I FEEL YOU: Distance Found Me My Connection

How Doodling Changed My Life

I never thought it would happen to me, but it did. My life changed completely and it all started with an illustration.

It was early 2018, and even though I had been doodling my way through Instagram for almost two years, I’ve never had more than 50 people paying attention to my illustrations.

I started drawing kinky things for fun, the type of thing that kept me busy creatively and helped me explore new topics and trends. I guess you could say, I am just one of those creative people that likes to discover new things.

One day, I came across a profile of a woman while scrolling through Instagram posts, and I felt inspired by her photos and videos. So I drew her and sent her the illustration through a direct message on Instagram. I wasn't expecting an answer from her, but she replied, and that's how we started talking. I was in France and she was in the USA, but luckily we found each other in the digital world.

kiiroo illustration

Welcome to my unexpected romantic love story.
A story about how a simple illustration changed the lives of two people that are 6161 kilometers apart.

Getting to know someone online and through social media can be difficult, for many reasons. But, the main one for me is that it can be evanescent. You can be talking to someone one day, then perhaps sometime later, out of the blue or never again.

For days, and weeks we chatted, back and forth. It felt refreshing to find a friend that shared a lot in common with me. The quirkiness, the funniness, and the kinkiness too! After all, I am an erotic illustrator. ;)

As time passed by, we were getting closer, and we were spending more time talking, and the “friend” status was getting confusing. Nevertheless, it was still virtual and the distance was very real.

hedonistologist kiiroo

After all the time we spent chatting, we knew we needed to do something about it. And despite the fact that it felt like a shot in the dark, we decided to meet. So I went with my gut, and I took a chance and booked a flight to the USA.

At the time I had so many things running through my mind. How would this trip change our friendship? Could it define the rest of my (love) life? What if it didn't work out and we didn't like each other in real life? Would I lose the person I spent so much time chatting with on a daily basis?

What was even scarier, was what would it mean if we did like each other? What would we do next? Who would move abroad? Me? Or her?

To be honest, it wasn't my first time doing something so daring, but this time was different. I knew that if I didn’t go through with this trip, I would regret it later with thoughts of ‘WHAT IF?’...and the biggest one would be: ‘What if she was the most special lady and I was not brave enough to take a chance to find out?’

I arrived in the USA, got off the plane, and when we met for the first time, it was all the awkwardness you could expect. Now we had to find ways to express these strong feelings for each other in the flesh. In the end, things could not have gone better. The trip was indescribable.

kiiroo and hedonistologist long distance love

After my first trip to see her, we knew we wanted to be together again. It was a no brainer for me. But, how would we keep our long-distance relationship going was the big question. How can we still be together with so much distance between us again? How can we keep touching each other, feeling each other and listening to each other? How can we be close that it would make us forget about the insane amount of kilometers separating us?

Like any relationship, we had our similarities and our differences. To start off, I’m French and she’s American. She is also older than me, but that doesn’t matter. What mattered the most at the moment was that she wouldn’t move abroad because she needed to be near her family. That left us with only one evident option.

With that in mind, and as the adventure-seeking person I am, I started looking for job opportunities. Much to my dismay, there wasn’t much work for me where she lives. There were all of these obstacles, plus it was the first time we were apart after meeting face to face, it was difficult.

kiiroo hedonistologist distance found me my connection

I felt like life was slapping me in the face and screaming to me “THIS IS REAL LIFE". But at the same time, we kept having this hope and excitement of thinking about when we would meet again. And, there is no need to explain this but... When you know, you know.

So, we embrace it every day. We spend time video chatting, sharing songs with each other, talking on the phone and go on dates, like watching TV shows together. Every intimate moment got us to feel and touch each other making the distance feel not so far away. We make sure we feel loved no matter where we are.

In the past, people in long-distance relationships used to live their love stories by only having mail correspondence for years at a time. We - today - are lucky! Technology has helped bring us closer together, even though we are thousands of kilometers apart. We are able to communicate with our long-distance partners in real-time.

I can tell you now, 6161 kilometers is no longer so far for us, it's no longer something we fear. And I know that one day I will settle down with her and look back at those trips like a small blip in our story.

When it is about love, I would say that no matter the distance, you need to be ready. So, whoever said long-distance relationships are impossible, was probably not ready to connect with the other person on another level or try to make their long-distance relationship work.

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The Hedonistologist is a project run by a French-born designer that always had a soft spot for drawing and butts. With a will to bring a new spirit and personal aesthetic into the world of erotic art. The project aims to represent a more liberated approach to natural sensuality and the topic of sexuality and wellness in human cultures through art.

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