How to use Sex toys for Couples - Why you should buy them

How to use Sex toys for Couples - Why you should buy them

The Best Sex Toys for Couples

Sex toys are often thought of being used in solo, self pleasure sessions, but they can also be an amazing and valuable addition to the playtime of couples. There are multiple scenarios where sex toys are really useful tools to either spice things up, or bridge a physical gap in case one person is away for travel.

Whether you’re in the same room or on a different continent, you can easily make a video call either through the FeelConnect 3 app, or whatever video chat app you prefer and physically stimulate your partner through remote controlled sex toys. These toys can also be paired together remotely so your partner’s toy can react to how you’re using your toy and vice versa.

Here are some ideas to try with your interactive toys. All of these can either be done in the same room, or through a video call if you’re far away from each other.

Simply watch your partner play with themselves, or watch each other and play simultaneously. This can even be done without any toys, but this is not much more ‘connected’ than regular phone sex.

If you want to increase the sensation of being together, share control over your favorite toy, lean back and allow your partner to take control over vibrations, stroking speed and length and penetration intensity. You can give full control, or allow them only to occasionally nudge controls a bit while you pleasure yourself. It’s fun to play around with who has how much control. You can also do this by taking turns, or simultaneously.

Finally, if you want to turn things all the way up, you can connect your toys together and let one toy’s sensors control the other’s intensity. Not all toys have sensors so the amount of immersiveness will vary depending on the pairing of toys you have.

Some toys, like the Pearl 2+ and Pearl 3 have sensors on them that can detect penetration and can control for example a KEON depending on what the sensor ‘feels’. Other pairings such as two KEONs or two Pulse Solo Interactives will control each other depending on the buttons on them and how you set yours.

Since all Kiiroo toys can be connected to all other Kiiroo compatible toys, you can find the perfect configuration regardless of your gender, sexual orientation and the type of stimulation you prefer. You can just as easily pair two Pearl vibrators as two Pulse Solo Interactive strokers.

The KEON is the ultimate workhorse in this aspect as it can host either a stroker for penis owners, or a dildo adapter with a Vac-U-Lock connector so you can fit your favorite dildo on it and use it for penetration.

Besides bridging a distance these toys can be amazing tools to experiment involving others into your sex life. You can pair the KEON with interactive porn and see your partner not just watch but feel the action.

kiiroo sex toys for couples

If you want to go even more immersive you can watch VR videos on a headset such as the Meta Quest 3 and sync the KEON up to them. There are already a wide range of sites dedicated to interactive, high quality VR porn. And if you want to go as immersive as it gets, some sites offer passthrough videos too.

These will use the outside cameras of your headset to show you in your own room and only add the person starring in the video to your vision, so you can watch them have sex with you in your own room while the KEON perfectly mimics their thrusts, strokes and movements.

This way you can also see your partner there in the room with you, and since these headsets can cast what you see to a smart TV, your partner can also see the action you’re involved in. It’s a fun way to experiment with involving others if that’s something you were always curious about but were a bit afraid of actually trying.

Also if you’re more into actual live interactions with others you can give control to a third person and start interacting with them that way. The KIIROO discord is a great place to meet like-minded people who are into controlling or being controlled.

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