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Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Kiiroo is a fast growing technology company. We are wedged between Amsterdam’s business and red light district, so it seems appropriate that we spend our days making high-quality, innovative toys and solutions. 
We have been leaders in the sex tech (teledildonics) industry since 2013, working at the intersection of technology and human interest. We are continuously innovating in order to keep people satisfied.
Moreover: we are in the business of communication. We use technology to forge new and better ways for people to connect, because in an increasingly digitalized, freelance world, the need is growing every day. 
We are on a mission to improve human communication online. To date, online communication has only included video, audio or text - but we continue to add a new dimension to the world of social networking; touch.
We strive to be different from other adult sex toys by making high-quality, luxury products with the twenty-first century in mind. We don’t want to look or act like any other brand. We aim to be the brand that brings you the most unique and authentic experience online.



Kiiroo has been changing the way the world thinks about Teledildonics and sex technology since we arrived on the scene in April 2013.
We are a technology company focused on bringing people together in new ways, online.
When we embarked on this mission, we saw what our direct competitors had to offer, and we knew we could do it better. We never doubted ourselves, and now a few years later, we are the award-winning leader in the sex tech / teledildonics industry.
What began as a project to change the way people connect has now evolved into an entire array of platforms that do not only cater to long-distance relationships. 
Our first designs had simplicity in mind, to connect a vibrator with a masturbator through the internet, no matter how far the devices were from one another. 
The first slimline vibrator; oPue was capable of sending touch data to one or many sVir masturbators. SVir contained multiple contracting rings that imitated sexual stimulation.
In early 2014, we moved to a new office in Amsterdam. Our team gained five new employees - fresh, young talent from all over the world. 
We started looking at ways to improve the connection.
We renamed the products in a way that highlights their luxurious nature. Onyx for the gents and Pearl for the ladies. Pearl had a sensual curve, perfect for hitting the G- spot, and a super powered motor. Onyx, even more advanced than SVir, had contracting rings that created a jerking motion along the shaft, making it feel more realistic than you ever would have thought possible. 
The Kiiroo online platform was created in tandem, the perfect place for lovers to connect sensually and securely.
Fast-forward to 2022, and Kiiroo has superseded all expectations a young company would have. With over 15 adult industry related awards, and the title of “Top 10 Fastest Growing Startups in the Netherlands”  Kiiroo is one of the companies to keep an eye on in both the adult and tech industry.

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Kiirroo biedt unieke erotische speeltjes aan haar klanten aan. Deze speeltjes zijn namelijk op allerlei interactieve manieren, aan slimme apparaten te koppelen. Zo kun je, samen met andere personen, op afstand masturberen of de speeltjes aan een webcam of erotische film koppelen. De speeltjes maken gebruik van smarttechnologie en geven een nieuwe dimensie aan wereld van de erotiek. Je bent zelf even de pornoster en ervaart hoe het is, om seks met een echte pornoster te hebben. Onze ervaringen met de seksspeeltjes van Kiiroo zijn positief. De speeltjes zijn uniek, door hun interactieve eigenschappen. Je kunt de speeltjes met de wereld verbinden, doordat ze op allerlei video's, programma's en software aan te sluiten zijn. Ook kun je ze met alle andere slimme Kiiroo devices verbinden. Je kunt zelfs met de vibrator van je partner verbinden, ook al zijn jullie niet bij elkaar.


The canal just after entering the FeelReagan is studded with 6 rows of varied nodules that are blissful to experience. At 2¾ inches of depth begins an entire 1 inch span of bolt action screwing, a stretchy pattern that offers the smallest relief in a tickling teaser of a squeeze that's the best possible. After which are three unforgiving rows of stimuli that jut against the corona, presenting the first two rows as more pronounced than the third. Seamlessly, a gentle squeeze transitions from a smaller ring of nodules to a smoother bumper chamber with a ring that bulbs just before a reward of smaller nodules and two rings with an added large studded row as its finale.


I would say that this FeelStar is quickly making it into my top 3 FeelStars and strokers compatible with the Keon I have. I find it hard to place it against the FeelSkyler for the first place as they are quite different from each other but each time they have given me the orgasm I was looking for. No disappointment with this FeelStar, it lives up to its promise and will be a good ally for the future!


The Reagan Foxx Kiiroo stroker is a truly innovative and amazing sex toy that offers a unique and highly realistic experience. The perfect replica of Reagan Foxx’s intimate parts, the stroker promises to provide an unprecedented level of closeness and intimacy with the adult film star. Its high-quality materials and compatibility with the Kiiroo Keon make it durable and interactive, adding an extra layer of immersion to the experience. The stroker is perfect for fans of Reagan Foxx and for anyone looking for a realistic and satisfying sex toy. It is truly a must-have item for anyone who values high-quality and innovative pleasure technology. With this toy, you can experience the closest thing to being with the adult star in person.

