Long-Distance Relationship Troubles

The Challenges of a Long-Distance Relationship

In 2014 we carried out a survey on couples who were in a Long-Distance Relationship. 1,000 people were interviewed. The results found that 1 in 7 relationships were long-distance.

KIIROO and SWNS recently collaborated and created a new survey on long-distance relationships. 1,000 Americans who are currently in a long-distance relationship, or have been in one, were surveyed.

The results were eye-opening. We conducted to this research to understand how couples interacted in a long distance and how long distance sex toys could help them in their relationship. This research showed that these relationships have a 58 percent success rate. It also revealed that technology and social media play a major role for long-distance couples.

The average long-distance couple will send each other 343 texts every week. While video chatting and phone calls take up about 8 hours a week. Respondents also feel that living at least a 132 miles away is considered as long distance.

But, there are challenges to being in this type of relationship. 66 percent feel that the lack of physical intimacy is very challenging. Despite the availability of different new media technologies, there is still a challenge for couples to stay in touch.

24 percent of the respondents have difficulty in communicating because of their difference of opinion on the mode of communication. This certainly affects the way they make their partner feel and feel loved.

Take a look at the results below:

long-distance relationship challenges kiiroo

However, there is an upside. Over half of respondents said that being apart or that time apart helped them feel close to each other. The video summarises the findings

Not seeing your partner sucks. We understand that. It can be a rough time not seeing your partner. Those are hard challenges you may face during the holidays.


Admit it: we all get a little green with jealousy from time to time. Even couples who live close together or in the same house. For long-distance couples, jealousy is a common problem and can become even more tricky. You can’t see your partner as often as you’d like. And you can never be a 100% sure on what they’re doing exactly all day.

“What if something happens between them and their hot coworker on their office Christmas partner? What if... What if they fall in love?” It’s easy to see how these jealous thoughts can drive anyone crazy. This is why 55% of the survey respondents report worrying about their partner meeting someone else.


Although a little bit of jealousy can show your partner that you care, too much is never good for your long-distance relationship. If you find yourself having more and more jealous thoughts, it might be a good thing to honestly communicate with your partner.

This might sound scary. But just remember: honesty is always the best policy. Once you talk to your partner about your jealous thoughts, you take away some of their power of you. Make sure not to turn the conversation into an accusation. Just be honest about your feelings and needs. Maybe a daily text right or phone call before you both go to bed can rest your jealous mind.


Christmas is a time for togetherness, love, and belonging. But damn it, who knew that crap could be so expensive? The holidays are a pricy time already and you just want to spend time with your long distance love.

An expensive plane ticket to see your long-distance partner can be just out of your budget. 45% of the respondents from our survey, state that they worry about the expenses of visiting each other.


There’s no way around it: a long-distance relationship is always going to be more expensive than ‘normal’ relationships. But if you’re both equally committed to making this relationship a success, there’s nothing standing in your way!

First of all, be honest to yourselves and to each other about your financial situation. And the costs of traveling to each other over the holidays. That way, no one can get disappointed due to unrealistic expectations.

Second, try to get plane tickets on your days off or off hours as much as possible. Or maybe check out an airport other than your usual choice. They might offer rates that are cheaper.


Our respondents who are or were in a long-distance relationship, claim that the most challenging aspect of their relationship is the lack of physical intimacy. We humans have an innate need to be touched and touch others.

Being touched releases oxytocin. You know, the hormone that makes you feel happy! A lack of touch, and therefore a lack of this important hormone, can lead to feeling stressed, lonely and disconnected. Not exactly how you’d like to feel during the holidays!


You’re lucky that in this modern day and age, sex isn’t only a privilege for couples who are physically near each other. Thanks to our revolutionary sex toys here at Kiiroo, you and your long-distance partner have the opportunity to feel each other’s sweet, sweet touch. Without even buying an expensive plane ticket!

It can still be a steamy Christmas, even if you two aren’t able to visit each other in real life. Make sure you both are in possession of a Kiiroo toy (Tip: A nice Christmas present perhaps?).

Connect both your toys to the FeelConnect app. Now, you’ll be able to feel the movement of your partners toy synchronized with your own. Play your way to a mind-blowing orgasm to the same speed as your long-distance lover.

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