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Bluetooth Vibrators

Collection: Bluetooth Vibrators

Silky, smart and abundant in sensations, our Bluetooth vibrators are a dream for partner play. Enabled with two-way communication, these Bluetooth vibrators range from dual-headed multi-zone fun to powerful, pocket-sized clit vibrators.

Whether you’re pairing up with male sex toys or female sex toys (our Bluetooth vibrators are compatible with all Kiiroo interactive sex tech), you can vibe together in the bedroom, on-the-go, even on the other side of the globe. No wonder they’re a favourite for couples in long-distance relationships, or online partners looking for virtual fun.

The sensors in our Bluetooth vibrators let you feel each other’s actions in real time. For example, if your partner is using an interactive masturbator from the Keon collection, all you have to do is lubricate your Bluetooth vibrator, sync your devices, then lay back and enjoy the mind-blowing shared sensations. The best part? You can climax together, no matter where you are in the world.

Craving a solo session? Our Bluetooth vibrators are ergonomically designed to give you full control of your pleasure. Keep your sex tech clean and smooth after every session with our premium easy-to-use cleaners.