The Erotic Effects of Hearing Your Partner’s Heartbeat

The Erotic Effects of Hearing Your Partner’s Heartbeat

Have you ever cuddled with your partner, your head on their chest, and all of a sudden your dick got hard? Or maybe your pussy started throbbing? And you thought to yourself, mmm, this position must be hitting the spot! Well, what if I told you it wasn’t necessarily the position that was getting you all hot and bothered. What if…and hear me out…it was their heartbeat?

Maybe this sounds a little too far-fetched, but this is actually a real thing (and you might be into it without even knowing). I know what you’re thinking, but is there scientific proof? The answer is yes.

The science doesn’t lie

The erotic allure of hearing heartbeats is very much a thing and is even backed by research (no seriously, it is). Research by the Eindhoven University of Technology found that hearing the heartbeat of a person you’re talking to is equivalent to having eye contact with them (and I’m sure we’ve all gotten horny just from staring at someone).

The researchers used VR to see how these tools affected the human body and connection. So, this study really showed two things:

1) that getting turned on by a heartbeat is completely possible, and

2) virtual reality devices have a huge advantage for couples in long-distance relationships - it shows that while you may not be able to physically touch your partner, you can still get turned on. But there’s another thing about heartbeats you need to know.

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When 2 become 1

There’s a really interesting fact about heartbeats - it’s that they don’t necessarily beat to their own drum. Sometimes, they beat together. A study from the University of California found that when two hearts are close together, they will synchronize with each other. But this doesn’t happen with everyone.

Usually, the syncing of two heartbeats happen with couples. Once their heartbeats are in sync, their breathing synchronizes too. Isn’t that just amazing? And if you’re thinking, oh that’s so cheesy, well, it is! But it’s also backed by science, so…ha! The body is just as cheesy as our emotions.

Think about it: You’re in the arms of someone you really care about. You two are holding each other, watching another episode of Love is Blind (oh, I know you are - it’s too juicy not to watch). And your hearts slowly start to beat as one. Wait…I feel there’s a Spice Girls’ song about this…

Is everyone into erotic heartbeats?

This is a question we get a lot: Why is it attractive to some and not others. Well, don’t be too hard on yourself. Just because you may not be into it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. You know, just like everything else in the world of sex, different strokes for different folks.

If cuddling with your partner makes you feel a rush of affection and calmness, then that’s great! If listening to their heartbeat makes your genital swoon with delight, we’re all for it! But you may not be into it, and that’s okay.

However, in some cases, you don’t know if you are or not. Maybe you’re in a long distance relationship or aren’t with your partner all the time. If that’s the case, you can still use devices to maintain that intimacy and connection.

You can use devices like a fitness tracker to check your heart rate when talking to each other or apps that’ll record your heartbeat. And if you blend those with long distance sex toys , you’ll be able to keep the flame going, while measuring each other’s heartbeats.

The takeaway

There’s no one-way to do this. You’ll need to play around and see what works for you both. But you can really get creative and see how your heartbeats are affected whether while you’re being intimate or not.

What’s important is you are always pushing forward with your partner, and working on building your connection and intimacy. It may mean you’ll need to pull out some interesting stops along the way, but you need to find what works best for you as a couple.


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