an education part 4 kiiroo

An Education Part 4 - An Erotic Story

March 20, 2019

'And so,' Justine sighed, 'I became acquainted with the bitter, sweet and the salty facets of love, all within the same night.' 'That's quite a dirty way to end a dirty story,' I said, grinning. Justine looked at me with big, not quite innocent eyes. 'Oh no, my story is far from over!' she said and she continued [...]

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March 19, 2019

OhMiBod and KIIROO strengthen their international collaboration with the release of Esca2, a Bluetooth®-enabled, wearable vibrator that can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

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kiiroo saint patricks day luck of the irish

Top 6 St. Patrick’s Day Sex Tips

March 16, 2019

St Patrick: The patron saint of Ireland, engineers, and paralegals. St Patrick himself might not be a traditional sexual icon, but Paddy’s Day is a long celebrated day of fun, frolics and getting a bit naughty. This year we have the six top tips you need to make this a sexy St Patrick’s Day for […]


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sexual practices around the world kiiroo

Sexual Practices Around the World

February 25, 2019

Lithuanians and Letts do it. The Dutch in old Amsterdam do it. Even lazy jellyfish do it. Of course, Cole Porter was, supposedly, talking about falling in love (yeah, right). Seriously though, if there’s one activity that is practiced all around the world, it’s sex!

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kiiroo adult party game review - bad people

Bad People - Adult Party Game Review

February 23, 2019

Bad People is tons of Fun! Game Master Ash, SpaceKees, Salem and Urban play through a game of Bad People. We are always so focused on not passing any judgement as professionals, we forgot how much fun it could be to make ludicrous assumptions about people and make fun of their life choices!

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an education part 3 kiiroo

An Education Part 3 - An Erotic Story

February 22, 2019

Basilio learns more about Justine's sultry past.
He is taken on a journey filled with jaw dropping revelations.
Justine is warming up to Basilio and blesses him with peculiar insights into her personal development. This Erotic Story continues the story arc so brilliantly told by Basilio Valentino.

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kiiroo findom


February 20, 2019

Human ATMs? Pay pigs? Gift slaves? No, we're not talking about your parents when you've run out of money again. Or your boss when payday is fast approaching. We're talking about financial domination or findom: the subtle area of pleasuring others by taking their money. What is this world? Find out more.

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That's What She Said - Adult Party Game Review

That's What She Said - Adult Party Game Review

February 19, 2019

Table Top Games are on the rise. And as a natural progression of this, so are Adult Party Games. On Kiiroo TV we review these Adult Games. This time we are giving the Adult Card Game "That's what she said" a play through.  Check out the episode and see if this game is something you and your friends could enjoy.

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make a girl squirt kiiroo

How to Make a Girl Squirt – A Beginner’s Guide

February 18, 2019

Want to know how to make a woman Squirt? Interested in achieving a squirting orgasm with your partner? Squirting. For many, it’s the holy grail of climaxes. That ultimate peak which is without comparison. Most people who have experienced squirting have sworn by how empowering and sensational the act can feel and for many porn […]


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what is teledildonics kiiroo

So, What is Teledildonics?

February 15, 2019

Teledildonics is the science behind what we do at KIIROO. It has the capacity to bring couples together from all over the globe. The idea itself isn’t exactly new science, but we’re working to make significant advancements in the field. An Intro to Teledildonics Teledildonics (also known as Cyberdildonics) has its roots in haptic technology, […]


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valentines day tech gift ideas kiiroo

Top 12 Valentine's Day Tech Gift Ideas

February 13, 2019

Get your lover all buttered up with our top 12 valentine’s day tech gift ideas. And even if you’re a happy single, there’s no need why you shouldn’t go ahead and treat yourself to one of these tech goodies.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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en education part 2 erotic story kiiroo

An Education Part 2 - An Erotic Story

February 12, 2019

Enchanted by Justine, the mysterious French editor assigned to him by his publisher. This second chapter of "An Education" takes you to New York. Vicariously live through Basilio as he explores themes as finding the balance between struggling with the guilt of cheating and all-consuming passion.

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