20 different fetishes and kinks to explore

From Christian Grey’s sex room to Travis Barker’s very public adoration of Kourtney K’s feet, many types of fetishes have become mainstream in modern times. This helps remove taboos and stigmas attached to what were formally considered weird sexual kinks, opening up the world of wonderfully strange fetishes for more people to discover.

Regardless of what you’re into, the number one consideration for all types of fetishes and kinks is explicit, enthusiastic consent and clear communication. Your weirdest sexual kinks may be completely different to a partner’s, and that’s okay. Different strokes for different folks, always.

To better navigate the world of niche sexual desires, immerse yourself in our guide to different types of fetishes. Some you may have heard of, some may surprise you, and some you may even want to explore yourself…

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1. Schediaphilia: feeling sexual arousal in response to cartoon characters

Due to their fantastical nature, cartoons can awaken all types of fetishes - it’s not uncommon for people to develop sexual desires for fictional animated characters.

In fact, ‘hentai’, a form of pornographic anime, was the most popular search term on Pornhub in 2021, surpassing both ‘Japanese’ worldwide and ‘lesbian’ in the US (fun fact: our FeelStar Reagan Foxx is also a fan).

In Japan, the word hentai is used to describe more ‘weird’ sex fetishes, such as tentacle erotica. In the west, it’s used loosely and interchangeably to refer to adult anime content, across any categories.

2. Rubber, latex, or PVC fetishism

Lauren Phillips kiiroo feelstar

If you’ve never heard about it before, being sexually aroused by rubber or latex may sound a little strange. Fetishes that develop from these materials are actually very common - there are whole communities of ‘rubberists’ who share their interests both online and in person, with well-established events at venues such as Amsterdam’s Wasteland festival and Europe’s largest fetish club, Torture Garden in London.

This fetish extends way beyond the stereotypical gimp suit and into different realms - many love the feeling of latex against their skin, as well as feelings of being ‘bound’, while others become sexually aroused at the sight of figure-hugging latex on another person (look no further than our rubber-clad FeelStar Lauren Phillips, pictured).

3. Stygiophilia: sexual arousal from thoughts of damnation

I am the god of Hellfire and I bring you… stygiophilia! People with stygiophilia are attracted to any sexual act that they believe is sinful or will cause their damnation.

It may seem like one of the more strange fetishes, but if you’ve ever been turned on by dirty talk such as ‘I’ve been a bad boy/girl, I need to be punished’, then you’ve enjoyed a tame version of it.

For some enthusiasts, the thought of being damned is the real turn on. For others, it’s the heat and flames that surround sinners in Hell. Either way, you’ll want a dirty nun costume handy.

4. Nylon fetish - a fetish for all things nylon

It’s common to find nylon on a turn-on (just look at our FeelStar Natalia Starr in her black stockings), but there are many different levels to this fetish. People with nylon fetishes get turned on by pantyhose, stockings, fishnets, and the sensations they bring to the bedroom.

This includes all genders - for a male with leg hair, it can allow them the feeling of sleekness, or create an erotic constricted feeling around the penis. For non-binary folk, nylon fetishes can help people feel femme, leading to gender euphoria. Many types of fetishes overlap with nylon arousal, from power-based BDSM to fantastical cosplay.

5. Stigmatophilia: feeling sexually aroused by body piercings or tattoos

Some people love tattoos and piercings, some sexually explode over them. Known as stigmatophilia, it’s one of the more popular types of fetishes, in which people find ink and metal in others (or their own) bodies extremely arousing.

This also extends to scarification and other body modifications (did you know our tattooed and pierced FeelStar Leigh Raven also has a split tongue?). The lust for body art may come down to it being a rebellious form of self expression - and while nipple and genital piercings serve as decoration, they can also aid sexual stimulation for some.

6. Autoplushophilia - sexual attraction to imagining yourself as a stuffed animal

Although we may not be aware of it, many different types of fetishes all stem from a similar place - childhood. This one might be a more obvious link - with cuddly toys comforting people at some point in their life, and the affection being taken into their adult years.

Autoplushophilia is an extension of plushophilia (which is a sexual attraction to stuffed animals, or ‘plushies’ as they’re often known). What differs with autoplushophilia is that the sexual arousal is derived from imagining yourself as a plush toy, or anthropomorphic animals as seen in cartoons.

