Pearl3 is here: get to know our most advanced G-spot vibrator yet

Pearl3 is here: get to know our most advanced G-spot vibrator yet

It’s here: Pearl3 takes the best-selling Pearl2 experience to a whole new level with groundbreaking interactive capabilities that directly pleasure those hard-to-reach places. Our most advanced interactive G-spot vibrator yet, Pearl3 has upgraded touch-sensitivity that enables vulva-owning pleasure-seekers to tune it to their body. And that’s not all our next-generation Pearl can do. Let us introduce you properly:

What is Pearl3?

The world’s most high-tech interactive G-spot vibrator, Pearl3 is even more responsive than its predecessors. We’ve extended the touch plates from the Pearl2 so that Pearl3 has touch sensitivity all the way to its tip, meaning you can also stimulate your clit as well as your G-spot for orgasmically versatile play.

With reimagined contouring, Pearl3 has been specifically designed to deliver firm vibrations directly on your elusive squishy pleasure zone - the almighty G-spot. The result? Long, deep, intensely lush orgasms that make all earthly stresses disappear for a while. Oh, and it’s also now available in both pink and purple options, because we believe pleasure products should look just as beautiful as they feel.

Lose yourself in interactive pleasure

Just like our wider range of luxe sex tech, Pearl3 ushers in the interactive future of adult content with high-tech features, including a sync option to pair your G-spot vibrator to erotic videos, VR, games, and cam streams. Once connected, you’ll feel the movements on screen in real time for a mind-blowing immersive experience.

This groundbreaking feature also gives you the ability to connect with other interactive Kiiroo products (both vibrators and automatic strokers, including the Keon & Feel Stroker and Keon Sex Machine) for synced-up sexual encounters, anywhere in the world.

And if you’d prefer some sensual solo play, there’s a whole world of patterns and intensities to try out with Pearl3. We’ve also improved the battery life - so you can explore your body at your own pace for up to three hours before charging.

Hitting the (G) spot

Whether this is your first time using a vibrator or your fiftieth time this month, we’re buzzed for you. When using this touch-sensitive vibrator specifically designed to reach your G-spot, there are a few ways you can make the Pearl3 experience especially pleasurable.

Firstly, spend time on foreplay. This can be done with your Pearl3, perhaps teasing your clit or nipples with the touch-sensitive tip of the vibrator. High-quality slippery lube always helps. When you’re ready, slide in the comfortable but breathtaking shaft of Pearl3 to be instantly filled with pleasure. Curved and contoured, Pearl3 is designed to gently reach around the top wall of your vulva and directly bliss out your G-spot.

When trying to find your G-spot without sex tech, you can pretend you’re trying to massage the inside of your belly button to pleasure it, or try G-spot-stimulating sex positions to reach deeper climaxes with a partner.

But when you’ve got the world’s most advanced interactive G-spot vibrator in your hands (or between your legs), your sexual pleasure is going to change for the better, forever. With its advanced AI chip and touch sensitivity, Pearl3 immediately tunes into your body and delivers firm, intuitive vibes, directly to your pleasure zone.

Ready to dive deeper into your body? Bring a Pearl3 into your bedroom and discover next-level pleasure, or browse our vibrator guide to find the right vibes for you.