Meet the FeelStar: Dainty Wilder

Full of passion and lust, Dainty Wilder wasn’t always the girl we’ve known to come (and soon to feel). Once a very shy girl, Dainty discovered her sexual confidence online, and was inspired to share her new sexuality and sensuality with her fans. But there’s more to Dainty than meets the eye. It’s time you met the real Dainty Wilder whilst you enjoy her FeelDainty stroker.

The secret life of Dainty Wilder

Dainty Wilder wasn’t always the Dainty Wilder we’ve come to know and love. Her passion for porn was a little hidden secret from everyone who knew her. While in university, Dainty wanted to make some money on the side. “I got started in the industry as a cam girl…I was sorta doing it on the side. It was my secret side hustle for a little while.”

Her secret pleasure of being a camgirl wouldn’t last too long as people couldn’t get enough of her. “I literally thought no one would find out,” she said. “But then I started growing in popularity through camming and then it kind of took over. From there, I started my only fans. And the rest is history.”

Dainty didn’t plan to become famous, but the people spoke for her and decided her pussy was the chosen one.

Not your typical girl

There’s a reason why Dainty has an amazing connection with her fans, she’s not your typical girl. While on-screen she rocks your world, off screen, Dainty loves playing Zelda games over and over again. “That’s sort of my guilty pleasure,” she says.

Aside from being a gamer, which you probably didn't think she was, she’s also really interested in art. “Art in particular is something that really inspires me. I love to draw. I love to paint. And I like to think that my porn is a form of art as well.”

Just when you think you know someone they surprise you. And Dainty, you’re certainly keeping us on our toes!


Under the sheets with Dainty

Watching Dainty on screen is one thing, but we wanted to pick her brain about what she thinks the most important skills are to have in bed. “As cheesy as this might sound, I think the most important skill to have in bed is communication.

If you're open and honest with your partner or partners, that is seriously, like, one of the best skills you can have in bed, because that means you can explore kinks you might have. That means you can tell your partner exactly what you like and they'll be able to do it for you. It makes for really good sex.”

Speaking of communication, we needed to know if there’s something Dainty has never tried before. “In my career, I haven’t yet been in a doubles threesome, and that's something I really want to do on camera. And I know my fans really, really want to see that as well. It's like one of my top requested things, so that's something I want to make happen soon.”

For her fans, she wanted to share how they can use her porn and use it in real life. “You don't want to necessarily just copy something you saw in porn. You want to be inspired by it and ask your partner if that's something they would want to do. So I think porn is great for inspiration. It's a great way to find new kinks and new fantasies.”

Devoted to her fans

If there’s one thing Dainty loves, it’s her fans. And she’s always looking for ways to get closer with them. “I’m always looking to connect with my fans in a more intimate and fun way,” she explains. “I really enjoy the intimacy that I have with my fans, so when I get to interact with them online, it’s just such a real raw, intimate experience.”

But what does she enjoy the most about her fans? We decided to ask her. “ I draw a lot of my inspiration from my fans, so they'll have kinks that maybe I've never even heard of, and then I'll get into them. And I love that sort of intimate, real connection.

The other thing I really like about interacting with my fans is they get to tell me what they like about my videos and my content. So I love hearing feedback. Like, when they watch one of my videos, they'll say how much they loved it or what they liked about it. And I really like that connection and that feedback, and I think they like it, too.”

The connection Dainty has with her fans is unlike anything we’ve seen and Dainty knows just how unique this connection is. That’s why she’s so thrilled about becoming a Feel Star. “What excites me the most about being a Feel Star is that I get to connect with my fans on a more intimate and deeper level they’ll literally have my pussy and feel me.”

Feel the connection with Dainty

Are you ready to feel Dainty? Well, she’s ready for you. “This is super cool technology. With the FeelMe AI and Keon, it will stimulate what’s happening on the screen so it will stimulate my movements. So basically I’ll be able to virtually fuck you.”

A fan of interactive sex toys, she loves having her fans engage with her. “I always thought that it was really fun and a very intimate experience,” she says. Having her own interactive sexy toy is something she never thought was possible, but now she sees the possibility to create a deeper connection with her fans. “I’m super excited for everyone to be able to feel me and feel me ride you.”

Take things to the next level with the FeelDainty Stroker by Kiiroo. Connect it to the Keon masturbator and sync it to Dainty’s x-rated content, “let me take control of your cock while you watch me on the big screen.”

“Have you ever wondered how it feels to be with me? Well, now you will.”


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