The Best Sex Festivals to Check Off Your Bucket List

The Best Sex Festivals to Check Off Your Bucket List

15 of the Best Sex Festivals Around the World

Are you looking for a new reason to grab a plane ticket and travel the world? Well, if you want something a little kinky and off the beaten path, perhaps it’s time you used your travel funds to see some of the best sex festivals in the world.

If you’re a lover of sex and want to celebrate every inch of it, then here are the sex festivals to put on your bucket list.

1. Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex, Australia

Well, I think most of you like this erotic festival based on its name, and I can’t blame you! Happening every year since 2011, the Sydney festival of really good sex wanted to create an erotic festival that asked the question, “what is good sex for you?” The festival invites people to learn more about their sexual needs and fantasies.

2. Kutemajrvi Sex Festival, Finland

In a little village tucked away in Finland, the Kutemajrvi sex festival takes place. Sure, they’re a sex festival, but it’s much more than that. They feature live bands, erotic art, showcase erotic dancers, and host a variety of lectures with the top sex experts.

So, while you will be entertained, you’ll also walk away learning something more about sex. Oh, and check out the ‘Afrodite Contest’ It's not your typical beauty pageant.

3. German Fetish Ball Weekend, Germany

Every year in the spring, the German Fetish Ball Weekend swallows Germany whole (no pun intended). It's the largest international fetish gala and the biggest fetish and BDSM weekend in Europe.

The weekend has everything you could possibly think of. There's erotic art, exotic dancers, strip shows, sex toy booths (plenty of them), public flogging, bondage performances, and dance party after dance party.

4. Kinky Copenhagen, Denmark

The kinky Copenhagen Denmark festival is all about non-conformity and sex-positive vibes. In other words, the more latex and leather, the better. This festival is known for being a “hedonist’s wet dream,” so if you identify with that, then this is where you need to be.

5. Sexpo, South Africa and Australia

The sex toy expo (known as the Sexpo) is held in both South Africa and Australia, where people can come to get the latest sex toys and outfits. They also have professional pole dancers, naughty hypnotists, and more!

6. Eroticon, Poland

Think of Comicon, but the dirty version. Eroticon is a 4-day erotic event that is truly a must-see. This erotic festival really has it all. From kinky workshops to sex toy displays and erotic readings. Oh, and they have the world sex championships - you can’t get kinkier than that.

7. Love Parade, Germany

If you didn’t notice by now, Germans love sex festivals. The Love Parade is held in Berlin, Germany, though it’s not an official sex festival. This is more of a grassroots adventure where people come to listen to techno and experience “free love.” Come here if you want to listen to music and be naughty.

8. Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Washington

The Erotic Art Festival is a 3-day spring erotic art festival held in Seattle. The festival allows you to enjoy and take in erotic art in all mediums. You can admire sensual burlesque performances, watch erotic films, and let loose at the after-hours dance party every night.

9. The Festival of Steel Phallus, Japan

Ah yes, the festival of steel phallus. Who wouldn't want to check that out? Held every spring in Japan since 1977, beautiful women parade down the streets holding everything penis-shaped.

The story behind it is that a sharp-toothed demon fell in love with a stunning woman, but when rejected, he attacked her lovers until a blacksmith broke the demon's teeth with a steel phallus. And that's how this penis-filled festival came to be.

10. Erotica, United Kingdom

Would this even be a list if I didn't mention Erotica? Held every November in London, England, Erotica is the biggest erotic festival in the world. They have live sex shows, erotic jewelry displays, an expo with over 230 exhibitors, and more.

11. Pon Festival, Indonesia

Pon festival is held every year in Java, Indonesia. Festival goers hike up Gunung Kemukus, where they reach the holy ceremony. The ceremony ensures that you will receive good luck and fortune for the upcoming year. What’s the ceremony, you ask? It’s to have public sex with a random stranger.

12. Folsom Street Fair, California

The Folsom street fair in San Francisco, California, starts off the San Francisco Leather Pride Week and is actually the third-largest outdoor spectator event. Who knew?

The fair spreads across 13 city blocks and is designed like a summer block party (okay, who doesn’t love a block party?). And like a true summer block party, the city blocks are full of live music, food stall, public flogging, strip shows, and sex toy booths for people to explore.

13. Hot d’Or, France

Also known as the Oscars of erotic film, the Hot d'Or is held in Cannes, France, where people worldwide gather to celebrate their sexual fantasies. If you want to flaunt the sex goddess (or god) in you, then check this festival out.

14. Erotic Film Festival, Spain

You know the Spanish are passionate people, which means this festival has to be good. The erotic film festival is definitely a place where you can open up your wild side. You'll enjoy watching adult movies, attending a fetish party, and seeing all the sex toys your eyes could ever see.

15. Nudes-A-Poppin’ Pageant, Indiana

Held in Roselawn, Indiana, since 1975, the Nudes-A-Poppin event features nude men and women who compete in a nude beauty pageant and other competitions. Oh, and the beauty pageant is kind of a big thing. It's the largest outdoor nude beauty pageant in the world. The world!

Now that you know the world’s best sex festivals, it’s time to check them out!


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