A list of Amazing Sexual Fetishes 

Sexual Fetishes are sexual interests that center around complete devotion.
Who are we to decide what is considered to be a 'weird fetish'?
Everyone is different and sometimes we’re turned on by some downright bizarre objects or actions.

Otherwise known as ‘fetishes’ these sexual desires may not be “vanilla” but they are more common than you’d think.
In fact, up to 1 in 6 people might have a fetish or some form of non-vanilla sexual desire.

As long as a fetish doesn’t involve force or illegal activities then sexual fetishes can be a fun and creative aspect of one’s bedroom activities. But while we’ve all heard of foot fetishes and BDSM there are a few fetishes out there that are less mainstream and possibly to be considered weird fetishes.

Bizarre by normal means but no less awesome for it, let’s look at 20 weird fetishes and wonderful sexual fetishes that you need to read to believe.

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1. Agalmatophilia

When it comes to Agalmatophilia Pygmalion can be considered the Original Hipster. Agalmatophilia is a sexual attraction to statues, dolls, and/or mannequins. This attraction usually involves nude figures and makes a lot more sense if you’ve spent any time around Greek or Renaissance sculptures. I mean, c’mon, who hasn’t glanced at Michelangelo's David, or Alexandros of Antioch’s Venus de Milo at least once?

Size doesn’t necessarily matter when it comes to Agalmatophilia and some people have fallen for smaller statues too. The benefit of this? These statues tend to be more portable so admirers can take the object of their affection with them wherever they go (quite literally in this case).

2. Autoplushophilia

Autoplushophilia is an extension of Plushophilia which is a sexual attraction to stuffed animals, or ‘plushies’ as they’re often known. Cuddly toys are often comforting to people at some point or another in life so it makes sense that some people would take this affectionate association into their adult years.

However, Autoplushophilia is sexual arousal derived from imagining one’s self as a plush toy or the anthropomorphic animals as seen in cartoons. While some people have linked Autoplushophilia to the Furry fandom it’s important to note that less than 1% of the community identify as Plushophiles. The two groups shouldn’t be mistaken.

3. Coulrophilia

The original Poltergeist movie might have had some of us hiding under the sheets in terror but others got under the bedsheets for another reason.
Coulrophilia is a sexual attraction to clowns, mimes, and jesters. Typically met with aversion by most people Coulrophiles embrace clowns with open arms (and matching his and hers squeaky noses).

Before you judge Coulrophilia too harshly I have two words for you: Harley Quinn. Comic book and Margot Robbie fans would be hard-pressed to avoid the advances of this cute clown girl.

4. Eproctophilia

Otherwise known as a flatulence fetish, people with Eproctophilia have a sexual arousal to breaking wind.
For many enthusiasts, there is an underlying level of taboo in flatulence which is thrilling to break. Equally catching someone as they try to stealthily pass wind can elicit a certain degree of arousal.

For some, it’s all about the sensations—the smell and sound of breaking wind. Then, of course, there’s a level of BDSM, as some may play at being ‘forced’ to experience someone farting in their face.

Time to get the baked beans ready.

5. Formicophilia

Even die-hard animal lovers may find this one a step (or scurry) too far. Formicophilia is the sexual arousal to having insects or other small creatures cover or crawl over your skin.
Surprisingly there are many subdivisions of Formicophilia and different people seek different sensations. Some simply enjoy the sensation of insects crawling all over their skin and the tingling that it provides. Others like being nipped, stung or otherwise bitten by their insects of choice. Then there are those who prefer the slimy sensation of slugs or snails.

Obviously, as this fetish involves live animals a certain amount of care needs to be taken to consider the animal’s safety. Welfare first, after all.

6. Gerontophilia

Who hasn’t imagined themselves being swept away by a silver fox or an elegant dame at some point? Just Google ‘Aiden Shaw’ and you’ll know the appeal of this fetish.
Gerontophilia is a sexual attraction or preference to the elderly and I imagine more people dabble in this fetish than would be expected.
However, for someone with Gerontophilia, the attraction isn’t just to the elderly but also to everything associated with old age—including wrinkles, a slower gait, and even false teeth.

