Meet the FeelStar: Reagan Foxx

Known as ‘The MILF’, Reagan Foxx has just joined our incredible line-up of FeelStars - we’re excited, she’s excited, you’re in for the sexual experience of a lifetime.

To celebrate the launch of the FeelReagan Collection, which allows you to feel this blue-eyed beauty intimately, in real time, we get to know more about the vixen behind the stroker - and exactly what she has in store for fans.

From swinging to Stardom

Reagan Foxx entered the adult industry when the real estate world took a downward tumble. She tells us: “I got started in the industry when the housing market crashed way back in the early/mid 2000s and from there I was a cam girl for many years. And then, luckily, I kind of just went into porn.”

Her fans are grateful for that crash - hundreds of thousands of them for that matter.

“I think this is amazing. It's going to bring us so much closer,” says Reagan, when asked how she feels knowing that her fans will be able to feel her. “Anyone who’s ever wanted to be with me or feel me up close and personal, you’re gonna get it with this.”

Interacting with her fans is “the best part” of what Reagan does, according to the FeelStar.

“I’ve had fans with me for the past 10 years,” she says. “It’s like a friendship - I have a friendship with these fans - I am nothing without them and that is very inspiring.”

What kind of interaction can fans expect? “I ask questions all the time,” Reagan says. “Whether you dig ditches or you’re a doctor or a school teacher, I love to learn from my fans.”

That intimacy just got even deeper - now you can use the FeelReagan Stroker (molded from her intimate parts) with the award-winning Keon automatic masturbator, then pair it with your favorite Reagan movies to feel her every single move as it happens on screen. Reagan explains:

“You’re going to see my p***y up close. You’re going to be able to feel it. You’ll be able to feel me move - with you, on you. You’re gonna be able to watch me. I’m gonna be talking to you. I’m excited. I can’t wait to see the reviews on it.”

Naughty AND nice

What’s the most important skill in bed, for Reagan personally? “Eye contact. Being able to listen. Being able to detect what my partner wants, and being able to give that to them.” She adds: “Eye contact in blowjobs is a nice little thing!”

What Reagan values more than anything is connection - with her fans, in the bedroom, and during filming.

“My favorite sex position in porn would be on my back, but that’s only because I want to see what is happening to me and I want to watch the person I’m with,” Reagan tells Kiiroo. “For me, there’s nothing greater than being able to see - I’m very visual so I like to know what’s going on.”

Reagan loves being able to share stories and fantasies, bringing them together with another person to create something even better. And if you’re into cartoon sex, you’ll be off to a great start with this performer. Most of you might know this already - I love to watch anime porn,” she says. “There’s something about watching real bodies do it, but then there’s something very different about watching cartoons. I like it.”

Sexually, there’s not much this Foxx hasn’t tried. “Coming into this from camming and also coming into it from the swinger world, I’m not really sure what else I want to do in the industry,” she explains. “I’m always open to ideas - although, I say ‘hey, I like my nipples pinched’ and ‘I like my ass smacked’, I’m really not into pain, so I know I could never do anything like, really painful.”

The sweetest thing

This raunchy adult star may be X-rated on screen, but Reagan Foxx has a big heart, with dreams of living in simpler times. When we ask her what she’d wish for (if she could wish for anything), she tells us:

“Everything feels so divided and so angry - it would be nice if we could just dial it down. Back in the day (this is really gonna date myself) there was a commercial by Coke and it was ‘I’d like to buy the world a Coke’. Can we just have that again? Where everyone just gets along better? That would be an amazing wish.”

Reagan believes it’s her soft nature that makes her stand out in the industry. “It doesn’t sound like it when I say this, but I’m humble and super kind,” she says. “I’m known in the industry for being a really sweet person.”

New fans of Reagan’s can indulge in her generous back catalog of adult movies, syncing the FeelReagan Collection (which you can experience hands-free and interactively using Keon and FeelMe AI). If it’s your first time watching porn or a cam site, Reagan emphasizes that what you see online is not how sex is.

“The biggest thing about porn is - why do we hide the lube? Why do we tuck the lube behind the pillows? Lube should be right here!” she says, smacking the coffee table. “Because, obviously people use lube during intercourse in their normal lives.”

Any other tips? “If there's an idea or something you wanna try, be open to it. Don’t be afraid, try some cam sites, don’t fall in love with cam girls!”

Noted on the not-falling-in-love thing - but it’s hard not to with Reagan. She leaves us with one more surprise - news that she’s creating erotic content especially for fans with her new stroker.

“Whether it’s your bedroom or you take me on a business trip - I cannot wait for you to be able to interact with me - with this toy and also the videos I’m making just for you - so thank you.”

Ready to have your very own Reagan Foxx at hand, wherever you go? Explore the FeelReagan collection and feel the ultimate MILF in real time.

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