Egg-Cellent Times: Why Shell Out On Egg-Shaped Sex Toys

Egg-Cellent Times: Why Shell Out On Egg-Shaped Sex Toys

With Easter just around the corner, safe to say we all get a little obsessed with eggs. For some, they’re running around the house trying to find hidden Easter eggs, for others, they’re hitting the bedroom and having some fun with their egg-shaped sex toy. You know the saying, different strokes to different folks.

Now, you can dip your hard-boil eggs or try to find what the Easter bunny has hidden for you, but there’s nothing like an orgasm from an egg sex toy. So, put the Easter eggs to the side, put the mini chocolate eggs back in the cupboard, and let’s focus on the real Easter surprise.

What are Egg-Shaped Sex Toys?

Okay, I talk a big game about egg-shaped sex toys, but let’s start with the basics - what are they? Egg-shaped sex toys are in the shape of an egg or bullet which can be inserted into the vagina or anus. They can be controlled remotely, so you can wear them discreetly (just in case you like a little low-key public play).

Egg-Shaped Sex Toys Stimulation

What makes egg-shaped sex toys amazing is that they’re small - you can use them anytime and in either the anus or vagina. You can also use them for the clitoris or perineum. Because of their petite size, they work to stimulate the walls of your vagina and g-spot while using the remote control.

So, you can control the vibrations, making them as light or as strong as you’d like. Basically, you decide how you want your g-spot, clitoris, or vagina stimulated - and not every sex toy has this level of control.

Types of Egg-Shaped Sex Toys

There’s more than just one type of egg-shaped sex toy on the market. So before you buy one, it’s important you know the types available (you know, you wanna pick the right one).

1. Vibrating Clitoral Eggs

Vibrating clitoral eggs have a precise tip on one side of its ovular shape, looking more like a traditional egg. This toy is ideal for clitoral stimulation and also great for external perineum massage as the tip can be used to push down and knead the area.

Regardless of how you’d use a vibrating clitoral egg, its power comes from its vibrations and hand placement. So make sure you keep this in mind when buying a clitoral egg vibrator.

2. Remote Control Internal Eggs

Remote control internal eggs are similar to clitoral eggs but they’re smaller in size. Why? Because you can insert them into your vagina for really deep stimulation.

Internal eggs have a significant bulge, so they’re able to hit the g-spot really well - without being irritating over a long period of use. Internal eggs usually come with a remote which you can use for solo or partner play.

The remote connects via Bluetooth or wifi, so your partner could potentially be on the other side of the world controlling your internal egg.

3. Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs are a bit different from the rest because they don’t vibrate. Instead, yoni eggs are used in a more spiritual sense with sex and sexuality. Also, they’re typically made from glass, metal, or gemstones.

They’re cordless and heavy in comparison to other eggs, which is off-putting for some people. However, some people use Yoni eggs for kegel workouts to enhance their sexual performance. If you’re looking for a yoni egg, stay away from porous materials to prevent the transmission of STIs and harmful bacteria.

4. Masturbation Sleeve Eggs

Masturbation sleeve eggs aren’t similar to the other eggs listed above. Why? Because these sleeves are to be used on penises.

These eggs have a small compartment and look tiny, but they’re made of a super flexible material that lets you stretch it over the shaft of the penis. Now, the inner chamber of the egg has a textured lining, giving different sensations on the penis.

Masturbation sleeve eggs are great for solo or partner play. While one partner is using an internal egg, their partner can use the masturbation sleeve.

Egg Toys and Sex Tech

If you want a remote egg-shaped toy, then why not pair it with the Pearl3? If you want to have your mind blown, pair your egg-shaped toy with the Pearl3. While the egg is inserted in your vagina or anus, use the Pearl3 to stimulate your vulva or clitoris for extra stimulation.

Here’s the thing: the Kiiroo Feel Connect app will connect to a bunch of amazing (and hot) content that you’ll be able to use with your toy. So, whether you’re looking for the ultimate solo experience or to spice things up with your partner, pairing your egg with a Kiiroo vibrator will do the trick.

Why Buy Egg-Shaped Sex Toys?

Well, first off - you don’t have to buy an egg-shaped toy. But if you do want to explore different toys or have had your eye on an egg-shaped toy, it’s important you know the differences so you choose a toy that works for you.


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