Female Edging Techniques - Intensify your Orgasms

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Wait For It… Female Edging Techniques that will give you a more Intense Orgasm

You may have heard about female edging techniques. Sometimes referred to as orgasm control. It’s all about resisting the urge to climax while you’re masturbating. Just when you’re about to come close. By delaying your orgasm for as long as possible, eventually, you will experience an intense orgasm like you’ve never had before.

The Tip of the Iceberg

When you masturbate and climax, you will probably experience intense pleasure. Hey, it’s called ‘pleasuring yourself’ for a reason. But what if I told you that the intensity you’re feeling is just the tip of the iceberg? That there is a whole world of intense full-body sexual pleasure to explore? That got your attention? I bet it did.

Most women feel a climax coming as it is accompanied by a range of physical sensations. These include faster breathing, feeling an urge to tense your body and tighten your muscles and feeling your level of pleasure increasing very rapidly. Usually, this is the point where you would orgasm shortly after if you would continue to stimulate yourself. And usually, you do. Because let’s be honest: it feels pretty awesome.

So, why should you try Edging?

According to edging techniques, however, this would be the exact moment where you would not turn your masturbation game up a notch, but where you would stop. Completely. “Now why on earth would I stop just when it’s starting to feel seriously good up in here?” you might ask.

The orgasm you are about to experience, although explosive, is still superficial and felt only in the region of your genitals. Furthermore, right after you’re done, you will probably feel drained of absolutely all sexual energy.

When you try out edging and postpone your climax, the orgasm will feel a lot more intense. When you take it slow, your whole body will be filled with sexual energy, not just your genital area. As they say: Good things come to those who wait. And those who wait, come.

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Starting off the edging technique is quite simple. You begin to pleasure yourself. For this, you can use your hands or one of your favorite toys. Make sure that you really ease into it. Edging is all about taking it slow and taking your time. Maybe massage your whole genital area with a nice oil and then gradually build up the pace.

During this phase, it’s important to be mindful of all the physical sensations you’re experiencing in your body. Of course, it’s perfectly okay when things start to get a little heated, but make sure not to go too far and climax. Eventually, there will come a point where you feel your level of pleasure rising quickly. You feel that you can’t take it any longer and you just have to come.


Stop! If at this point, you were to continue to pleasure yourself, you would probably experience a regular orgasm. Of course, not bad. But hey, you’re trying something new here, so show a little willpower damn it!

Stop with all the stimulation that you were applying to your genital area and just relax. It’s okay if you came close to a regular orgasm, just make sure you stopped pleasuring yourself before that happened. Although it might feel frustrating in the moment, it will definitely be worth it in the end.


By now you will have built up a lot of sexual energy in your body. Which means both your breathing rate and your heartbeat are skyrocketing. Try taking some nice long, deep breaths. Lead all your focus away from your genital area and into the rest of your body. This will help you feel a more intense, full-body climax later on instead of a regular climax that you just feel in your clitoris. So take this time to touch other parts of your body or to just take a little break in general.


Once you feel like your level of pleasure is sufficiently subsided, you can gradually start to pleasure yourself again. Just like the first round, make sure to really take your time. When you feel like you’re close to climaxing again, just stop masturbating completely and wait for the level of pleasure to subside. Repeat this cycle for at least twenty minutes.


Once you’ve been going at the edging technique for at least twenty minutes and you feel like you’re ready, it’s time for the best step of all: the actual climax. Not much effort needed on your side here. Just enjoy the absolute best, most intense, earthshaking, cavewoman, sex goddess orgasm you’ve ever had. Have fun!

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Lara Metman

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