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Meet the Feelstar: MelRose Michaels

This juicy redhead wasn’t always in the spotlight being adored by her hundreds of thousands of fans. But before you jump ahead and get the chance to feel her pussy, it’s time you got to know more about MelRose on a more personal level.

Trust us, it’ll make fucking her feel that much better (and her FeelMelRose stroker is already unlike any other). It’s time you got up-close and personal with MelRose Michaels.

From camgirl to FeelStar

MelRose wasn’t always a huge star. She came from humble beginnings before her stardom. “I got started in the industry actually as a webcam model, so I found out [about it] at a nightclub I was go-go dancing at in my furry little boots.”

Once she noticed all the dancers were quitting the nightclub scene, she was on the hunt to find out where they were going. “I was like, where are they going? What could be better than that? And then I found that they were webcam modeling. So immediately when I found out what it was, I wanted a piece. And then I drove all in and never looked back.”

MelRose knew her pussy was special. She’d finally found her calling.

Obsessed with her fans

For MelRose, her fans are everything to her and connecting with them intimately is one of her favorite things. “What I enjoy most about interacting with my fans is getting their versions of me. So I think that each fan experiences me differently, and when they project their fantasies and what they love about me most onto me, it gives me a new way to experience myself.”

And now with her very own FeelStar stroker by Kiiroo, she can take her relationship with her fans to a whole new level.I'm super excited about the fact that all of my fans are going to be able to feel me now and just get entirely consumed with what it would be like to be with me in real life. I think that is going to change the way they view my content and I'm stoked to see what comes next.”

MelRose wanted to take that next step with her fans by creating an interactive sex toy of her pussy that they can use whenever they want. She knows it’s the best way for her fans to actually experience fucking her.

“The best part about using interactive sex toys is really the connection that you can have. It's on another level, you get fully immersed in the experience. It's not just visual anymore. Also all of your senses get involved. And I think that that is unmatched. Just taking that to the next extreme, the next level, you're not going to get a better experience than that.”

Under the sheets with MelRose

MelRose has definitely learned some things about intimacy and relationships during her career and she’s not shy to share them. When it comes to the bedroom, she says, “I think the most important skill to have in bed or in the bedroom is to be really, really aware of your partner and making sure that they're comfortable and feel safe.”

We totally agree. But what about her career? Is there something MelRose is desperate to try for the first time? “Something I would like to try in my adult industry career that I haven't done yet is shoot for like a mainstream production. I've never wanted to do that before because I really like that control I have with myself shooting all my content. But I think it'd be a cool experience and to kind of give up control and relinquish that would be something I think would grow me.”

Give up that control, MelRose! We know her fans would love to see her on the big screen.

But MelRose does have some sound advice for those who are going to be trying out her FeelStar interactive toy for the first time. She says, “really dive into the experience. Like this is a place where you're safe and there's no shame or kink-shaming.

So you should really explore the things that maybe you've been afraid of before. I think that if you go into it with that mentality, you're going to get the most out of that experience.”

Feel the connection with MelRose

Are you ready to feel MelRose? But seriously, really feel her pussy? “What my fans can expect from using the FeelMelRose Stroker, paired with the Keon interactive AI or with the FeelMe AI is that they're going to experience me in a way that is as if I was in the room with them. So they're going to watch my content. They're going to live what that experience would be like. And then they get to dream about it when they come.”

Thrilled about having her fans fuck her, MelRose says “what excites me the most about being a feel star is the fact that all of my fans are going to have the opportunity to touch me and feel me for themselves like they’ve never been able to before.” And she’s completely right. Let’s be honest, how many other stars give you the opportunity to actually fuck them?

MelRose also wanted to leave an important tip for her fans who are going to use her stroker. “Use it constantly, consistently, and just let it encompass your life and consume you.”

Take things to the next level with the FeelMelRose Stroker by Kiiroo. Connect it to the Keon masturbator and sync it to MelRose’ x-rated content, “for anyone using my stroker out there, I just want to tell you faster and harder.”


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