So if you’re feeling your age and you’re up for some sexual exploration then life really can begin after you’re 50.

7. Katoptronophilia

Okay, I’ll admit this one is a bit more recognizable.

Katoptronophilia is a fetish for engaging in sexual acts in front of mirrors. Those iconic ‘love dens’ we all hear about with the mirrored ceilings? Those would be a dream come true for someone with Katoptronophilia.

What’s important here is the gaze. Someone with Katoptronophilia doesn’t just have a mirror in the room—they actively stare into it, gazing at themselves during the act. Some may call this vain, I call it hot as hell.

8. Macrophilia

Think Macrophilia, think ‘Attack of the 50ft Woman’.
Macrophilia is a ‘lover of large’ or, more specifically, of giant women and giantesses.
People who engage in Macrophilia celebrate everything big and they like their women large and in charge.
Needless to say there’s a degree of power-play here as those with Macrophilia (often males) find themselves at the whims of the giant women they imagine themselves with and can be crushed or brought to heel at any point.

As a woman I have to admit, the whole thing sounds very empowering.

9. Maschalagnia

Attached to tickling, touching, smelling, or simply kissing, Maschalagnia is a sexual fetish for armpits.
Sometimes associated to the natural odor that armpits, Maschalagnia can also lead to axillism, otherwise known as armpit intercourse, which provides enthusiasts with a more passionate way to explore their desires with willing partners.
Maschalagnia went mainstream in 2012 when Kristen Stewart declared that her and her then-boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, shared in the fetish.Speaking with Vogue Stewart confessed that ‘I love the way he smells. And him me. Like, he loves to lick under my armpits. I don’t get this obsession with washing the smell off. That smell of someone you love. Don’t you think it’s the whole point?’

10. Mucophilia

When most people sneeze the immediate response is “Bless you,” however someone with Mucophilia might be more inclined to say “Oh yes”.Mucophilia is a sexual obsession with sneezing. This can be hearing, seeing, or experiencing a sneeze depending on the person.
Sneezing itself shares some similar features with the point of climax—a gradual build-up, a swelling of sensation, and a rush of release—which makes this fetish seem very relatable. Just don’t overdo it with the pepper if you decide to dabble in this fetish yourself.

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11. Nasolingus

Keeping up the nose trend Nasolingus is sexual arousal linked to licking or sucking at one’s nose. This can be either giving or receiving and can sometimes include consuming the partner’s mucus and other nasal secretions.
Again, this fetish can sometimes be linked with the physical sensation that is caused by stimulating the nose. Others are specifically interested in the mucus itself.
BDSM can also be incorporated into Nasolingus, with someone, again, being ‘forced’ to experience the action. It’s a hard life for the willing fetishist.

12. Oculolinctus

Oculolinctus is a fetish for licking someone’s eyeballs so that you can both achieve sexual gratification.

Some tabloids have linked this particular fetish (and its rising popularity) to Japan, however, other newspapers have since reported that this may have been a hoax. One way or another, one of the weird fetishes has now gained momentum from its time in the media spotlight.

Just make sure you’re careful when practicing this fetish as it has been linked to conjunctivitis, chlamydia and corneal scratches if not done safely. In other words, you’ll want to keep a close eye on what you’re doing when it comes to Oculolinctus.

13. Sploshing

Another well-known one but still wonderfully bizarre. Sploshing or WAM (the Wet and Messy fetish) is a fetish wherein enthusiasts get aroused by being smothers, covered, and otherwise sploshed in a particular substance.

The most common sploshing substance of choice has to be food. The various tactile sensations that different foods can provide have a particular appeal to those who splosh, as does the carefree nature of getting completely covered in substances that are usually reserved to the dinner plate.

People who say not to play with your food have clearly never tried this playful fetish.

14. Stygiophilia

The Hunchback of Notre Dame’s Frollo might be the poster child for this one, with his iconic confession of lust for Esmerelda in front of the fireplace.

Stygiophilia is a sexual arousal from thoughts of hellfire and damnation, with the word Stygian coming from the River Styx.

