Wrapped 2023: Kiiroo products of the year

2023 was a busy and exciting year for us! We started early and launched the year's first new stroker, Reagan Foxx on January 4th! While she kept you warm through the coldest part of the year, Rachel Starr was already getting ready to be your Valentine. Hers was the second stroker we've released this year.

While the plastic case for our strokers is really durable, we've added the option to order an empty KEON compatible case by itself on March 10th in case something happened to yours. This also made it possible for you to move any third party sleeve you might have that is about the same size as the Feel strokers to your new case and use them with the KEON!

Keeping up with the roughly once a month peace Daphne Laat was getting ready for her April 20th release followed only two weeks later by Kayley Gunner on May 4th! If you got her early you might have seen a little Easter egg, hinting to what's about to come.

The Kayley stroker was the first to have a different sleeve shape and where the box said Compatible with KEON and PowerBlow! While the name was pretty revealing there were lots of guesses to what it exactly is and when it'll be released.

It was a fun, exciting and mysterious two months. Before the big reveal Tanya Tate had her stroker released on May 18th, making her the second PowerBlow compatible stroker!

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We didn't want to keep you waiting much longer, so the PowerBlow released July 11th and it completely sold out in a matter of days! It was incredible to see how many of you wanted it and to imagine the amount of happy people getting blown by our toy!

To accompany such a fun new sensation we've also released our first ever mouth stroker. It is the mouth of Victoria June, who was among the first Feel Stars, so with this new release now you can enjoy both her vagina and her mouth!

For everybody who was wishing for a non-anatomical stroker we've heard you and released FeelSensation on July 25th.

After that we took a small break from new releases to give you time to enjoy all the new options before jumping back into the game and releasing an extra tight version of the butt stroker and just in time for Halloween our first ever glow in the dark stroker with a brand new translucent case. Say hello to Feel Glow!

It's been quite the year with 9 new strokers and also older ones getting upgraded to be compatible with the PowerBlow. Our busiest month was July with three releases and the busiest period of the year was April 20th - July 25th with 6 releases in just 3 months!

The longest you had to wait between two products was 2.5 months which is hopefully nowhere near long enough to get bored of your existing collection!

Our most unique stroker for the year was the Feel Glow with its new case and glow in the dark material. And our overall most unique product and also the one to sell out lightning fast was the PowerBlow.

We’re incredibly grateful to have you with us on this journey and we can’t wait to have just as much fun with you in 2024 if not more!

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Alec Hardy

Alec Hardy is a tech enthusiast writing posts and creating videos about sex toys and the future of sex tech. He's also an adult content creator focusing on NSFW sex toy reviews. He finished his masters in Network Protocol Security and loves to dive deep into what makes certain toys tick and come up with ideas on how to use them in fun ways.