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Sex, lube and rock & roll

Using your interactive sex toy without lube is like doing missionary for the rest of your life - there is just so much more out there! Lubricants intensify your pleasure like no other, you just have to find the right one. Just remember...always use water-based lube with your sex toys! 

The best lube for sex toys

Newsflash, there is no best one, as long as it is water-based, you can’t go wrong! Finding the right sex toy lube completely depends on what you like. Do you like things to be hot and steamy? Try our warming lube. It will warm with friction. Can’t decide which water-based lubricant? No problem! You can buy a variety pack of 3 bottles to get you started. 

Try our warming lube

Make things even more hot and heavy with our KIIROO® SPARK™ Premium Warming Lubricant. This lubricant will warm while using it on your interactive sex toy. It’s as easy to remove as it is to use: this lube will rinse with water and is never sticky or tacky. If you’re a vegan you also won’t find any problems with this product as it’s 100% vegan-friendly. 

Our warming lube is a match made in heaven with the following sex toys:

Our water-based sex lube is everything you need in a bottle

Our water-based lubricants give you and your partner a sensational experience. And that’s what we’re all about! Lube up your favorite interactive sex toy and wind down after a hard day of work and get ready for an intensely pleasurable time. 

Make your experience complete by connecting to the FeelConnect app and immerse yourself in your go-to erotic interactive content. Do you have a long-distance partner? Go onto the app and take control of their pleasure game. Intrigued? Head over to our couples collection and start feeling your lover from anywhere in the world. 

All the essentials in one go

Are you not sure what kind of lube is your cup of tea? Go for our KIIROO® Premium Lubricants & Cleaner kit. It contains our Aqua water-based Lubricant and Spark warming lubricant, plus the toy cleaner. Choose this adventurous 3 pack and discover exactly what you like today.