Thought Leaders on Adult Entertainment – Ynot's Jay Kopita

Thought Leaders on Adult Entertainment – Ynot's Jay Kopita

We asked several Experts in the field of Sex, Sexuality, and Tech their opinions and takes on SexTech.
In this installment, our very own Ashton will try to uncover what critique and praises await this upstart industry.

An interview with Ynot’s Jay Kopita

In September 2016, Kiiroo was fortunate enough to win an award at the YNOT Awards in Prague. One week prior to the awards, Jay Kopita from YNOT visited Kiiroo in person at our office in Amsterdam. After getting to know Jay a little, hearing his views on the industry, and seeing how far he has come in his years of being in the adult industry, it seemed only fitting that our next interview for Thought Leaders on Sex Tech and Adult Entertainment was Jay himself.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you got into the industry?

I’m just a guy who manages to take risks, sometimes not so calculated, who decided to get involved in the adult online industry after a career in entertainment as an actor didn’t pan out quite as planned before it was too late. After a few years of doing entertainment industry public relations, I answered an ad for the adult online industry and essentially took my skills with me and built a career. Here I am nearly 17 years later and a business owner.

2. Can you tell us something about

Interestingly enough, YNOT is where I got my start as an employee back in 2000. YNOT is the oldest and longest running adult webmaster resource and news site in the adult b2b space. Launched in 1996 as a network for the earliest adult internet pioneers, webmasters, and affiliates, it has grown to what it is today… a media conglomerate offering resources, business services, events, and all kinds of marketing opportunities for the adult industry at large including b2b, b2c, dating, novelty, and cams.

3. Are you satisfied with the state of the Sex-Tech industry as of 2016?

I think so. In the earliest days of the biz online, adult-led the mainstream. Then somewhere along the way, the two reversed and adult online fell considerably behind. While I still feel we are behind, it isn’t as noticeable as it was before.

4. In your opinion, what kind of challenges does Sex-Tech face, inside and outside the industry?

Staying on the cutting edge and maintaining relevance is always a struggle when it comes to innovation. Plus you have to deal with constantly changing trends, consumer habits, and perceptions. Then there is always the ever-present threat of regulation, perceived obscenity, and bad business practices by a few that can affect the majority.

5. How does Sex-Tech benefit sexual health and personal development?

I’m no expert on either, but it seems to me that having a sexual outlet where no one gets hurt is always a good thing? Repression is never a good thing. Neither is non-consent.

6. How does Sex-Tech affect the world outside the bedroom?

I feel it enlightens the masses and provides an outlet that many people either need to rely on, or it provides an enhancement to an already enriched sexual lifestyle. Either way… you live once. Experiencing sexual gratification in ways that excite, challenge and enhance your experience is a healthy way to live as sexual beings.

7. What do you believe is the future of Sex-Tech, and where do you hope it goes from here?

I believe that as more opportunities become available, less repression and dark-ages thinking becomes a thing of the past, and more people become mobile and travel more, the sky is the limit. I only hope that the culture of texting and less social behavior doesn’t translate into sex-tech becoming a complete replacement for personal and physical encounters. But unfortunately for many, I think that is where it is heading.

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