How to choose a Kiiroo Feel Stroker: A stroker guide

Please keep in mind that the ratings and rankings below are based on just me trying all the strokers one after the other multiple times and are not aggregated results of multiple people’s experience. While I try to be as objective as possible, they are based on my experience. As a reference my measurements are as follows. Length: 16cm, diameter: 3.5cm, uncut.

Choosing the right stroker for you can be quite a daunting quest. Sure you see pictures of how the inside texture and vulva look and that can help you have a rough idea on how the sleeve is going to feel, but there are many factors that play a role in the overall sensation. In this guide I’ll rank all the FeelStar strokers in a few objective parameters, and also categorize them in a more subjective way. I’ll also try to give some tips for specific goals in mind.

There’s one specific characteristic that is very noticeable and makes a sleeve feel much different and it’s a larger “chamber” right after the entrance. The sleeves that have it feel a bit like when someone is giving you a blowjob with one finger wrapped around your cock in front of their mouth.If the head of your cock is the most sensitive part then this configuration can feel very nice and intense.

If you have a shorter penis make sure to calculate how much of the inner texture you’ll reach when fully inserted as that will be the part you’ll be able to enjoy. In this case my choices would be the ones without a chamber and the ones with the most detailed texture in the applicable length part of the tunnel.

If you cum easily and would like to work on your stamina the best sleeves are the less intense ones. If even the generic stroker is too intense for you, start with Britney Amber, then work your way up to the generic sleeve and continue with either Natalia Starr or Kenzie Taylor. With every sleeve start with the cap completely off and lots of very watery lube. Work your way up to a thicker lube or a cooling / heating sensation lube. - always keep in mind if your skin is sensitive or if you’re allergic to a type of lube and start with a test session by applying a small amount just with your hands! Give it at least 10-20 minutes before continuing with a larger amount! - If you’re doing well with a thicker lube and faster strokes, try playing with sealing the end cap completely. You’ll see that there’s an overlap in intensity as one sleeve might feel the same intensity with the cap off as another with the cap on, etc. Use the overall intensity score in the table below to plan your way all the way up to Victoria June.

If you’d like to increase your sensitivity and if you suffer from the effects of death grip, start with an intense sleeve and at first just try to stay hard and focus on how much of the texture you can feel. For this I recommend having the cap off so the sleeve can glide easier on your penis. Put some lube all over your shaft too so the entrance doesn’t get ‘stuck’ to a part of your shaft but glides all the way over it. If you need it at first you can tighten the end cap completely or even switch back to your hand when you want to reach an orgasm but you won’t need to do so eventually. Once you master an intense sleeve start working your way downwards in intensity to a level that you’re happy with and use the ‘Texture detail’ metric as your guide to be able to enjoy more detailed and intricate textures.

If you enjoy pulling your penis out completely then putting it back in and playing like that make sure to choose a sleeve that has ‘Open’ as ‘Entry tightness’. Even the ‘Medium’ ones and especially the ‘Tight’ ones are so closed, it’s hard to put your penis back without the help of your other hand.

If you’re after the most lifelike sensations and want to feel as close to how an actual person feels like that’s a difficult criteria as everybody has a slightly different anatomy, but I personally, with my experience would recommend Rae Lil Black or Lauren Phillips.

If you enjoy suction and intense blowjobs add the PowerBlow to the game! Experiment with the different modes, and combine it with the KEON for the ultimate experience! If you have strokers from before the release of the Kayley Gunner release, those might not be fully compatible. Check the box to see if it says “compatible with KEON and PowerBlow”. If it doesn’t, don’t worry! You can still attach the PowerBlow to your old stroker and it’ll still work, but the front part of the sleeve will be a bit less stable and might get sucked into the case if the action is particularly intense. The only mouth stroker is Victoria June at the moment, so if you’re into blowjobs and how lips gently touch your penis, don’t miss out on this one!

In the table below the higher the texture detail, the lower the intensity is when you go fast with the stroker. A high texture detail means smaller ribs and bumps but more variations in the texture and a lower texture detail means bigger parts rubbing your penis more intensely. The two exceptions are Natalia Starr and Nicolette Shea. Those two strokers don’t have much detail in their texture, but still have smaller ribs and bumps which makes them pretty smooth and less intense. The recommendation column contains my personal preference and recommendation on what to try for yourself, but always experiment with every configuration to find your personal favorite as we are all different.

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