personal dimension in the webcam experience"
Flirt4Free and KIIROO® Deliver the Newest Touch in Adult Interconnectivity
- December 08, 2015
"Kiiroo's design is much more sex work friendly than the couple-oriented We-Vibe. (Among other features, the Kiiroo vibrator is able to send signals to multiple masturbation sleeves at the same time.)"
Cam Girls Are Charging Clients to Control Their Vibrators Over the Internet
- October 08, 2015
"Part social network and part vibrator, Kiiroo is designed to give users the sensory feeling of intercourse with a “lover, friend, or stranger”, and simulate physical touching."
What Will Sex Look Like In The Future?
- February 17, 2019
"Once you've gotten over the fact that "teledildonics" is a real term (remember "cybersexing"? Same difference.) think about how much easier this could make long-distance relationships, with couples controlling rechargeable cylinders connected to their home Wi-Fi network from across the street or across the country."
Here's How You'll Have Sex in 2015
- December 19, 2014
Nomination: Best Interactive Toy Technology, Pearl 2 - Kiiroo Esca2- Kiiroo
Best Interactive Pleasure Product 2019 - OhMiBod Esca Powered by KIIROO - March 03, 2019
Innovative Adult Product Of The Year 2016 - KIIROO
Innovative Product 2016 - KIIROO
Best Interactive Pleasure Product 2018 – KIIROO
Best Interactive Pleasure Product 2017 – KIIROO
Best Interactive Pleasure Product 2016– KIIROO Onyx and Pearl
Pleasure Product of the Year 2017 - KIIROO
Most Innovative Company of the Year 2018 - KIIROO
Best Sex Tech Products 2017- KIIROO
Best Interactive Toy Technology 2018 - KIIROO
Innovative Sex Toy of the Year 2018 - Fleshlight Launch Powered By KIIROO
Tech5's 9th Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2018 - Netherlands
Best Couple Play 2016 - KIIROO Onyx and Pearl
Tech Leadership Award 2017 - Toon Timmermans, CEO KIIROO
Best Adult Webcam Toy / Sex Toy Company 2017- Pearl from Kiiroo - January 14, 2017
New Pleasure Products Company of the Year 2015
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I’ve enjoyed laying back and experiencing a unique mode of pleasurable stimulation that previously just wasn’t possible with casual solo masturbation—the feeling of things being done to you rather than you doing it to yourself."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"There are luxury vibrators that don’t deliver in anywhere near as many aspects (nor allow such a significant connection) that charge nearly twice this amount and, although there are cheaper toys on the market, I think that the Kiiroo Pearl2 is worth every single dime invested in to it and then some."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Touch-sensitive technology makes this one of the most appealing sex toys out there for long distance couples who want an experience that's as analogous to real sex as possible. Every party involved whether its male-female or female-female is treated to a wide array of sensations that accurately translate into how much the other party is getting into it. Even if one person finishes up before the other, there's nothing stopping that person from hijacking control of the toy (assuming permissions have already been given) and giving their dearly beloved what they wish they could give them in person. As far as solo-use is concerned there's more than enough customization options to keep things new. For what it's worth, I'm still not bored of the manual settings either, anytime my phone doesn't have the charge necessary for a Bluetooth enabled session I'm hardly disappointed I'm "only" stuck with the manual options."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Part 1) Should you use the Kiiroo Titan in your live cam show? Our review gives it a tentative “thumbs up”. Part 2) Should you recommend the Kiiroo Titan to customers looking for an interactive live cam experience with you? It depends. If your customer is on a budget, the Titan will provide them with a good experience."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Those looking for a dependable vibrator that has enough mettle to make itself known all while making long distance control a possibility should look no further than the Esca 2. One main benefit it has over its competitors is that the power button does a nice job as working as a clitoral stimulator since a bit of the vibrating power will be able to channel itself to the end of the toy. I came, my husband came, we all came."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Another day, I used it to a synced porn video. It just about tricked the visual-tactile part of me that I was actually getting a blowjob, aw yeah! A little bit of splooge later, I was convinced. My Tug sense tingles whenever I think about the Onyx 2. It definitely made the grade."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Kiiroo is an interesting company as far as business relationships go, they're one of the few non-Fleshlight brands that utilize Fleshlight's proprietary Superskin material. They make what they describe as luxury brand sex toys, but I'd primarily consider them to be a tech company as opposed to a sex toy company. They brought the tech-savvy, Fleshlight brought the sex savvy."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Kiiroo Titan looks more like a Bluetooth speaker and less like a jerk-off machine and that might actually be a good thing.Since the Titan is such an all-inclusive sex toy for both individuals and couples, the chances of it remaining on your nightstand are high and thus, the discretion of the overall design is quite convenient."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"We thought that the original Kiiroo Onyx was cool, and we appreciated the fact that it’s designed for both solitary and couples play. Now they came up with the new sex toy for men - the Kiiroo Onyx 2! So if you were wondering what is the best male sex toy for the year 2018, this is our pick."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"This automatic & handsfree masturbation toy, we assume, was designed for lazy, sexual gluttons who want to fuck something without expending any unnecessary energy. We love those people. If it weren’t for you guys, the world wouldn’t have a need for a toy like this – one that can offer a fully automated blowjob by connecting to online databases containing VR and POV porn content(SOLO mode is also possible). No joke, the Fleshlight Launch is the next top male sex toy – a real-life way for mankind to go where no man has gone before: to the world of real-time hands-free masturbation with super intense volcanic orgasms!"