How to Sustain your LDR

You have been in a long distance relationship for a long time. You are in love. The distance makes it difficult to be intimate at times. You want to switch things up with your partner.

Don’t worry because Kiiroo is here.

Over the years we have written and given you several tips on sustaining a long distance relationship. This list will not just help you spice things up but also help you make your long distance relationship work.

Here are 7 articles written by Kiiroo to help you sustain your long distance relationship

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1.Gamify your Relationship

Your partner and you want to have some fun. You spend hours video chatting and want to spend time together playing a game. So what will you need? A smartphone that can record and share videos. A card and a pen. And a Computer or Tablet. Now imagine Tic Tac Toe and go!

Delve into this fun game for you and your partner! Try it out.

2. Virtual Date Ideas

The cool thing with all the technological devices around is that you can practically do anything. Couples in long distance relationships often find themselves dating online! Most, if not all, of their interactions, go through using devices.

Watching a movie, going for walks, sex talk, and phone calls. They all sound normal. But they are doing it from a long distance. So what about date night?

That’s no different. Just grab your phone, laptop or tablet and enjoy these date night tips for you and your partner.

Springtime Activities

Spring is around the corner and love is in the air. The only problem is your significant other is in Los Angeles, and you? You are alone in your apartment in New York! No problem though because there are things you can do to enjoy spring. Though some of these tips can also be enjoyed during the summer.

Enjoy these creative and romantic ideas for couples in a long distance relationship. From poetry exchanges to picnics, here are 5 activities for Long Distance Relationships.

4. Things Couples Do

Like in most relationships, couples always have tendencies and habits. They tend to have their own way of doing things. Some plan their days out after work through social media. Others just like spending a lot of time together.

But what habits do couples carry out without that physical contact?

Well, you will find out that some habits are common for couples in long distance relationships. Keeping your phone nearby, knowing each other’s schedule or being at a party alone. There are some things that couples will find relatable to.

5. More Virtual Date Ideas

You’re probably thinking ‘Wait, more date ideas?’. Yes, some more ideas!

The first edition of virtual date ideas did so well, that we were requested to come up with some more ideas! So you should check these 5 More Virtual Date Ideas. You probably tried some of these out while online dating, so enjoy!

6. Is this your Long Distance Relationship?

In the beginning, you and your partner believed you could make it work even in a LDR. You visit each other often but it feels rushed. After a while, you visit each other less and you run of things to talk about.

Using Skype or video chat doesn’t feel right anymore. And you know what may be triggering all this.

It's not the distance. It's the physical intimacy. But how can you get your freak on while in a LDR? Well, Isaac Simon can tell you all about it.

7. Making it Work

Well, it all comes to this, doesn’t it? You want to make your long distance relationship to work. And anyone who has been in one will tell you it's hard work. You have to be willing to go through some ups and downs.

Eventually, you and your significant other would like to move in together or at least date face to face. But to get there, you will have to go through a lot of things to make it work. So what can help you make it work? Read this.

We hope this roundup article will help you and your significant other with some inspiration. 

Written by

Mindy Cordova