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When it comes to anal vibrators, the limits are off. Enhance your orgasms to dramatic heights, with velvety-soft devices that safely slip inside to deliver dramatic climaxes. Our anal vibrators are designed for everyone - partners can control vibrations, while solo pleasurers can use the versatile shapes and designs to explore those tightly-packed nerve endings.

Dual-up your pleasure play with other Bluetooth vibrators and interactive butt plugs for synchronized sensations galore. Whether you're new to butt-play or craving the next-generation in interactive anal vibrators, you'll find sex tech to bring your most intimate desires to life here.

With anal vibrators, lube is not only non-negotiable, it makes buttplay even more pleasurable. Be sure to enhance your anal pleasure with paraben-free, latex friendly lubricants. Water-based is best for buttplug lovers, such as our Arctic Premium Water-Based Intimate Lube. All our lubes are also vegan, can be rinsed with water, and are never sticky or tacky.

To keep your anal vibrators silky-clean, browse our range of premium cleaners. Free from alcohol and triclosan, they prevent build-up of germs and bacteria, so you can enjoy your anal vibrator safely.