Stamina Training : The Best Ways to Last Longer in Bed

Stamina Training : The Best Ways to Last Longer in Bed

Stamina training

Stamina training can be as simple or as complex as you want. To get started, all you need is a hand, some free time, and a penis. If you’re just trying to last longer in bed, there’s a technique that you can practice called edging.

Edging is when you get right to the edge of orgasm, then back off. Essentially, you keep yourself from orgasming in order to make sex (or masturbation) last longer. This can also result in a much more intense orgasm when you do climax.

It’s often recommended that you try edging when you’re masturbating alone because it can be difficult to get the hang of for some men. Practicing alone and with a stamina training male sex toy, like the Titan, will help you to feel more confident when the time comes to practice what you’ve worked on with a partner.


Being good in bed involves communication and attention to the details that please your partner. Lasting longer in bed isn’t always indicative of good bedroom habits, but it can make it easier to help your partner reach orgasm. Simply put, there’s more than one way to be good in bed, and there’s more than one benefit to stamina training.

Stamina training can help you get a stronger erection, leading to even stronger orgasms. Practicing edging, as we discussed above, can also make your orgasms stronger. So for you, the immediate benefit could be an absolutely mind-blowing climax.

Health-wise, it’s important to masturbate for your mental health, your immune system, and your prostate health. Masturbation has so many health benefits, and stamina training is basically skilled masturbation.

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Remember the old saying, “Practice makes perfect”? Well, it’s true. Stamina training is, in essence, teaching your body to last longer during sex. It’s something that you can do on your own or with a helpful and supportive partner to improve your sex life. In simplest terms, it’s masturbating with goals.

One of the best things about masturbation – for anyone, of any gender – is the ability to experiment with what feels good to you.

Stamina training can help you figure out your speed, pressure, and sex positions that will help you last longer in bed. The pressure to last longer in bed is then is removed, allowing you to concentrate on pleasing your partner, with that being an important goal.

It’s important to vary your methods. If you’ve been masturbating the same way for a long time, you may have it down to a science – orgasm within 5 minutes. But that’s not going to help you get used to holding out.

Practice with different techniques, and see what helps you feel good while still staving off an early climax. Furthermore, practice holding back. Sometimes it’s mind over matter.


Stamina training is about teaching your body how to last longer during sex. It sounds to-the-point and straightforward, right? Well, it’s definitely a challenge. Basically, it’s masturbating with goals in mind.

The beauty of it is that it can be as simple or complex as you’d like. So, yes, it’s a challenge, but you have the power to create a pace that’s comfortable for yourself.

To boost your sexual stamina, you’re going to practice a masturbation technique called edging. Edging is practiced during masturbation when you’re just about to orgasm, you immediately stop. By preventing yourself from orgasming, overtime, you increase your sexual stamina.

Though you can practice this during sex, it’s best to try this while masturbating alone, at least until you feel more comfortable. Practicing alone can help you gain more confidence with edging and reduce the pressure of having your partner in the room. It’s important to take this at your own pace.

Will it take time for you to master it? Absolutely. Is it going to be easy? No. We’re not going to lie to you; stamina training takes practice.

But, we want to help. Here are some useful tips to improve your sexual stamina in bed.

And with that, I’d like to offer some suggestions for you to increase stamina.


Do this first during masturbation. When you feel yourself getting close, STOP. Take a few breaths, then start again slowly. Then pick up the pace again. Basically, you’re teasing yourself. Do this a number times, and it will prolong the amount of time before you reach orgasm. Once you have perfected this alone, use the same tactic with your partner.

For some, part of their poor stamina makes them ejaculate during foreplay. If such is the case for you, and you are quick to get an erection, then focus on your partner. Don’t touch yourself at all. Once you know your partner is ready, then you focus on your erection and use the aforementioned techniques.


While Kegels were originally intended to be used by women to strengthen their PC muscles, males can also do Kegels to strengthen their PC muscles. These muscles are the same ones you use to stop anything from leaving your urethra, and exercising them will help you to ward off ejaculation. Exercising your PC muscles may also result in more intense and satisfying orgasms.

To exercise your PC muscles, simply flex the muscle you use to stop yourself from urinating. Flex this muscle over and over again multiple times during the day. For a more entertaining workout, try flexing to the beat of the music.


This is a case where the biggest complaint about something makes it an asset somewhere else. Guys often say that they can’t feel as much when they are using condoms. For men with stamina issues, this desensitization can be a blessing. Find a condom that lessens your sensitivity, such as extra thick condoms. However, make sure you avoid condoms or lube that contain desensitizers. These desensitizers can be spread to your partner, which will lessen the experience for them as well.


Unfortunately, having a busy life has led some of us to eat more processed food than fresh foods. Processed foods are higher in fats and cholesterol, which lessen not just your energy levels, but your testosterone as well. I have personally tried to reduce my intake of processed foods and to eat more fresh foods. In the last six months, I have noticed a big improvement in my overall performance.

Check online for simple and quick healthy recipes. You can make a big batch of food and keep it for a few days. Reheating healthy leftovers is just as easy as heating pre-made unhealthy foods, and comes with many added health benefits.


Lack of sleep can affect your stamina by making it easier to lose your erection. Proof of a lessening ability to maintain an erection will be shown (at any age) by a loss of “morning wood”. If morning wood is a rare occurrence, especially when you’re younger, the first thing you should check is your sleeping habits. Check how refreshed you are feeling when you wake up. If you are not feeling refreshed and experiencing morning wood, you need to develop better sleeping habits. Give yourself more time to sleep every night. Also, turn off screens and other distractions before bed. The use of phones, computers, and TV’s before bed or while trying to sleep, has been shown to make falling asleep more difficult and to result in poorer quality sleep.

None of these suggestions will be instant fixes, but rather something you and your partner can work on over time. You must be patient and not allow yourself to get frustrated if things do not change immediately. And most of all, make sure you have fun, experiment with your partner, and work to make it a satisfying experience for both of you.