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Egg-Cellent Times: Why Shell Out On Egg-Shaped Sex Toys

Egg-Cellent Times: Why Shell Out On Egg-Shaped Sex Toys

Egg-Cellent Times

When it comes to Easter we become a bit egg-obsessed. Whether we’re dipping hard-boiled eggs into various dyes, consuming egg-shaped chocolate, or hunting for hidden eggs on a (hopefully) sunny day, we suddenly find we’ve got eggs on the mind.

But, while we’re all up for chocolate egg hunting here at Kiiroo we also think it’s worth giving erotic eggs a little loving too (quite literally).

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What Are Egg-Shaped Sex Toys?

This one seems pretty self-explanatory, right? Surely egg-shaped sex toys are just sex toys shaped like eggs?

Well, loosely, yes, but there is a little more to them too.

Egg-shaped sex toys may share a common design trait but the end product of this initial point of inspiration can be radically different.

Still, there are some common toys that tend to follow this design, the most well-known being as follows:

1. Vibrating Clitoral Eggs

With a precise tip on one side of its ovular composition and a broader area on the other, egg-shaped sex toys are primed to provide clitoral stimulation. Toys of this type will aspire to keep to a rough egg shape but may also flatten their design slightly to hug more closely to the vulva.

Eggs such as these are also great to externally massage the perineum, as the tip can provide a nice firm area with which to push down and begin essentially kneading the area.

No matter how you use these vibrators their strength lies in the potency of their vibrations, the positioning of their buttons, and their comfort in the hand, so keep these in mind when buying a clitoral egg vibrator.

2. Remote Control Internal Eggs

These eggs are similar to clitoral eggs but typically come up a little smaller in size. Why? Because these eggs are designed to be inserted in the vagina and provide deep, internal stimulation.

With a noticeable bulge, internal eggs are likely to hit the G-Spot quite effectively, but won’t be irritating for prolonged use—which is fantastic because most come with an eggs-tra perk.

Typically internal eggs come with a remote control which allows either yourself or someone else, to control the vibrations of your toy from afar. This is fantastic for some public play, or even just some really convenient sex sessions.

Because a lot of these toys tend to be used in public spaces one of the determining factors of a good internal egg is how quiet it is when inserted. It’s also important to consider how these toys are activated (Bluetooth, wifi, their own internal system?) and the distance involved.

Some of these eggs have taken a leaf out of Kiiroo’s book and allowing for long-distance activation. We’re proud to be leaders in this field of remote sex toys and can’t wait to hear how eggs progress.

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3. Yoni Eggs

A little bit different from the above too, Yoni eggs don’t vibrate, nor are they made of the typical plastics or silicone of the above two toys. Instead, Yoni eggs are typically concerned with your spiritual as well as physical well-being and thus tend to be made from glass, metal, or a precious gemstone of some description.

Yoni eggs are basically cordless egg-shaped kegel exercises with a New Age slant. ‘Yoni’ itself is Sanskrit for ‘source’ or, in other words, the female reproductive system (including the vulva, vagina, kegel muscles, uterus, etc.), and comes with a sense of divine empowerment which many Yoni eggs try to embody.

The lack of a retrieval cord, the weight of these eggs, and their typically spiritual approach might put some people off but Yoni eggs actually provide a really good kegel workout, which ultimately helps you increase your sexual performance.

When buying Yoni eggs material and weight are the most important factors. You’ll want a material that is high-quality and definitely non-porous. After all, this product will be in your body for a fair amount of time, it needs to be hygienic. As for weight, this is a personal preference, but we’d recommend starting off easy.

4. Masturbation Sleeve Eggs

Completely different from all of the above, in everything but the shape, masturbation sleeve eggs are designed for those with a penis who wish to explore different sensations on their shaft.

These eggs come in a small little compartment and look tiny but they’re made from an incredibly flexible material which allows them to stretch over most of the shaft during most common masturbatory motions. They’re also great to simply place on the head and gently swivel and caress.

This is due to the inner chamber of these eggs, which is often decorated with highly textured patterns that provide a variety of different sensations. There are different eggs for every occasion—including some celebrating the sun, some trying to be tongues, and even some emulating graffiti art.

These eggs are also great to use as a couple, giving someone else an additional prop for an exciting handjob. Adding a blindfold here can also be great (just as long as you’re both consenting, that is).

Egg Toys And Sex Tech

As you’ve probably guess many egg-shaped sex toys can also be used with the Kiiroo app.

Are you a Pearl user wanting to give your partner a show? Why not use a clitoral egg while taking the Pearl internally?

Alternatively, have a remote-controlled egg inserted and run the Pearl up your vulva to convey your approval to the motions that your partner might relay to you (or simply just enjoy a double-whammy of control from them).

If you’re an Onyx user you can equally let your partner know that you’re having an eggs-tremely egg-cellent time by using an eggs-iting egg to stimulate your perineum, or perhaps tantalize them in advance with some in-use egg masturbator shots, letting them know that they’re the main event.

No doubt they’ll appreciate the fact that you’re already tender. So prepare to drown in blissful eggs-tacy.

Why Buy Egg-Shaped Sex Toys?

As you can imagine, this answer is as diverse as egg-shaped sex toys themselves. But we’re hoping that this article has given you a pretty good idea of what egg-shaped sex toys are out there and eggs-actly what they can offer you.

If you’ve enjoyed this article then why not take our tips to heart and hunt down your own perfect egg? We’d love to hear how you and your partner bring Easter and Kiiroo together, no egg-xageration.

Written by:

Dr. Emmeline Peaches
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