The Guy Shack

Kiiroo has made strokers for you no matter your preference. You can try the feel Britney and see her luscious lips spread as your pound her into tomorrow. And don’t worry, you will squirt long before she does. The internal sleeve is made of high-quality plastic covered in over 50 ribs that will grab your dick and tighten around it as you trust in and out.

The Homo Culture

Kiiroo Strokers are a high-quality and versatile toy that can enhance the solo play experience. With their realistic sensation, remote control, and customization options, these toys offer a range of features that can cater to your individual preferences and needs. They are also easy to clean, discreet, and compact, making them convenient and practical to use. In addition, Kiiroo Strokers can be used for long-distance relationships and with virtual reality content, adding even more variety to your solo play experience. Overall, these toys are a great choice for anyone looking to improve their sexual stamina and technique, or simply seeking a more realistic and satisfying solo play experience.

The Guy Shack

Honestly, I couldn’t hold my load the first couple of times I used the Onyx+ and it always led me towards a thunderous orgasm. It took some practice until I got used to the incredibly realistic sensations of this masturbator, and that’s actually a good thing because it improved my stamina in bed. On top of all that, it’s a super versatile sex toy that offers a lot of bang for your buck (pun intended). So stick your dick inside it today and you’ll feel like a true stud!

Pleasure Me Now

All in all, the Kiiroo Titan is one of the most unique male masturbators on the market and it’s packed with unique features. It made me blow some of my biggest loads and gave me some awesome experiences while using it with interactive porn or trying some kinky remote-controlled fun with my GF. So check out the Kiiroo Titan today and have fun!

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Overall, let me finish my Kiiroo Keon review by saying that this interactive masturbator is well worth its steep price tag. It will give you a lot in return for your money! If you want to experiment with VR porn, try some long-distance play, or even use it as a regular automatic stroker with intuitive controls and tons of speed on tap, definitely consider sticking your dick inside the Kiiroo Keon! Have fun!

Pleasure Me Now

The Reagan Foxx Kiiroo stroker is an exceptionally high-quality and highly realistic sex toy that offers users the chance to experience the sensation of being with their favorite adult film star in a more intimate way. The opening of the stroker is a perfect replica of Reagan Foxx’s vagina, and the toy is described as being insanely pleasurable to use. It is made of high-quality materials that are designed to be durable and easy to clean, and it is compatible with the Kiiroo Keon and interactive adult content, which can add an additional layer of immersion and realism to the experience. The Reagan Foxx Kiiroo stroker is an excellent value for the money and is sure to provide users with hours of enjoyment and pleasure. Overall, the Reagan Foxx Kiiroo stroker is an exceptional choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, realistic sex toy that can provide an immersive and satisfying experience. This is your chance to get closer than you ever imagined possible to this insanely beautiful and very sexy woman.

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Kiiroo Keon is the best penis stroker machine. The compact machine houses an STU-grade stroker so you can enjoy heightened pleasure with the press of a button. Notably, the device and stroker are built in-house, promising seamless compatibility.

My Sex Toy Guide

Kiiroo Keon has filled the void and becomes the most reliable and satisfying interactive automatic male masturbator for men in 2022. Others don’t even come close…


Pearl3 is an innovative toy with several excellent features and a diverse array of use-cases. I most recommend this one for new tech enthusiasts, those in long-distance relationships, online sex workers, and fans of interactive and VR adult content.

SexTech Guide

Kiiroo Titan is affordable, comes with an easy-to-follow manual, and has a removable sleeve for easy cleaning. It has nine bullet vibrating motors for maximum pleasure, and it allows you to connect to over 4,000 interactive adult videos and follow every stroke of your favorite porn star. You can also feel your partner’s strokes in real-time, even if they are in another country.

Sexual Alpha

The Ohmibod Esca 2 comes with a Bluetooth connection feature for more exciting control. You can connect it to an apple smartwatch if you have one and enjoy its accessibility from there too. It’s made of silicone, and it’s extremely discreet.

Sexual Alpha

KIIROO and Hot Octopuss advertise this toy as one that can be used REGARDLESS of erection state, with or without water-based lube... or even completely submerged! That's right, its 100% WATERPROOF! By construct as designed, the Pulse Solo Interactive can also be used HANDS FREE. As you can imagine, I've tested and used my Pulse Solo Interactive in every combination of the above and it does not disappoint. Quick to note is Hot Octopuss' absolutely amazing PulsePlate™ technology which is the driving force behind the Pulse Solo Interactive. It's freaking powerful. Cupped in hand while in use, expect to experience vibrations at times that are so intense you feel them internally from your gut (or even your perineum) all the way to the tip of your penis. At the right intensities, the vibrations envelope the entire length of most penis sizes. The PulsePlate™ and it's functionality is so positively mind-blowing that once a user has it in the best position for their desired sensation, they'll surely reach intense toe-curling orgasms.