People with Stygiophilia are attracted to any sexual act that they believe is sinful or will cause their damnation—“I’ve been a bad boy/girl, I need to be punished” being a tamer version of this fetish.

For some enthusiasts it is the thought of being damned that is the real turn on, for others, it’s the heat and flames that surround sinners in hell. Either way, you’ll want a dirty nun costume handy when practicing Stygiophilia.

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15. Tentacles

Okay, this one really was popularised in Japan. In fact, tentacle porn and fetishism has a long-standing history in Japanese erotica, where male genitals couldn’t be shown so tentacles were frequently substituted.

Nowadays tentacle porn has made it to the Western world and the internet has popularised this iconic fetish. Eager tentacle fetishists are never more than a few clicks away from a visual buffet of tentacle-based delights thanks to this internet trend. There are even multiple tentacle-shaped sex toys on the market too (which feel great, by the way).

16. Titillagnia

Apart from Foot Fetishism, this might be one of the most innocent sexual fetishes out there.
It’s not one of the weird fetishes, but it is another fetish that has found a home on the internet, Titillagnia is a sexual arousal associated to ticking someone or being tickled.
This particular fetish is heavily associated with the BDSM movement. Tickle play (as it’s known in the BDSM community) will often involve one person acting at the ‘tickle top’ while the ‘tickle bottom’ is tempted and teased with their partner’s fingers or a feather.

Deviantart and Tumblr have their own small Titillagnia communities which thrive on depicting the act of tickling too, combining creativity and laughter.

17. Transformation

This one’s pretty much in the name. People who have this fetish enjoy transformations—mental, physical, or both—which are either voluntary or involuntary.
Harder to recreate in real life than some sexual fetishes, transformation enthusiasts often put pen to paper to write intricate stories describing their transformation of choice.
Anyone who’s had the hots for a rugged werewolf or dreamed of being taken by a vampire already know the thrills of the transformation cliché but the sky really is the limit with this mutable fetish.

18. Urophilia

The term ‘Urophilia’ might not ring a bell but ‘golden showers’ might.
People who engage in Urophilia derive sexual pleasure from urine and urination. This can just be an enjoyment of the sight and smell of urine or could extend to the taste and tactile sensation of being urinated on or urinating on someone else.
Wetting the bed can also be cause for excitement for someone who enjoys Urophilia, breaking conventional notions of shame and embracing one’s own bodily functions.

19. Ursusagalmatophilia

If you go down to the woods today you’re sure for a big surprise (and perhaps a good time if you’re into Ursusagalmatophilia).
Coming from the term Ursa, the Latin word for bear, Ursusagalmatophilia is a sub-type of Plushophilia that is specifically reserved to everyone’s favorite cuddly toy, the teddy bear.
Teddy bears are absolutely iconic and for some people rubbing up against their favorite teddy may very well have been one of their first sexual experiences.

Information on Ursusagalmatophilia is rather scarce, even now, but people who engage in Ursusagalmatophilia can rejoice as toys like Teddy Love now come to the adult market.

20. Vorarephilia

Linked to Macrophilia, Vorarephilia is the erotic desire to be consumed, typically by a giant woman or other giant individuals, but sometimes by an animal too (such as a huge snake or monster).Most Vore involves being eaten alive and then having the experience of sliding into someone’s body and struggling against the inevitable.Much like Transformation fetishes, Tentacle porn, and Titillagnia, Vore has found a new home on the internet, where like-minded individuals can get together and celebrate each other’s weird and wonderful fetish.


Top 10 Fetish Films That You Must Watch

If you thought fetish films would only get as good as the 50 Shades of Grey series, you are wrong, my friend! Do a little digging and you’ll find some obscure fetish film gems that are sure to tickle your fancy. Or just check out our top-rated 10 fetish films!

10. GWENDOLINE (1984)

IMDB Score: 5.2

Sure, this eighties sexploitation fetish movie might be campy as heck. But man, are the two main characters hot!

It’s a classic adventure movie where a girl tries to find her dad. But the real gem is seeing the male and female protagonist dressed up in what seem to be kinky gladiator costumes. Relish the scene where the male protagonist is captured by an all-women tribe of thirsty babes. Can you imagine?

