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The best sex toys for long-distance couples

Life would be pretty boring without sex. That’s why we want you to enjoy it, even when your partner is not around. We’re not talking about going off with someone else. With our FeelConnect app you can feel your lover from anywhere in the world. Let us tell you all about it.

Sex toys for couples

Long-distance relationships can be hard. You miss your partner and on top of that you’re not able to feel each other like you’re used to. The FeelConnect app changes all of that. Buy one of our Couples Sets, hook up your sex toys to the app and start feeling your significant other’s every move. Missing your lover hurts less when you can still feel every movement they make.

Keep the spark alive with fun sex toys for couples

At Kiiroo you and your partner can choose from a big variety of interactive sex toys that are geared towards couples. What do you think of our KIIROO® ONYX+™ PEARL2™ Black Couples Set, for example? The set contains the KIIROO® Pearl2™ and KIIROO® Onyx+. Together they give you and your partner maximum pleasure and stimulation. The new design of the Onyx provides up to 140 strokes per minute and simulates intercourse like no other with its up-and-down “milking” motion.

Our KIIROO® FUSE™ Couples Set is also a great choice. This dual-stim massager comes with a two-way connection so that you can share your pleasure with your lover. Enjoy bi-directional control and let your partner reach their peak performance.

If you’re all about the clit, the TITAN & Cliona By KIIROO™ Couples Set is the most ideal option for you. This set gives you and your partner all the vibrations you need to dive to the deepest parts of your pleasure. 

Interact while you play with a bluetooth couple sex toy

With our FeelConnect app you can not only connect to your lover's device, you can also connect to interactive videos, webcam performers and virtual reality. All our toys connect to the app, so you never have to worry about missing out when you buy from us!

Learn more about how our interactive sex toys work and how they can transform your long-distance relationship in the following video.

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