There’s a lot to enjoy about the Keon Sex Machine. For a start, it’s so much cheaper than a regular full-sized sex machine. It takes up so much less space, perfect for those who have struggled to thing where they would store one. The Vac-u-lock attachment means you can use it with so many different dildos (so if you have a sizeable collection, you’ve got lots to explore!).

The Big Gay Review

This is, quite literally, the most amazing, the very best vibrator that money can buy. It delivers an orgasm that will blow your mind. An orgasm so intense and out of this world you probably do not realise that such pleasure exists. The bottom line is that if you are going to buy a vibrator this is the one you should be buying. It really is that amazing.

The Guy Shack

This is hands down one of the best bluetooth sex toys I've used, if not the best. It connects very quick and easily to the FeelConnect app. It has great battery almost feels like it last forever, I have yet to run the battery down in one use. This is a great toy for interactive content. It's so easy to use and to connect the Pearl3 with interactive content, and it's reaction to all the motions in the videos, and the strength of the vibrations is very impressive. It is very responsive to all actions and motions on interactive videos. it's a whole new experience and introduction for me to the interactive world! The touch sensitive technology is very responsive and great for clit play/stimulation.


I was recently given the Kiiroo Pearl 2+ to try and review and let me tell you that I have found my new favorite g spot vibe!!! This thing is insanely powerful, with multiple settings so you can find exactly what you like. I prefer always on settings, starting low and increasing during my session. I'm also a big fan of how smoothie the vibrator is, with no texture in it whatsoever. It slides in and out easily, which is nice for cam girls who use them long hours! And speaking of hours, you can use the Pearl 2+ for 90 minutes on one charge!! It's true, I tried it. lol The bluetooth connectivity is flawless and it's so easy and fun to play long distance!


The Keon can be used in a variety of ways. In solo, it can be used via the buttons offered by the Keon, on the left you control the depth, on the right the speed. As a result, you will have a single loop, an identical rhythm throughout the use of the Keon. Via the FeelConnect3 application, you can control these two parameters with your fingers, but we lose a little bit the charm of the hand free. Still, it allows you to use pre-recorded patterns. Of course, you can also via a control link propose to a partner to manage the Keon (and thus the sex machine) for you. You can also use FeelConnect to go to sites with interactive videos, or sites that use the Keon's bluetooth directly from your pc, or even FeelAi that will make any video interactive, and there you will have hand free and various patterns/rhythms. As usual, whatever you choose, lube lube lube. We're talking about a toy that's going to play with one of your orifices and not all of them are naturally lubricated in the same way so we're setting the stage. So after generously preparing the dildo with a water-based lube, I looked for a video to sync the Keon to and threw it on. Well, in the case of the table clamp positioned on your desk where the PC is, we won't lie, turning your back to the screen is not practical to enjoy the video and the sex machine (I'm willing to get advice on that eventually).


I seriously loved my Kiiroo-gasms. Especially when using it externally with the raised bumps against my vulva. For me, the deep vibrations and the shape were the main reason why I found it highly orgasmic.

Venus O'Hara

Interactive sex toys are a new take on automatic male masturbators and Keon is far ahead of the curve. The initial set up takes a bit of work and you generally have to set aside some time and effort after paying the monetary price for this premium product. However, with speeds of up to 230 strokes per minute and a variable stroke length from small vibrations to full length thrusting, the Kiiroo Keon comes alive with interactive VR porn and Spark heating lubricant for an experience that takes solo play the closest it’s ever been to real sex.


Using the Keon in manual mode with the Feel Stroker Butt, the sensations were pretty much as I expected. It’s important to make sure you have applied plenty of water-based lube, as the risk of a friction burn is quite high here; especially in the Keon shortest and fastest speed. The range of stroke length was adequate; it definitely did feel like it was getting every inch of me however for me, personally; the speed I could get at the stroke length I enjoyed did leave me wanting a tad more power. I understand why; the weight of the sleeve and the mechanism involved just wouldn’t be able to keep the stroker moving at a higher speed without potentially causing damage to the device.

The Big Gay Review

I wholehearted advise purchasing the Keon Sex Machine. For it is definitely as what the promos are saying---a game changer. For yes, sex machines with thrusting dildos have been around for awhile now. But not until now, THANKS to Kiiroo is there a sex machine that is completely interactive through connections with other Kiiroo products or interactive porn. Now, if you'll excuse me, this has put me in the mood for another masturbation session with my Keon Sex Machine.

