The Benefits of Masturbation During Self-Isolation

Self-Isolation and Masturbation

Self-Isolation during the global pandemic has had most people climbing the walls. In most countries, government-imposed lockdowns have people finding themselves contained in their homes.

This increase in people spending time at home has also caused an increase in people watching pornography. According to PornHub, every nation under a lock-down has increased their daily pornography consumption. This probably also means people are masturbating more.

If you haven't started masturbating more often during self-isolation, you should probably consider dipping your toes in it. Giving your body a regular dose of pleasure not only gives you an orgasm but exposes your body and mind to several positive and healthy benefits.

One of the reasons that masturbation is so often called ‘self-care’ nowadays is that it allows you to truly sit back and let yourself to get the much-needed alone time you deserve.

It might be hard to find the time and energy to force yourself into some alone time, but it is certainly easier under the promise of a possible orgasm. On another note, masturbation can give your body the same benefits that you might get from meditation. Because it encourages you to take a time-out from your busy schedule.

When most people think about meditation, they think about a dimly lit room with cushions on the floor and perhaps some incense burning in the background. Although we use lighting or comfort to prompt and help meditation routines, it could be a different setting compared to when we masturbate. It does not mean that masturbation is any less relaxing, anxiety-reducing or mood-lifting.

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In a 2019 VICE article, journalist Kristen Dold spent time researching how meditation and masturbation provide similar benefits for our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. She teamed up with Lorin Roche, a meditation teacher, and researcher, who considered how mindfulness in masturbation was similar to the practice of meditation.

She confirmed that the pleasurable rhythms that we focus on drawing masturbation can be likened to that of meditation rhythms. They also bring the same positive benefits for our body and mind.

Masturbation also means we focus closely on one area of our body as we stimulate and pleasure ourselves. According to sexperts and therapists, we draw our focus to our bodily sensations and the way our emotions intensify during our climax.

Our body becomes more and more relaxed as the session gains momentum, which flows in a similar pattern to meditation. During times of self-isolation and quarantine, treating our masturbation like sacred meditation may be the way forward.

Especially, for our physical and mental well-being. If you could never imagine yourself meditating during quarantine, perhaps masturbation is for you instead.

Although many people are unaware, the benefits of being alone in a dimly lit room as you bring yourself to orgasm do wonders for your brain. You will have an increase in endorphins – those very important happy hormones.

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It’s also a great way to ‘switch’ your mind away from the complications and troubles of everyday life. Letting your fantasy take center stage instead of your daily chores and work-related tasks. This means you can give your brain time to reset and recoup.

Whilst many of us might be enjoying a break from our commutes and appreciating the free time we have, there are many who are struggling under the pressure of self-isolation and quarantine.

Many mental health specialists have raised the alarm about those self-isolating alone who suffer from depression and anxiety. According to UK-based mental health charity MIND, the impact of the recent COVOID-19 outbreak has also led to an increase in anxiety, depression and mental health crises around the globe.

That’s why the benefits of masturbation have never been so important during times of self-isolation. If you have found yourself pleasured enough by your partner during the pandemic, that shouldn’t stop you from giving yourself some self-love too.

There are benefits that you will get for your mind, body, and soul that even your partner may not be able to give you. It comes from an inner understanding of your rhythm, pressure points, breathing, and imagination.

One part of your body that will work harder than anywhere else when you masturbate alone is your brain. It keeps your mind occupied with sexual fantasies and images. They don’t say that your brain is your biggest sexual organ for no reason.

Why not put in some brain training as you think about your sexual fantasies during quarantine? Self-isolation needs three things: mindfulness, self-care, and masturbation.


Eleanor Hancock