Win a personalized video from Melissa Stratton - 4th of July on SexLikeReal

Win a personalized video from Melissa Stratton - 4th of July on SexLikeReal

Want your very own personalized scene from one of the world’s hottest pornstars? Kiiroo and SexLikeReal have teamed up to give you the chance to win something money can’t buy.

VR porn and interactive sex toys are a match made in heaven. Nothing gets you into total sexual immersion better than hot action in crystal-clear 8K video, with every rub, pump and thrust synced up perfectly where it matters. That’s why Kiiroo has teamed up with the world’s #1 VR porn platform SEXLIKEREAL for the wildest and most intimate competition ever.

SexLikeReal is the market leader when it comes to the haptic sex toy experience. It has many thousands of scripts for its library of hardcore VR content, handcrafted by the very best script creators out there.

SexLikeReal has even harnessed the power of AI to create scripts for every single scene on there - that’s over 10,000 interactive sex toy experiences and growing every day. Best of all, they’re all fully compatible with Kiiroo’s world-class sex toy range.

And now you have the chance to create a VR porn scene where your favorite pornstar says your name and does everything you want. You’re in charge of all the hot action, including the positions, and YOUR name will be on her lips throughout.

Team it up with a haptic script and your Kiiroo sex toy and you’ll reach the kind of sexual nirvana that only a lucky few can ever know… You can even team it up with SexLikeReal’s awe-inspiring passthrough feature and it’s like you’ve invited one of the hottest babes on the planet around to your home!

For the full details go to: SLR BLOG