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Imagine encountering a woman whose voice was ‘deeply, softly, like a mellow organ, but with a roughness in her voice like a grasshopper’s’. One that would rasp your spine deliciously, and send running up into your brain ‘waves of sound’. This is exactly what Clemens J. Setz did in one of the first examples of ASMR back in 1925 and, if it got you tingling, you may just be an ASMR enthusiast yourself.

What Is ASMR?

ASMR, or Autonomous sensory meridian response, to use its full name, is the term used to describe the sensation of feeling a tingling in the body from various forms of stimuli—typically acoustic. Think the sound of the rain, the crinkling of fabric, or (most commonly) a person whispering.

Whisper ASMR has become incredibly popular on Youtube and you can find an ASMR for pretty much any subject—including (but not limited to) meditation, daily activities, bodily sensations, film reviews, book readings, creepypasta, and, yes, even smut.

Basically, if you can think of it then there’s usually as ASMR out there to satisfy your needs, thanks to the incredibly talented ASMR creators that frequent the net.

But What Is The Purpose of ASMR?

Very good question! The answer is that is varies from individual to individual.

Some people listen to ASMR videos specifically to relax. They may not even get a sensory response from the video—instead just really liking the whispers and gentle noises that ASMR can produce.

Some feel the sensation but still see ASMR mainly as a way to unwind, or feel more connected to their body. A tingling sensation isn’t innately sexual, so this is completely understandable.

But some people do use ASMR purely for erotic pleasure. And why not? After all, ASMR has been described by some as an ‘attention induced head orgasm’ and the creator of the term ASMR even confessed to using ‘meridian’ because they thought the term translated roughly to ‘orgasm’ without using the term directly.

Why Shy Away?

But if ASMR can be sexual then why did the community shy away from the term ‘orgasm’?

The most straightforward answer for this is because an orgasmic or sexual response isn’t something that everyone experiences, and so a divide was needed.

Nowadays people can happily identify with the ASMR community for many reasons, and those who use it for erotic reasons can still enjoy that grasshopper rasp that drew them in to start with.

There is also a sub-section of the ASMR community dedicated strictly to creating whispered erotica. This is known as ASMRotica and has a very strong following.

The Appeal of ASMRotica

If anyone ever tells you that ASMRotica has nothing to offer then why not show them Gentle Whispering ASMR’s aviation videos, where she dresses in full flight attendant uniform and guides you towards a soothing rest in your cabin.

You are the passenger and she leans in to guide you through the flight process and show you what she has to offer, all while looking stunning in her makeup. With a gentle whisper that plays perfectly in to the sensations of ASMR, such videos are also very reminiscent of the air hostess fantasies that can often appear in porn.

Then you have amazing ASMR Youtubers such as Hungry Lips, who overtly does her ASMR in stunning lingerie—eating food and whispering while wearing outfits as beautiful and dainty as her voice.

Such individuals clearly know the sexual potential of ASMR and are not afraid to cater to an audience who appreciate their body, voice, and personality in equal measure (plus who doesn’t love nachos?)

But Isn’t It Exploitation?


Yes, any industry has issues, and exploitation can occur. But just as with many sex workers—who have full autonomy and love what they do—the people who have gained a career through ASMR have made their own channel, built up their own audience, and chosen their own content.

These are people who have fully embraced the AMSR and ASMRotica communities and have decide to provide them with content that benefits the listener and, yes, even themselves.

Many of the most popular ASMR individuals on Youtube will gain a profit from the viewing of their video and it’s a well-earned profit too. These are smart business individuals who have found content that people like and have decided to deliver the best product that they can. Just because that product is inclined to induce tingles in a person’s brain (and potentially elsewhere) doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with it.

Further Benefits

There are also other benefits to ASMR that plays in to its erotic elements.

For someone who likes porn but doesn’t like the browsing system (or accidentally seeing content they dislike) ASMR is a safer way to view what they like without having to risk a mis-click.

The Youtube system also makes it easier to support your favourite ASMRers (as mentioned above) meaning you know you’re enjoying ethical smut in a safe space.

It’s also very easy to delete your Youtube history and moderate what does and doesn’t show. Besides, if anyone does see ASMR on your Youtube feed it’s a lot easier to explain in a non-erotic way then if porn recommendations keep popping up.

And, who knows, you might even get them interested in ASMR too.

Final Thoughts

So why not embrace the full potential of ASMR and reclaim that ‘meridian’ to a full-blown orgasmic release and appreciation.

It doesn’t all have to be whispers (nor does it all have to be overt porn) but it’s clear that there is a lot to be gained from exploring what ASMR has to offer.

Written by:

Dr. Emmeline Peaches
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