The Difference Between Kiiroo's Feel Butt Stroker and Feel Sensation

The Difference Between Kiiroo's Feel Butt Stroker and Feel Sensation

If you’re not into vagina strokers and are looking for one where the front part is not in the shape of a vulva you can choose from a few options. You can either go for the Butt stroker, or the Feel Sensation.

The Butt stroker only has an anus shaped opening in the front without even the hint of any other body parts, so it’s completely gender neutral. It also comes in two skin-tone versions, so you can choose a lighter or a darker tone based on your preference.

The hole is pretty tight, and the inner texture is a quite fun, spiral shaped tunnel. Thanks to the funnel-like shape of the outer part it’s still easy to penetrate even without holding your penis with one hand. There is a larger chamber right after the opening which allows you to enjoy light strokes on the head of your cock, or go more intense with full-length strokes.

If you prefer a completely non-anatomical stroker, you can grab the Feel Sensation. This one is only available in black. It comes with a larger, less tight opening and a constant beaded texture all throughout the tunnel. It’s also less intense overall than the butt stroker.

kiiroo powerblow

These properties make it one of the most ideal strokers if you’re looking to train and build up your stamina. The Sensation sleeve also has a thicker, puffier front part, so if you like the feeling of the soft front part squeezing against your pubic region when you go all the way in, that can be an important factor for you.

Unlike the butt stroker, Feel Sensation is fully compatible with the PowerBlow so even though by itself it’s a less intense stroker, you can dial the intensity way up by adding the strong suction capabilities of the PowerBlow to the mix.

If you’re into edging, especially with interactive content and the Keon, both strokers can be a good option depending on your experience level, stamina and how difficult you like your sessions to be. Since the Butt Stroker has a tight opening followed by a larger chamber and then a tighter spiral, it has more variation in its texture.

If you're close to finishing and the content switches from a part where the Keon is just lightly stroking the head of your cock and then suddenly jumps to a full length stroke taking your penis all the way in, that can make your edging sessions more unpredictable and harder.

With Feel Sensation that’ll never happen, thanks to the static, constant texture all the way. Neither is better or worse, it all depends on your level and preference, so choose accordingly. Simply how they look can be also an important factor especially if you like to take hot, sexy pictures of yourself enjoying your stroker.

Both strokers are almost identical in their weight and size with the Feel Sensation being a tiny bit longer, but the Butt Stroker being a few grams heavier. The Feel Sensation offers an extra 0.5cm length with 22.5 cm vs. 22 cm, so if you’re that long or longer, that extra 0.5 cm can matter to you.

Also don’t forget, if you’re even longer than that, you can always simply remove the end cap and just push through to be able to pull the stroker all the way to your body, just be careful and go slow when pulling out.

Feel Sensation clocks in at 0.8cm diameter at it’s tightest part while the Butt stroker is a bit looser with 0.9 cm at it’s tightest part and 3 cm at the widest part vs. 2 cm of the Sensation stroker. Both are optimal if the diameter of your penis is between 2 and 4.5 centimetres.

If you’re significantly thicker than that you might have trouble fitting inside, but if you’re on the thinner end, you can always add the PowerBlow and increase the stimulation with suction. In this case you’ll need to go for the Sensation stroker, as the Butt Stroker is not fully compatible with the PowerBlow at the moment.

If you already own multiple strokers from the FeelStars collection I’d say Feel Sensation is most similar to the original Feel Stroker, while the Butt Stroker feels most similar to the Alexis Fawx sleeve. I do have to point out though that this is only based on my personal experience, so take it with a grain of salt.

The butt stroker now has an extra tight butt version too! It has the same length at 22cm, and it’s the tightest of the three with just 0.6cm at its tightest part. It is very noticeably tighter compared to the original butt stroker and it doesn’t have a wider chamber after the entrance.

So the more intense stimulation comes earlier.

It also feels very much like you’re dealing with much more material surrounding your penis. Since it’s pretty tight make sure to check your measurements to see if you’ll fit. It’s best for a penis diameter between 2cm and 4.5cm.

If you’re above that it might prove too tight or uncomfortable to use. The texture is very similar to the original butt stroker, but feels maybe a bit less pronounced, so you’ll feel a tighter, more uniform gripping sensation.

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