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What is a butt plug and how to use one

Maybe you’ve heard about butt plugs before or are entirely new to the world of anal play, but you’re here now, and that’s what matters.

There’s more to a butt plug than meets the eye. It’s one of the most versatile toys that anyone can enjoy regardless of their sexual orientation or gender. All you need is a butt, and everyone has one - so we’re in the clear.

There are many reasons why you should explore the world of butt plugs. Firstly, if you have a prostate, the right butt plug will stimulate it. For vaginas, the applied pressure on the vaginal wall can increase sensation and intensify orgasm. And lastly, the anus itself holds thousands of sensitive nerve endings for added pleasure.

In other words, what’s not to love about it? If you’re looking to expand your sexual repertoire, we highly recommend you add a Lumen into your routine. But before doing that, we’re going to unravel everything you need to know about butt plugs.

What is a butt plug?

Whether it’s a beginner butt plug, a vibrating butt plug or glass butt plugs, in the end, they essentially all do the same thing: they plug your anus. Plugging the butt is a source of pleasure and also loosens the anus if you’re having anal sex or using a larger anal toy.

It is used either for preparation for penetrative anal sex or as an addition to sex. Using a one is fairly straightforward. The Lumen, for example, is easy to use as you gently insert it into the anus.

However, there’s one important rule you must know: lube, lube, lube. Do not use any butt plug without applying a generous amount of lube to it. The anus doesn’t self-lubricate, which means you need to use lube.

vibrating butt plug lumen

Important safety tips when using one

While there are different types of plugs, they're typically all designed the same way. Most of them have a narrow tip that slowly widens towards the middle and then narrows towards the neck, allowing it to sit comfortably in your rectum. Most look like a teardrop with a wide base at the bottom.

That's why when inserting any toy into your anus, make sure it's an anal toy with a flared base. The last thing you want is to end up in the emergency room because you have a sex toy stuck in your bum.

In addition, avoid sex toys made from porous materials such as rubber or jelly as they hold bacteria. Instead, opt for non-porous materials such as stainless steel, glass butt plugs, or silicone butt plugs. The Lumen, for example, is made of the highest quality body-safe phthalate-free silicone, giving you peace of mind.

Types of butt plugs

Here are the most common ones on the market.

Classic butt plug

If you're new to anal play, then it's best to start with a beginner plug. In this case, try the classic butt plug. Traditional plugs start with a narrow tip, widen in the middle, and then narrow towards the base, allowing for the anal sphincter muscle to relax.

They are usually not too big and stretch the anal sphincter muscles gradually. They're typically smooth in texture and comfortable to insert.

Vibrating butt plug

Another great one for beginners (and a better bang for your buck) is a vibrating butt plug. Ideal for men and women, these plugs are shaped like a classic butt plug but have come with varying vibration speeds and patterns for enhanced stimulation.

These are great as you can use them without the vibrating option and work your way up to it. The varying speeds also allow you to find the perfect vibration to hit the spot.

Interactive butt plug

A butt plug can be used for solo-pleasure or couples play. However, an interactive one gives you extra options. For example, the Lumen interactive butt plug can be controlled via app, so your partner can be across the world and pleasure you.

It can also be connected to other Kiiroo toys, allowing couples to play together and stimulate each other. With so many options, the Lumen is one of the most popular anal plug on the market.

How to use a butt plug

Like anything in the bedroom, you cannot jump right into it. When using a butt plug, you need to spend some time in foreplay and warm up the anus. Whether it's rimming or anal play, take some time to relax the anal sphincter muscles.

We recommend lubing your finger or your partner's and gently massaging the anus, sliding it in and out, and then adding a finger. After the anus is relaxed, apply lube to the Lumen butt plug and slowly insert it into the anus. Inserting the Lumen is easiest when in the doggy-style position, but with time, you'll find a position that fits you best.

To remove the butt plug, slowly pull it out. It's easy to remove once you've orgasmed, as then the muscles are relaxed. Then clean it with Kiiroo's premium sex toy cleaner.


Butt plugs can add a lot of pleasure to your routine; just make sure it's made of non porous materials and use lube. Luckily, the Lumen butt is made of body-safe and high-quality silicone that offers you endless options, including vibrations and interactive play, so you can enjoy it with or without your partner beside you. Get your Lumen butt plug today!

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