How to Use the OhMiBod Lumen powered by Kiiroo

A Brief Guide on How to Use the Lumen by Kiiroo

You’ve ordered your Lumen and it has finally arrived. The day has come! Now what? Well, now you get to use it. While we want you to blow your mind with the best anal toy on the market, we want you to learn how to use it properly to get the most out of it.

Sex toys for anal existed before Lumen, but they weren’t wowing anyone. That’s when we came up with the Lumen. We wanted women and men's anal toys to be interactive and usable for both solo and partner/webcam play. And that’s when the wheels started turning.

See, we want you to experience the true power of your Lumen, without wasting too much time figuring out how it works and that’s why we created this guide. So, let’s get started. Now, if you need help learning how to use a anal toy, then read this.

The Lumen by Kiiroo

We need to be honest, this isn’t your average anal plug. We decided to take things up a notch with the Lumen and create a genuine interactive experience for solo and partner play.

The Lumen is designed with safety and health first, making sure you’re provided with body-friendly silicone and Velvet Wave technology for ultimate comfort and pleasure. The ribbed silicone texture adds a little spice to the experience.

The best part of the Lumen is that it’s usable anywhere. With long-range connectivity, it’s ideal for long-distance relationships and partner play. In other words, your partner can turn you on while they’re at work or at the grocery store. With its Bluetooth and manual modes, you truly have full control over your anal experience.

Getting Started

We know that once you receive your Lumen, you want to test out the merchandise. We get it. That said, we want to make sure you set up your Lumen properly so you can use it to its full potential. And trust us, it will blow your mind. So, let’s get you started.

But before you do, we highly recommend you charge your Lumen. Once charged (which takes around 2.5 hours), the LED lights will glow steady once fully charged.

While your Lumen is charging, you can scan the QR code found on the insert in the box or go to to create a user account. Once you create an account, then click here to register your device and activate your 1-year warranty.

You have the option of downloading one out of two apps: The OhMiBod Remote App and the FeelConnect app.

The OhMiBod Remote app lets you control the Lumen from your phone/tablet via Bluetooth. This app is ideal for solo play. To download the app, click here.

The second app is the FeelConnect App. This app also pairs your Lumen to your mobile device which you can use for solo or partner play (it’s a great long distance couples sex toy), webcamming, or to experience FeelConnect porn. To download the FeelConnect app, go to the Google Play or Apple Store. Read more about the FeelConnect app here.

For a step by step walkthrough on how to set up your Lumen, click here. Once you follow the steps above, you can get started using your Lumen. But before you do, it’s important to know the two modes on your PowerBlow: Manual mode and Bluetooth mode.

Manual Mode

If you want to control your Lumen, all the power to you. Manual mode will let you do this. To put your Lumen into manual mode, you’ll want to press the power button and hold it for 3-4 seconds to turn it on.

Once turned on, press the power button 3 times to switch to manual mode. You’ll feel a continuous vibration which indicates the Lumen is in manual mode. There are a total of 4 different pulsations.

To switch between them, press the power button again and it’ll move to the next pulsation. To turn off manual mode, press and hold the power button for 3-4 seconds.

Bluetooth Mode

Want to pair with a partner’s device? Watch interactive content? Then you’ll want bluetooth mode. To get into bluetooth mode, press and hold the power button for 3-4 seconds. If the LED power button is blinking, it’s ready to connect via Bluetooth.

You can connect to Bluetooth with either the OhMiBod Remote App or the FeelConnect App. Once paired, you’re able to use the Lumen as desired. To disconnect from Bluetooth, press and hold the power button for 3-4 seconds.


We want you to really enjoy using the Lumen because we know it's not your average anal sex toy. That said, we also want to make sure you’re taking care of it the right way.

The Lumen is waterproof and this is extremely important to know when using it. When cleaning it, always use a moist or damp cloth after each use. If you’re not sure how to clean anal sex toys, don’t worry, you can check out our article about hygiene and sex toy cleaning.

What’s important when learning how to clean anal toys is that you use the right anal toy cleaners. We recommend Kiiroo’s sex toy cleaner because our cleaner is designed to prolong the use of your anal toys. We highly recommend you do not clean the Lumen with cleaners containing alcohol, petrol, acetone, or harsh soaps.

If you want to join the Kiiroo community, head over to our sub r/kiiroo and check out the Wiki for some FAQ’s around the cleaning and maintenance process. If you’d like to see how Kiiroo products measure against other companies, view our comparison table.


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