Couples Toys and Female Orgasm

August 11, 2014

kiiroo female orgasm

Choosing a Couples Toy

As I mentioned briefly in our introductory Couples Sex Toys article, it’s estimated that only about 20% of women (or people with vaginas) can orgasm through vaginal stimulation alone (see article here). The reason is pretty simple: The clitoris contains far more nerve endings, and in a more concentrated area. In fact, the clitoris is also much bigger than most people realize.

While the external nub of the clitoris is certainly pretty incredible, the clitoris is actually shaped like a wishbone, with both “arms” located internally. While the G-spot is amazing, it can be hard to stimulate in certain positions and can require more of a repetitive motion than a partner can easily provide. So, how do we bridge this gap in pleasure?

couples sex toys kiiroo

When you’re considering a couples sex toy, you’ll want to keep a couple of things in mind. Do you want a toy that stimulates only the clitoris, or one that’s capable of stimulating the clitoris and the G-spot? Do you want a sex toy that stimulates the penis? How much vibration do you want and need? Do you want something that can be used during penetrative sex, or do you just want a sex toy that’s easy to use on your partner? Do you want something that can be used remotely?

When it comes to adult toys that will stimulate the clitoris during penetrative sex, you can’t get much better than the WeVibe 4, which is made to stimulate both the clitoris and G-spot. Cock rings are a fantastic choice if you want something that’s non-invasive. Nowadays, you can even find rechargeable, silicone options.

If you want a toy that can be easily used on or by your partner, you have a lot of options! Choosing a clitoral vibrator for partnered use really depends mostly on your vibration and material preference, and your ability to communicate your desires. Any sex toy can be used by a partner. However, I do find that specially designed clitoral vibrators (like WeVibe Touch, LELO Siri, and Tenga Iroha) are often very easy to use and comfortable to hold.

KIIROO Couples Toys

For couples in long distance relationships, KIIROO created the Onyx2 masturbator and Pearl2 vibrator. Pearl2 was recently redesigned with the help of a professional sex toy reviewer. We added a sensual G-spot curve, a layer of body-safe Hygiene Silicone, and an even more powerful motor. Five internal haptic technology rings allow Pearl2 to gather and communicate touch data – the rings gather information about how your body touches them and sends that information to Onyx2. In short, Pearl2 and Onyx2 are Teledildonic couples toys that you can use no matter how far apart you are.

Ultimately, when it comes to couples toys, it’s most important to be attentive. Don’t be afraid to communicate your wants and needs. A little “Oh yes,” is always appreciated.

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