While some people link autoplushophilia to the Furry fandom, it’s important to note that less than 1% of the community identify as plushophiles.

7. Transformation - a sexual arousal to transforming into different things

This one’s pretty much in the name. People who have this fetish enjoy transformations - mental, physical, or both - which are either voluntary or involuntary.

Harder to recreate in real life than some other types of fetishes, transformation enthusiasts often put pen to paper to write intricate stories describing their transformation of choice, or seek out cartoons.

Anyone who has masturbated to vampire porn (even non-adult movies) or craved a ramming from a rugged werewolf may already know the thrills of the transformation phenomenon, but the sky really is the limit with this ever-fluctuating fetish.

8. Group sex - getting sexual pleasure with a number of people

Previously considered one of the weird sexual kinks (despite it being a ‘thing’ for centuries), group sex is becoming more mainstream. In fact, ‘group sex’ was the third most popular search term globally, according to Pornhub’s 2022 insights.

Searches for ‘orgy’ grew by 113%, while ‘gangbang’ searches went up by 88%. Females were 40% more likely to watch threesome videos than males, and this content was also +115% more popular among Gen Z site visitors (aged 18-24). If you’re interested in tripling up on the sexual fun, our guide to threesomes can help you better orient yourself with the terminology, talks, and group sex positions.

9. Vorarephilia - the erotic desire to be consumed

To the uninitiated, this may be considered another one many wonderfully weird sex fetishes, but vorarephilia is actually very popular. It involves the erotic desire to be consumed, typically by a giant woman or other giant individuals, but sometimes by an animal too (such as a huge snake or monster).

Most ‘vore’ involves being eaten alive and then having the experience of sliding into someone’s body and struggling against the inevitable. Much like transformation fetishes and tentacle porn, vore has found a new home on the internet, where like-minded individuals can get together and celebrate larger-than-life desires.

If you’re into giantesses, our FeelStar Molly Stewart may not be 50 feet, but she towers at six feet - and loves to dominate.

10. Titillagnia - sexual arousal from being tickled

It’s not one of the most crazy fetishes, but titillagnia is another fetish that’s found a home on the internet. So what is it? Put simply, sexual arousal associated to tickling someone or being tickled.

This particular fetish is heavily associated with the BDSM movement. Tickle play (as it’s known in the BDSM community) will often involve one person acting at the ‘tickle top’ while the ‘tickle bottom’ is tempted and teased with their partner’s fingers or a feather.

11. Katoptronophilia - a fetish for engaging in sexual acts in front of mirrors

If you’ve ever caught a glimpse of yourself having sex in your reflection, or masturbated in front of a mirror, you may have felt the thrill of this popular fetish. What’s important here is the gaze.

Someone with katoptronophilia doesn’t just have a mirror in the room - they actively stare into it, gazing at themselves during the act. Some may call this vain, we call it hot as hell - and we’re getting a ceiling mirror installed pronto.

12. Sploshing - sexual arousal from being smothered in a particular substance

Who said you shouldn’t play with your food? If we’re talking well-known, wonderfully weird fetishes, sploshing or WAM (Wet And Messy fetish) is a fetish where enthusiasts get aroused by being smothered, covered, and otherwise sploshed in a particular substance.

The most common sploshing substance of choice is food - the various tactile sensations that different foods can provide have a particular appeal to those who splosh, as does the carefree nature of getting completely covered in substances that are usually reserved to the dinner plate.

13. Rope play - an ancient art form and erotic fetish

You might have heard of restraints in BDSM, but rope play is another level of tying things up completely. Known as ‘shibari’ in Japanese culture, it’s not primarily a sexual act - more a meditative art form.

But that’s not to say it doesn’t become erotic, so it has its place in the fetish world. Many people who enjoy rope play love the feeling of being bound and sometimes, suspended in the air. Needless to say, learning the ropes in this beautiful bondage is vital, because using the wrong rope can be fatal.

14. Nasolingus - sexual arousal linked to licking or sucking at one’s nose

Keeping up the fascinatingly weird fetishes discoveries, nasolingus is sexual arousal linked to licking or sucking at one’s nose. This can be either giving or receiving and can sometimes include consuming the partner’s mucus and other nasal secretions.

