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Pulsing and Stroking Through New Years - An Erotic Story

Pulsing and Stroking Through New Years - An Erotic Story

Lex and Saed woke up the morning after Christmas with their rich brown and caramel skin tones spooning naked in their bed decorated with red satin sheets for the holidays. It was the aftermath of giving thanks for their gifts to each other on Christmas day with a sex session that lasted for enough hours of the night to make Saed sleep with his erect penis inside of Lex after cumming.

Slowly slipping out of Lex as it went flaccid as they slept. However now, after enough rest, both of them were sporting morning wood from the nature of the well-rested male body.

Sadly, the alarm going off when it did left them no time to use that morning wood for full-on wake up sex. Nor goodbye sex since Saed had to get on a work-related flight in about 3 hours to go up north for a few days and return the early evening of New Year’s Eve.

So they settled to lube each other up with some oral sex, look in each other’s eyes, and masturbate with a simple jerk-off. That became their “goodbye sex”.

Saed took a shower after. Got dressed. Kissed Lex goodbye. They both said “I love you”, and Saed got in a cab to the airport

Saed checked in with Lex everyday he was away. So it was no surprise to Lex when his phone went off the early afternoon of New Year’s Eve with Saed on the other end.

Lex answers it, “Hi, Honey!”

“Hi, Babe”, Saed said. His voice sounded down, and Lex could hear it.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” Lex paused and then quickly realized that only one thing could get Saed down at this point. “You’re not able to come home, are you?”

“Sadly, no”, Saed replied. “This weather has all roads blocked and flights cancelled. So I’m still here in the hotel.”

“Well, you know how much I want to kiss you at midnight as we stay in this year. But we did plan ahead as a precaution, didn’t we? Or at least I did.”

Confused, Saed said, “What do you mean you did?”

“Evidently, you have not gone through your entire suitcase, dear. Remember my Christmas present? I slipped it into your suitcase just in case you couldn’t come home. Because being the planner that I am, I checked the weather forecast for that city before you left. And a snowfall was predicted. They just didn’t know for sure if it would become a storm or not.”

Saed ran to his suitcase. With the phone in one hand and rummaging through the suitcase with the other. And there it was. The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive that Lex gave him for Christmas. With that find, he said, “Baby, you know your organization can drive me crazy at times. But it’s times like these that makes me love you...and horny as fuck.”

“Well hold on, Tiger”, Lex replied. It’s just after noon. Let’s schedule it for later.”

“How much later?”, Saed asked with anxiousness very evident in his voice.

“About 11:30. We’re in the same time zone. So what I was thinking with this back-up plan was that if we couldn’t ring in the new year by being together, we could more instead ring it in by coming together.”

“These details are making me want to fuck you right now, and beat off to the thought of you right now since I can’t. With that said, you know I’m making this up to you as soon as I get back, right?”

“Oh, Baby! You better”, Lex said. “I love you.”

“I love you, too”, Saed said. “Definitely will chat with you later.” And then he hung up.

Around 11:30 that night, Lex hit up Saed for a video chat so they could connect their devices. While Saed had the Pulse Solo Interactive, Lex had Kiiroo’s Onyx+. So Lex was going to control all of the pulsing Saed felt from the Pulse Solo Interactive.

Saed responded. At the sight of each other, they gave mutual grins. Lex said, “Is your toy ready, Baby?”

Saed replied, “Ready, willing, and at your mercy, Babe.”

Both had their pleasure products on. Interactive modes set. Codes given and accepted.

As soon as Saed put his cock in the Pulse Solo Interactive, Lex put his cock in the Onyx+ and started stroking.

sex toys for couples by kiiroo

Lex’s erection was nowhere near going down after seeing Saed’s cock. Especially watching it grow from semi-flaccid to fully erect because of the vibrations caused by Lex stroking the sensors on his Onyx+.

Lex stroked the Onyx+ at varying speeds until about 11:58. Then he started speeding up his strokes causing more repetitious vibrations in the Pulse Solo Interactive. Then as the TV in the background did the countdown, Saed’s stood up and got close enough to the webcam. He went from being visible from his head to just below the knee up to being visible from his waist to just above the knee.

Saed’s cock started throbbing moist with precum. Then as the crowd on the TV said, “5-4-3-2- 1", Savoy’s precum turned to white drizzle. And on the words “Happy New Year!”, Saed’s drizzle became full strings of cum that sprung so far forward that they just missed the webcam’s lens.

And you could hear the milky strings drop to the hotel room floor. Hearing those drops caught Lex’s attention.

“Wow!”, Lex exclaimed. “But uh, what did that jizz land on? If that’s the carpet...”

Saed answered chuckling, “No. I knew I was going to probably shoot like a geyser. So I put some paper down. Because it’s been too long since I’ve been inside you”, he said with a wink.

“Well, when your flight home becomes available, know that my hole is waiting to welcome you home. And give you extra time for what you missed tonight.”

“Knowing that, I will most definitely be sleeping on my flight to reserve my strength”, Saed replied. “Because you’re going to get it as soon as I walk through the door.”

“Is that a promise, Babe”, Lex said.

“Oh, yes! It is most definitely a promise.”


LeNair Xavier
LeNair Xavier has studied sex and sexuality by reading up on and observing various sexual behaviors. These observations has led to time in the gay porn industry, and now writing erotic poetry. Tales of his journeys leading to his growing sexual knowledge can be found on his blog, L’s X-Ray Vision.
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