9. THE STORY OF O (1975)

IMDB Score: 5.4

If there ever was a homage to female submission, this would be it. The story of O tells the sexy and kinky tale of a gorgeous Parisian woman named O. She is a female sub and she is taught to be ready for oral, vaginal and anal sex whenever her master pleases.

O needs to offer herself to any man who belongs to the so-called Secret Society. If you’re not shocked by blindfolding, chaining, whipping, widening anuses with plugs, piercing labia, and the burning of skin, definitely give this dark fantasy film a go!

8. VENUS IN FURS (1969)

IMDB Score: 5.8

Imagine lying on a beach in Istanbul, just chilling, when all of a sudden the dead body of a young woman washes up on the shore. This is the opening of the bizarre and erotic sixties film ‘Venus in Furs’.

From that point on, you’ll meet an array of strange characters and witness bizarre sexual events. In this film, you never quite know what’s reality and what’s fantasy, which makes it a bewildering and hallucinatory movie experience. Somehow our dead girl from the opening scene is still alive. But who cares about logic?


IMDB Score: 6.0

In this hot, nineties fetish film, you follow the story of a naïve, nerdy virgin who falls head over heels for a captivating and stunning dominatrix.

While he’s actually on a secret government mission that’s supposed to shut the BDSM club down. He wants to save her. She just wants to pervert him. Who will win?

Get ready for whips, getting called ‘slave’, and crotch fireworks in this over-the-top fetish film.

6. FETISHES (1996)

IMDB Score: 6.2

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a professional dominatrix or what the fetish world really looks like? ‘Fetishes’ is a documentary that takes you along for an undercover journey through the private dungeons and corridors of Pandora’s Box: New York’s most famous fetish palace. Take a peek into the kinky fetishes of seemingly boring and ordinary people, that will pay good money to get spanked, humiliated, and much more.


IMDB Score: 6.6

This fetish film tells the story of Bettie Page, the most famous pin-up model from the fifties. Bettie shocked conservative America back in the day, especially when a series of SM pictures came out where she was posing as a dominatrix. The aversion against Bettie Page even led to an investigation from the Senate that multiple politicians used for their own political agenda. This 2005 biopic on Page’s life brings you all of her highs and lows.

4. MAITRESSE (1976)

IMDB Score: 6.6

Back in the seventies, this French fetish film caused quite a stir in the UK and the US due to its graphic and explicit depiction of sado-masochism.

It starts off as your classic porn video: a hot blonde needs her plumbing fixed and a buff guy comes to the rescue. However, after that, the story takes a kinky turn and tells a tale of obsession, lust, dominance, and control. You should watch this film solely for the main actress, Bulle Ogier. That’s one fine piece of French toast if you ask me!

3. MANO DESTRA (1986)

IMDB Score: 6.9

mano destra kiiroo

This poetic piece on BDSM from the eighties is more like a music video than an actual narrative film. However, the compelling music will take you along for a kinky ride. The subtle erotic scenes will make you yearn for more. You get to see tantalizing woman-on-woman action where one of them dominates the other into submission using bondage.

2. SECRETARY (2002)

IMDB Score: 7.0

Ever fantasized about getting it on secretary-and-the-boss-style? Than this fetish film is right up your ally!

James Spader portrays a hilarious, yet surprisingly, sexy original mister Grey. No, we’re not kidding. His character’s name is actually Mr. Edward Grey.

Get ready for some smoking hot power dynamic spanking and punishment. Yes, mister Grey!


IMDB Score: 7.9

This British fetish documentary about ordinary people who love to dress up in latex was a big hit in the seventies. Ever since it was banned by London Weekend Television, it’s become an obscure piece more often quoted than actually seen. Be prepared for some seventies-style naked boobies suited up in black latex. A must-see if you have a fetish for dressing up in latex yourself. 

Nowadays there really is a fetish for everyone and endless ways to connect! So don’t be shy, embrace your fetish and find the right way to fulfill your own kinky desires.


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