Again, this fetish can sometimes be linked with the physical sensation caused by stimulating the nose. Others are specifically interested in the mucus itself. BDSM can also be incorporated into nasolingus, with someone, again, being consensually ‘forced’ to experience the action. It’s a hard life for the willing fetishist.

15. Formicophilia: feeling sexual arousal to insects crawling over the body

Perhaps one of the more rare and what some may find strange fetishes (you’ll find zero shaming here), people with formicophilia feel sexual arousal to having small creatures or insects creeping and crawling over the body - particularly areas such as the genitals, perianal area or nipples.

There are many types of fetishes within this fetish, due to different people seeking different sensations. Some enjoy the sensation of insects such as ants crawling all over their skin and the tingling that it provides. Others like being nipped, stung, and even bitten by their creatures of choice.

Finally, there are people who feel aroused by the slimy sensation of slugs or snails over their skin. Since this fetish involves live creatures, special care should be taken to consider the animal’s safety.

16. Maschalagnia - a sexual fetish for armpits

Attached to tickling, touching, smelling, or simply kissing, maschalagnia is a sexual fetish for armpits. Sometimes associated with the natural odor of armpits, maschalagnia can also lead to axillism (otherwise known as armpit intercourse) which provides enthusiasts with a more passionate way to explore their desires with willing partners.

Maschalagnia went mainstream in 2012 when Kristen Stewart declared that she and her then-boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, shared in the fetish. Speaking with Vogue, Stewart confessed: ‘I love the way he smells. And him me. Like, he loves to lick under my armpits. I don’t get this obsession with washing the smell off. That smell of someone you love. Don’t you think it’s the whole point?’

17. Scene play - playing specific sexual roles in fantasy scenes

Many types of fetishes and kinks can fall under the umbrella of scene play. These are very common in porn, from the naughty nurse to the horny housewife aching for sex with her neighbor.

Many people in the BDSM community also center their kinky activities within a ‘scene’. These pre-planned stories can be discussed with a partner, then each commits to a role during foreplay or sex. For example, one of you may pretend to be a troublesome student, while the other plays a punishing school teacher.

You can read more on Lust Nerd to delve deeper into the enticing world of sexy role play with intriguing insights and valuable information

18. Eproctophilia - feeling sexual arousal from flatulence

Otherwise known as a flatulence fetish, people with eproctophilia have a sexual arousal to breaking wind. For many, this might sit top of the weird sex fetishes - because a lot people would be embarassed if they pumped in the throes of passion.

For many enthusiasts, this is precisely the underlying level of taboo which is thrilling to break. For some, it’s all about the sensations - the smell and sound of breaking wind. Equally catching someone as they try to stealthily pass wind can elicit a certain degree of arousal.

It’s something that happens in private, so flatulence fetishists see it as something special and intimate - a glimpse into a secret world. Then, of course, there’s a level of BDSM, as some may play at being ‘forced’ to experience someone farting in their face. Baked beans at the ready!

19. Consensual voyeurism - sexual arousal from watching others

Anyone who’s watched Netflix’s Voyeur will know that not all voyeurism - that is, the practice of gaining sexual pleasure from watching others when they’re naked or engaged in sexual activity - is consensual.

But, with enthusiastic consent from a partner, voyeurism can be enjoyed as a little kink or part of many types of fetishes. For example, you may enjoy watching each other masturbate, or even agree to role play in which the voyeur watches their partner, who in turn feigns ignorance, pretending they don’t know they’re being watched.

For solo play, porn is the ultimate voyeurism (although you can make it feel like you’re taking part with interactive sex tech and FeelMe AI).

20. Coulrophilia - a sexual attraction to clowns, mimes, and jesters

Honk if you’re horny! The movie It may have had some of us hiding under the sheets in terror, but others got under the bedsheets for another reason - coulrophilia is a sexual attraction to clowns, mimes, and jesters.

Before you consider it one of the surprising and strange fetishes, out there consider this: Harley Quinn. Comic book lovers and Margot Robbie fans would be hard-pressed to avoid the advances of this clown girl - and the proof is in the porn searches.

Harley Quinn and the Joker have been some of the most popular fictional characters searched for in adult content for years now.
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