Why does the FeelConnect App ask for my location?

FeelRobotics needs the following phone permissions, to which the user herewith agrees: Location permission. FeelRobotics does not store the location of the phone or try to triangulate position from GPS signal. Location is only used to improve Bluetooth connection services.

Problems with The Launch?

Problem-solving chart for the Fleshlight launch. Please find it here.

How is the Onyx device different from any other masturbator?

Instead of requiring you to provide the stimulating movement, Onyx’s contracting rings do most of the work for you. You can still thrust when using Onyx, but you may find the contraction and expansion of the rings are enough.

How long does it take for my order to be shipped out?

Once payment is received, all orders will be processed immediately. It usually takes 3-5 working days to receive your order.

Will my order be packaged discreetly?

Absolutely! Our products are packaged in unmarked, discreet boxes to protect our customers’ privacy.

Do I have to pay certain import customs, duties, and taxes imposed upon delivery?

Please note that international orders outside the European Union and the United States may be subject to certain import customs, duties, and taxes imposed by your country upon delivery. These charges are NOT included in the prices and shipping costs listed on Kiiroo.com.

How do I create an account?

Go to ‘Register your device’ on the website. Enter your details in the boxes provided. Select ‘GO’ to make your account. The next page is your account, where you will find your devices, downloads, and personal details.

I registered the wrong device. How do I cancel it?

Contact our customer support team by chat and we will easily remove the incorrect entry.

Which operating systems does FeelConnect work on?

The FeelConnect app works on iOS 6.0 or later and Android 4.3 or later.

How do I install the FeelConnect app?

Please click the link to find the interactive user setup manual.

How do I set up my device?

  1. Find the Authenticity Card and Set Up Instructions enclosed in the product box. These will direct you to the registration process online, where you can download the FeelConnect app and begin your warranty. This is the first step to using your KIIROO and starting your Teledildonic experience.
  2. On our e-manuals page, you will find everything you need to know in order to set up your device. You will be guided through every step of the process. The e-manuals include video tutorials.If you find yourself getting stuck, contact info@kiiroo.com and a member of the team will be happy to help you personally.

What are teledildonics?

Teledildonics is the ability to conduct intimate relations using high tech devices over the Internet. For a more thorough explanation, you should check out our article on Teledildonics here.

Who can use KIIROO devices?

KIIROO devices were designed to be used by any consenting adult. In most regions, this means 18 years of age or older, sober, and capable of giving consent. KIIROO devices are not to be used by minors (under age 18) or on animals.

Is Kiiroo only for straight couples?

No way! KIIROO is an inclusive brand committed to equality. The first generation of KIIROO devices allow for Onyx/Pearl connectivity, as well as Onyx/Onyx and Pearl/Pearl. The Pearl and the Onyx devices can control each other, you can use the KIIROO platform or app along with your devices to enjoy a more intimate connection and all of the features that come with our unique platform.

Can I move the Onyx & Onyx2 up and down whilst using it?

Onyx is designed to stay stationary whilst the Pleasure Core contracts, there is no movement needed by the male receiver/sender. Moving will apply pressure in different locations and the sensation may be diminished.

However, the masturbator can be moved up and down to improve stimulation during a rest moment.

What types of lubricants are safe to use with Kiiroo devices?

Because Pearl (our female vibrator) is coated in 100% medical grade Hygiene Silicone, we recommend using only water-based lubricant with it, as silicone-based lubricants can break down silicone toys. With Onyx (our male masturbator), we recommend a water-based lubricant to ensure that the sleeve material stays strong and intact.

How can I clean my device?

After finding ourselves frustrated trying to clean and reassemble other masturbators, we decided to make Onyx easy. You simply remove the internal sleeve, rinse it thoroughly with water or a very gentle soap, let it dry, and slip it back into place. Clean your Onyx every time you use it, regardless of whether or not you ejaculate.

Pearl is just as simple. Because Pearl is splash-proof, you can run it under warm water from the tap and wash it with antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. It’s best to clean Pearl before and after every use and to always store it inside of the included satin carrying bag.

Is there a 2-way connection with the Pearl2?

KIIROO Pearl transmits data and receives feedback. The Pearl allows you and a partner to pleasure each other remotely, with two-way communication between devices. This is not limited to devices, you can also connect with content and webcam.

Why should I trust that the Onyx2 will fit me?

When we first started working on Onyx, we made sure to look long and hard at all of the data available on penis size. We designed Onyx to work perfectly for 90% of men. In the future, if demand dictates, we may consider making inserts specifically to accommodate other penis sizes.

Can you use the male device alone?

Yes! When using Onyx with a partner over a Bluetooth or Internet connection, Onyx’s rings respond to your partner’s movements. When using Onyx solo, you can control the speed by stroking the touch panel located on the front of the device, or you can put Onyx on auto mode.

Where can I find the Declaration of Conformity?

You can find it by clicking here.

I'm having issues with my Onyx2 device. Please read regarding the Onyx2.1 Update

If you have received an Onyx2.1, please be aware that it has a security update that will prevent multiple users from connecting to your device.

Once an Onyx2.1 is connected to your mobile device, it will remember this device and will only connect to this device. It will reject any other attempted connections.

If you want to connect to another mobile device, you need to clear the whitelist of the Onyx2.1. The whitelist can be cleared by holding the power button of Onyx2.1 for 15 seconds until the blue light flashes quickly. After clearing the whitelist you can connect with a mobile device of your choice.