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How Technology Makes Tantra over Distance Possible

How Technology Makes Tantra over Distance Possible

Tantric sex and its many benefits are becoming more and more popular as the years pass and culture continues to open up.Originally a richly complex set of traditions in roughly 5th century India, according to a number of University of Tokyo scholars, tantra came to the Western world in the 19th century and its powerful sexual practices have occupied many minds since.

You can find thousands of articles ranging from its relationship to Hinduism and Buddhism, to advice columns on how to use tantra to spice up your sex life. One thing you’ll notice, though, is that it’s about getting in touch with your physical self, little to no technology involved.

This seems to rule out tantric practice online or in distance relationships. Or does it? Teledildonics and communications platforms, such as what KIIROO offers, can effectively be used to bring this incredible level of spiritual and physical intimacy to your sensual experience.

Imagine taking the time to set up a relaxed virtual webcam date, and drifting off into a blissful sexy daydream with your long distance partner.
TeleTantra anyone?

What in the world is tantra?

There’s a ton of people practicing tantra today, all pulling from different readings of the tradition. Basically, without getting into spiritual meaning and philosophy, tantric sex is slow sensuality, focusing more on a meditative connection between bodies rather than a quick orgasm. In fact, with tantra, you glide past conventional orgasm and reach more powerful climactic sensations. By immersing yourself fully into the practice, you make love for longer periods of time and enjoy a deeper connection with your partner.

But when you finally ejaculate or orgasm, it is said to be felt throughout the entire body!!

According to the master Prem Pranama, tantric sex is beautiful and reckless abandon, without the ego being involved. That, and it’s the recognition of nothing being ordinary – everything is amazing, every touch, every breath. In an interview with Ralph Abrams, he even cautions interested parties on how powerful the practice can be.

“Tantra is a wild mother tiger,” he says, “if you approach her with right motivation, right intention, and integrity, she’ll suckle you at her breast; but if you come to her in a sloppy way, she’ll rip apart your body-mind, eat you for dinner, and shit out what’s left.”

Tantric sex is about disciplining the body. So, not just a way to fuck forever, but a way to enjoy your body and your partner’s body down to what seems like a molecular level of awareness.

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How does tantric sex work?

Engaging in tantric sex is different than just making love for triple the normal duration.
According to numerous sex and health blogs, it requires dedication, practice, and allowing your partner to share a really deep connection.
To get into the tantric zone, you need to create a comfortable space that fosters intimacy.
Also, it’s probably a good idea to fill the space with scents that inspire olfactory sexiness.

In the midst of tantric sex, it’s paramount you keep eye contact and breathe together, almost in coital meditation.
Writing for the site Good to Know, Anita Naik suggests you shut out the rest of the world, meaning gets really present so the focal point is shared the body and mind experience. Caress each other, experiment with different types of foreplay, really get in there for the long haul. Naik even says to avoid the bed, as that makes your brain remember to sleep.

Before you try tantra with a partner, there are also tons of ways to practice tantric masturbation.
There are techniques for men and women alike, and there’s even tantric yoga for the mat-minded of you.
If you’re interested in seeing the potential of tantric sex, there’s even the 21 Day Challenge, three weeks without orgasming, with guidance by gurus like Alex Vartman, the creator of the challenge and related practices.

So where does technology fit in?

Merging tantric sex and technology, such as teledildonics and telepresence, can seem like a sticky situation. Tantra is supposed to be about eye contact, breath, and intense physicality, and that’s only to start, right? Well, yeah, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t creatively bring technology into the mix.

Say you’re in a long distance relationship, not into multiple partners, and still need that passion. Platforms like KIIROO already make intimacy from afar possible, so why not involve tantric practice? As you’ve already seen, there are many ways to be tantric when you’re alone. Imagine hooking into a VR headset and performing tantric masturbation techniques while transporting yourself to a remote tropical island or a waterfall at the end of the world?

Then there’s enjoying tantra with your partner. To make this possible, imagine the teledildonic device, whether it be a dildo, vibrator, or prosthetic vulva, as an extension of each other’s skin, and use audio and video software to narrate the experience together. Lock eyes online, breathe heavy into that mic, even use VR or AR to transport each other to the same space. Maybe switch which rooms you’re in, digitally inhabiting the other person’s experience.

Remember the scene in Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem when the protagonists enter a virtual beach and partake in a romantic triste.

This kind of whimsical techie fantasy may still be in early days, but there’s a ton you can still do. Use SexTech to connect visually and auditorily, then fill in the tantra bits on your own. Send one another the same scented candles. Pick out your favorite oils. Make an old-fashioned romantic mixtape that would make Drew Barrymore swoon. Make your on cam persona as sensual as possible. You likely won’t achieve true tantric sensations on your first try – tantra requires time and discipline, after all – but you’ll enjoy futuristic love. Love that proves that SexTech can not only push sex to new heights, but also relationship dynamics and all those gooey emotions you would never have thought were connected to technology in the first place.