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What's the difference between the 3 Kiiroo Vibrators

April 25, 2018

differences between the 3 kiiroo interactive vibrators.

What the FAQ?

Looking to buy a teledildonic sex toy?

Then it's wise to do a little bit of research.
Find out what you think would suit your personal preferences.

Our future customers often ask us about what the differences between our female pleasure products are.

Find out how our remote vibrators are similar and how they are different.

The Esca, The Fuse, and Pearl2 are all sophisticated high-end interactive female vibrators. Each one offers a different experience.

The Differences between our Interactive Vibrators

Here is a comprehensive description of each of our products.
Determine which product is more suitable for you and your pleasure.

OhMiBod Esca

When people talk about the Esca, they like to point out how easy it is to carry around. Many people describe it as a wearable.
With a weight of fewer than 60 grams, this toy is wonderfully discreet and easy to use. It's Bluetooth enabled. This allows for app-controlled play. Enjoy it with your partner from anywhere in the world.

All the Kiiroo Products can connect to The Esca. Your partner can fully focus on your pleasure. The LED lights are synced with the vibrations. The LED lights will blink and give your partner visual feedback.

The Esca is a one-way toy. That means it can only receive signals. This puts the user at the center of all the sexual excitement. You won't need to worry about pleasing your partner. The user can just relax and have their partner pleasure them.

You can use this toy for long distance play via Wi-Fi.
It's Bluetooth has a 26-feet range. You can easily connect and control the Kiiroo interactive products. Either use the OhMiBod remote or the FeelConnect App. These apps are found in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The Esca has 2 modes:

  • Bluetooth mode: This is the Esca’s initial mode. You can use it to control the above-mentioned Apps
  • Manual Mode: With 4 pre-set modes you can use the multifunctional button to cycle through the manual options.


 ohmibod fuse kiiroo

OhMiBod Fuse

The Fuse is a Rabbit Style Vibrator.
This dual stim massager offers a tactile stimulation mode that manages the vibrations. The Fuse responds to the contact between your skin and the vibrator.

Thanks to its Bluetooth interface, its interactive capabilities can be used and controlled from anywhere. Like the Esca, it also synchronizes other Kiiroo products. In addition, it connects to interactive content (2D visual content or adult virtual reality experiences). This allows for wonderful immersion into your favorite (VR) content. 

The LED lights will vary from 4 different colors, depending on the vibrations and intensity. The Purple, White, Green or Yellow LED lights will provide visual feedback for the user's viewers or partners.  

This interactive sex toy has 3 modes.

  • Bluetooth Mode:  You can connect your Fuse to other devices through the FeelConnect App. This lets you enjoy interactive content. This is the initial mode when your turn on your Fuse. 
  • Touch-sensitive mode: Control your fuse with physical touch. Your speed and friction influence the intensity of the vibrations
  • Manual Mode – experience pre-set patterns and pulsations (there are 7 pre-sets. These modes can be cycled through by using the single multi-functional button).

 female sex toys products for her pearl2 kiiroo


The Pearl2 comes in two colors. Purple, and Black.
It is slightly longer than the Fuse and Esca. Out of the three, it's the only toy that is fully waterproof.

Pair this device with other Kiiroo devices by using the Bluetooth function which allows you to use it from anywhere. By using the FeelConnect App, you can also use the Pearl2 in combination with VR glasses and VR porn. This device has 3 modes of operation:

  • Bluetooth mode:  When turning on your device, this is its initial mode.
    This is indicated by a blue LED light. This is the only mode where you can send and receive signals to and from partners, toys or content.
  • Touch-sensitive mode: Just like the Fuse, this mode responds to touch whenever it contacts your hands or body. Its feedback is indicated by a white LED light, which glows when used.
  • Manual Mode: you can choose from 5 pre-set pleasure patterns which can be cycled through by using the multifunctional button.


In Summary

The differences:

As you can see, the shape and size of each toy is different. The Esca is the smallest amongst the three devices and the only one one-way device.

The Pearl2 is the tallest and the only device that is fully waterproof. The Fuse is the only device that changes its LED lights depending on vibrations and intensity. Whereas the Esca only blinks its Purple LED lights.

The Fuse and Pearl2 both have 3 modes. But the Fuse has more pre-set pleasure patterns in Manual mode. The Fuse and Esca are splash resistant, not water resistant, they can, however, withstand thorough cleaning with water.

The Similarities:

They all operate both manually or with the use of a Bluetooth connection. The FeelConnect App can be used with all of them and they all have LED indicators. Enjoy the preset pleasure patterns in Manual mode. You can connect all the devices with each other or other Kiiroo products. You can also sync your toys to selected toys from Pornhub, We-Vibe, OhMiBod, Fleshlight, COTR, and Vorze.


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