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How to use Sex toys for Couples - Why you should buy them

How to use Sex toys for Couples - Why you should buy them

The Best Sex Toys for Couples

There are many Sex Toys for Couples out there, but few as interactive and discreet as Kiiroo's selection of the finest Couples' toys.

We aim to bring people closer.
No matter what distance separates them.

You could be on business in Tokyo, and your lover could be on a Holiday in Amsterdam.

Feeling lustful....?

Not long ago you would've had to make do with a quick Skype and a cheeky strip session to convey your passion. But luckily, now, you find yourself in the midst of the Sex Tech Revolution.

You will find Kiiroo on the frontline, trailblazing and pioneering in the field of Teledildonics every single time. We are here to help you send and receive intimacy over the internet. We are adding a sense of 'touch' to the web.

This means that you can feel your lover close, any time you crave their touch.

Their every stroke, movement and gesture is noticed by your toy's sensors and effortlessly transmitted to your partners device. And in turn, you too, will feel their every input. Mutual Masturbation has never been this fun.

Of course, Kiiroo toys are excellent companions for lovers who travel a lot. They work wonders for people in a long distance relationship. But Kiiroo toys also sync to a myriad of 2D and VR experiences. So if you are together, just jump in bed with your significant other and immerse yourselves in Virtual Reality.

Kiiroo devices are more than just remote control sex toys for couples.
You can zone out with your partner and enjoy your favorite cam performers together.

Experience captivating, titillating, erotic action that will leave you both with a deep warm glow, shaking like a leaf.

Whether you are in a Straight, Lesbian, Gay or Queer relationship, Kiiroo has a toy to suit your romantic situation.

All Kiiroo toys are compatible with all other Kiiroo toys and selected interactive pleasure products by: We-Vibe, Ohmibod, Cowgirl, Vorze, PornHub and Ann Summers.

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