Using Kiiroo Keon and Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo with FeelMe Ai

Using Kiiroo Keon and Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo with FeelMe Ai

The following are my experiences with FeelMe AI. The devices I used are the KEON and the Pulse Solo Interactive.

FeelMe AI is an AI based service that watches your favorite porn clips and cam streams with you and translates what you see into actions your interactive sex toys can understand.

There are already some interactive porn clips available on certain sites, but if you have a favorite clip that’s not interactive it’s very difficult to create scripts for your toys by hand.

Also, with live streams there’s no such option available anywhere else. With FeelMe AI you can watch any video or live cam stream on any of the hundreds of supported websites and have your toy react to them!

Best genres and tips for videos

Currently, FeelMe AI understands thrusting, up and down, in and out movements, such as penis stimulation the best. So the scenes that it’ll understand the most precisely are handjobs, blowjobs and penetration scenes where there’s no more than two people on the screen.

Since it’s based on a machine learning algorithm it’ll get better and better as it analyzes more videos. As long as the shapes are in order it’s pretty good at understanding what’s going on the screen, which means that drawn cartoon or hentai porn and 3D rendered fantasy porn will work just as fine as live action videos.

Also as long as there’s a penis or dildo that’s being stimulated, or as long as there’s a rhythmic thrusting motion, the gender of the participants doesn’t matter. This means boy-boy action will work just as well as girl-girl action with strap-ons.

Try to look for videos that have longer scenes without the camera angle changing because with every scene change the AI needs to figure out what’s going on and that might take a second or two.

Therefore although very fast paced PMV or compilation videos will still work, they will be less accurate and a bit more jittery. The same thing is true for split screen compilation videos.

Although the video watcher extension always uses the active browser tab, make sure to only have one video open and playing at the same time to avoid any issues.

Live cams

The streams that work well with FeelMe AI are the ones that have some consistent action going on, visible on the screen. For example a couple having sex, a solo girl with a sex machine or dildo, or a solo guy stroking, or using a sex machine.

If you have a specific streamer that you would like to watch, even if there’s a time when there’s not much going on on the screen, in the extension you can turn Autopilot off and set “Auto control” to a higher setting.

Auto control adds extra movements/vibrations to your device even when there’s no action going on on the screen. This way you can keep watching your favorite streamer and have your toy continue stimulation even when they’re just talking, typing or dancing on the screen.

How to set everything up

Setting things up is really easy. All you need to do is visit and register your account. After creating your account you’ll need to install the video watcher extension for Google Chrome.

You’ll use the website to connect and manage your toys, so this site will need to stay open on one tab while you’re playing. To connect your toy simply turn it on then click the ‘Connect New Toy’ button on the site and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you’ve added a toy, it’ll stay listed on the site and next time all you need to do is click the grey ‘Connect’ button to re-connect it. After you’ve successfully connected your toy, open a new tab, load your favorite video on one of the supported clip sites and the fun will begin!

Supported toys

Currently the KEON, Onyx+ and Pulse Solo Interactive are the supported toys. If you enjoy being penetrated more than stroking, don’t worry, the KEON has got you covered there! With the dildo adapter you can turn it into a sex machine and enjoy the interactive fun that way.

Multiple toys

A really cool feature is that you can connect multiple toys at once. This way you can play fun games like having a watch party. Everybody takes their toy, you all get connected to the same content and see who can last the longest or who can cum first.

Written by

Alec Hardy

Alec Hardy is a tech enthusiast writing posts and creating videos about sex toys and the future of sex tech. He's also an adult content creator focusing on NSFW sex toy reviews. He finished his masters in Network Protocol Security and loves to dive deep into what makes certain toys tick and come up with ideas on how to use them in fun ways.

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