Iron and Steel – An Erotic Story
The talented Emmeline Peaches sent us this steamy story that is bound to get your juices flowing! Enjoy!

Sweat pouring down her face, Lorraine took a deep breath. “Remember,” she muttered to herself, “It’s all in the hips”.

Thrusting into the motion, she felt a momentum building between her thighs and she surrendered to the rhythm. Moisture continued to gather on her body as her breaths became harder, her heart racing. In her head she counted each motion, focusing on how her body reacted to the sensations as her muscles flexed and released.

“Twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five!” she exhaled to herself as she bent her knees and placed a cast iron kettlebell down on the ground.

The rush afterward was the best part—the adrenaline. The release. Closing her eyes for the briefest moment she regained her composure before lunging back into her workout.

Workout complete, Lorraine moved up to the bedroom and rubbed her upper back. A dull ache had set in. Perhaps her form was off?

The persistent pain niggled at her for a moment as she stood in the room rubbing it. However, it wasn’t long before her attention was divided.

From the en-suit, Lorraine detected the happy hum of her partner as he went about his morning routine. Like her, Greg had always been a morning person, though he wasn’t as fitness-minded. Instead, he preferred to start his day with a shower, a shave, and an impromptu karaoke session.

“Good morning!” he said merrily, still humming to himself.

“Morning? Yes,” Lorraine conceded “Good? I’m not so sure”.

At this, Greg peaked out from the en-suite’s doorway. His body was pristine from the shower and his chest was still slightly damp and glowing. A single towel was wrapped lazily around his hips and his hazel eyes held a concerned look, which drew Lorraine in beyond all other things.

“Bad workout?” he asked, his voice soft with concern.

“No, it was great. I’ve just…I’ve got some pain” Lorraine conceded, stroking a hand across her shoulder. Ever determined to be the strong one in the relationship Lorraine hated to admit defeat, but Greg’s puppy dog concern always had a way of making her melt.

“Well,” he said, a half-smile appearing on his face, “Let’s see what we can do about that”.

Still dressed in nothing but a towel Greg approached Lorraine, walking just past her and turning to face her back.

Lorraine gently tilted her head to the side to make eye contact with him and gauge his intentions. Loving, concerned, but thirsty too. Lorraine could anticipate where things were going and she welcomed it. Taking a deep breath she felt his warm body move in close behind her and swallowed to try and diffuse some of the rising sexual tension. It didn’t work.

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Greg’s hands made an impact with her shoulders, his fingers resting softly on her skin while his thumbs began to press in firmly and perform soothing circular motions. She couldn’t help but arch her back as his touch sent a jolt of sensation throughout her entire spine. It was like an electric shock that revived her body, breaking through her post-workout haze.

“You know, I’ve always admired the way that lycra frames your curves” Greg confessed as he shuffled in closer still.

“Mhm, you wouldn’t be flirting so much if you realized just how sweaty I was underneath these clothes” Lorraine bantered back, her voice half a tease and half a soft moan.

Greg leaned in and Lorraine felt his breath against the skin of her ear as he whispered: “Try me”.

With those words, her next activity was sealed.

Timidly Lorraine turned herself around and began to stroke her torso, inviting Greg’s hand to do so too. Greg smiled and eagerly responded to her invitation, enjoying the tight, slick embrace of Lorraine’s lycra vest before beginning to slowly tease it off of her skin, inch by inch.

In coy little moments, Lorraine glanced up at him, stealing glimpses of his obvious lust for her while his attention was firmly on her supple body. To the outside observer such a docile display would seem entirely out of place from someone like Lorraine but in the bedroom, this was exactly how she liked it. No more being strong, no more taking control. She was his Sweet Pea and him her Sir.

Her top removed Greg took a moment to step back and admire her natural form. With a slight gesture, he signaled for Lorraine to remove the rest of her clothing and she did so slowly, seductively, allowing herself to enjoy the way it stroked against her skin. Standing naked in front of Greg she saw that smile return to his face, this time in approval. She could feel herself getting wetter.

“What would you have me do Sir?” she uttered softly.

“Lie down,” he ordered firmly, “On your back”.

Lorraine readily complied, making a show of it. However, Greg wasn’t watching. Instead, he was reaching into their bottom drawer—the one that was rarely used for anything and so easily overlooked.

“What are you going in there for Sir?” Lorraine asked a bit more confidently, almost breaking character with her intrigue.

“Well…” he started out, obscuring the drawer itself with his body. “I know that cast iron is usually your area of expertise. However, I’ve always believed there’s a certain something to be said about cold hard steel too”.

With that, Greg stood up in a smooth and authoritative manner before turning to reveal a formidable metal dildo which he held in his hand like a device of complete domination. The perfectly polished finish of the steel shone in the morning light and left Lorraine wondering whether she should gasp in awe or beg for him to take her right there and then. In the time where she deliberated, Greg moved over to a vial of silicone lubricant and slathered some on the wand before approaching Lorraine.

“Back” he commanded and Lorraine yielded to the will of her Sir. “Now eyes closed”.

Plunging herself willingly into darkness Lorraine was soon met with the bulbous head of the metal offering making contact with her vulva. The mere placement of it on her skin made her body tense with delight. It was bitingly cold and uncompromisingly firm yet so deliciously slick that she couldn’t help but be mesmerized by its presence, lost in its chilling caress.

Lorraine could only imagine Greg’s approval as she felt the head of the toy move across her labia and clitoris to reward her for her display of vulnerability. The dildo pressed firmly against her clitoris, its steely surface causing her vaginal muscles to clench in anticipation as if begging for contact.

As if he had known, Greg soon complied and slid the hefty object into her willing vagina. The sheer weight of it was amazing and was soon coupled with Greg’s other hand, which he had placed on her clit to maintain contact. Lorraine had never taken such a large toy, nor felt such a shivering coolness inside her body. Still, she had to agree with Greg that steel had more than a few benefits.

It wasn’t long before Greg began to thrust the dildo into her body—slowly at first but swifter as time went on and firmly in every instance.

With every motion of the metal device, Lorraine made her elation perfectly clear to Greg. His thumb pressed skilfully against her body, as it had on her back, but this time, it had turned its attention to her clitoris. Lorraine writhed with delight from the combined sensation of his masculine assertion over her pleasure and the slick glide of hefty metal ramming in and out of her body.

Greg’s motions built into a relentless flurry of sensation and Lorraine could feel it overpowering her. In that profound moment teetering on the edge the only thing she could do, the only thing she wanted to do, was given in to the release.

Lorraine’s orgasm was so strong that there were no words to encapsulate its splendor. It was a sensation that could only be conveyed by the unhindered gush of fluids that squirted from her form, visually displaying her raw and passionate liberation. Panting, she opened her eyes in a daze and looked up to her Sir. His expression told her all she needed to know.


Laying together in the afterglow Greg sat up and looked down at Lorraine. “Turn over please,” he asked softly, his commanding character replaced with a caring request. Lorraine smiled softly as she rolled herself over in reply.

Greg walked into the en-suite and before returning with some massage oils, uncorking one of the bottles as he positioned himself over her.

“I did good then?” she asked him.

“You certainly did” he confirmed.

Warm oil spilled down the center of her back as she felt Greg’s hands return to massage her again.

Lorraine enjoyed each and every motion and thanked him when the aftercare was complete. Though she kept one detail from him: Although the massage was not unappreciated Greg had already found the perfect way to relieve her tension.

Written by:

Emmeline Peaches
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