LeNair Xavier

The sensations are incredible. The fact you can use it hands-free is great, especially if you’re playing with a partner as it means their hands are also free to use elsewhere. For those who enjoy bondage, the remote functionality is great for teasing play. It’s also small enough that you could pack it into your pants, though I can’t promise you’ll be all that discreet once it kicks in. For me, the Kiiroo Pulse Solo Interactive is easily a 9.5 out of 10. The only reason I’ve knocked 0.5 off is because of the Bluetooth connectivity, which just isn’t as simple to use as WiFi. Still, it’s a very minor point. The Pulse Solo Interactive is one hell of a toy.

Sex Toy DB

I am going to have to say this time around Kiiroo definitely has changed their recipe for their sleeves, in a good direction. The texture on the outside is so soft other than a temperature difference, I think it would hard to tell if it was real or not.


A bit of an interesting inspection at first, I noticed that the inner of the sleeve starts with a big gap. This is done intentional obviously as its apart of the sleeves design. nearing the end of the sleeve is incredibly tight (one of the tightest I've felt in a sleeve) I started using the sleeve and testing different techniques, edging, long sessions, fast sessions, rough, slow. Slow pumping this sleeve is great, going deeper really grabs all of your shaft tightly around. The entrance gap is great for edging and teasing the head of your dick. In personal opinion, this sleeve is great for rough and quick sessions. The tightness near the end, the middle grooves and the large gaping entrance, really lets you pump it rough and fast with legit intense mind numbing pleasure (yeah, really). I took off the cap completely for smoothness which allowed me to quickly and roughly stroke off myself. Use a ton of lube so its super slick and slippery, this will get messy but it really really makes it good. Don't stop stroking when orgasming, go harder and faster for that explosive orgasm which this sleeve will definitely do.


If you are a happy owner of the Kiiroo Keon, you can simply insert your new acquisition, the widest part being at the bottom and inserting it from bottom to top in your Keon. Then, you just have to rotate the whole thing in the right direction until you hear the little "click" that will announce that the two parts are correctly clipped :) If you don't have the Keon, you can still enjoy this new FeelStar, don't worry! You'll just have to manage the desired speed and depth yourself but is that a real problem? As for me, I have the Keon but for the purpose of this review, and because this is not a review of the Keon, I chose not to use it. I preferred a more manual stimulation in order to better control the way I was using the FeelReya, to better feel its different zones...and at my own pace. Once again, I appreciate that the initial penetration is much easier than with the FeelStroker thanks to the opening of the lips, allowing to guide the insertion more easily. I don't have to hold my member to guide it properly through the labia.


My wife used it on me at first. When entering, I believe as a result of the additional pocket pointing upward the sleeve entrance gave way a little more than other and was less tight than others may be. After the initial entrance there are rows of bumps in a three ring pattern which then tightens further into a ringed section before opening into another bump section that is slightly different from the first. It then tightens back down slightly after a corkscrew to more rings. The tightness of this sleeve is very strong and I found the sides giving way causing less of the variation to be felt. Being as tight as it is it requires a bit more lube. The texture of the Kiiroo is slightly more squishy causing more stretching in those tighter areas and as a result the outside supports do not provide much support and cause the sleeve to continue stretching. The tightness of this sleeve leads to a more intense feeling if you can get the amount of lube correct. The outside of the sleeve being modeled after Reya Sunshine presents a realistic outside but the varied texture and intensity provides a less realistic experience and more of a fabricated feeling.


The FeelSkylerLo is super pleasant to use and will manage to make you cum without worry. I regret not knowing enough about the model to increase more the excitement felt and the power of enjoyment but we are already on a very appreciable level without that! The quality of the product is present, it is easy to clean, it can be put away without any difficulty and without any big sign indicating that we have a sex toy, as far as I am concerned I am very happy to have obtained it and I want to thank Kiiroo (and its community manager). Even if I have so few experience in the world of sex toy, the FeelSkylerLo blew my mind !


I am not sure if this is true, however this sleeve looks and feels slightly different than all my previous sleeves. The texture is very soft and easy to clean. The inner textures feel really well defined and you can feel all the bumps and crevasses (I am not super girthy and can really feel all the details). After multiple uses it cleans up well too. I personally like to use a good foam spray as it seems to really get deep into the different textures for a nice good clean.


The detail on the Skyler Lo sleeve is impressive to say the least! The definition of the vulva, from the clitoral hood to the labia and vaginal opening is nicely detailed and reminiscent of the real deal. It's skillfully molded with just the right amount of thickness given to the skin folds. You'll be hard pressed (another pun) to check the clitoral hood!