Ada to the Moon Part 9 - An Erotic Story

Part 9

She was laying there, stretched out on my bed in an inverse head and shoulders pattern. Her knees bend, her legs were clutching my pillows like a crab clutching an adversary, or potential prey. 'Put your cock in my mouth,' Alice said.

The three of us were stark naked by this point and I was hard as fuck. Surely hers was an offer I could not refuse. I stuck it in and looked at her eyes beneath my balls. I got the impression that if she could have, she would have smiled.

She began to suck, the acrobatics of her tongue were majestic. It was equally delightful and impressive. I grabbed her head, spreading my fingers around her ears, and began to fuck her mouth in the rhythm of the techno music that was blasting through my speakers. The Prince of Denmark.

Meanwhile Mary was pouring champagne over Alice's breasts and licked the bubbly moist from her girlfriend's nipples. I followed her example as she poured the liquid over her own breasts. She stuck her index finger in my mouth and I bit it, trying not to come. Focusing not to come. I wanted to give all that I could give.

'We didn't tell you yet,' Mary said, 'that we have a really interesting sex-toy of our own.'

She stepped of the bed and grabbed some objects from her bag. 'Here,' she said, 'I'll insert this dildo into my pussy and meanwhile we attach these electrodes to Alice's inner thighs. Every move that your cock makes inside of her will be registered by the trodes and converted to this plastic dick. You will be fucking us both at the same time.'

'I do like the idea of that,' I said, grinning.

I took my dick out of Alice's mouth, she got up and put herself down on the bed. She stretched her legs apart and offered her other, pinker lips. 'If god exists I have to most definitely give him props for designing something so marvelous. Fuck yeah,' I spoke half audibly. Mary put the dildo into Alice's mouth and rammed it up her throat more violently than I would have dared. Spit gobbled up and began to stream down Mary's hand.

'That will do,' she said, took the oblong object from Alice's mouth and inserted into herself.

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'These are the days of my life!' I chanted, as I dived deep into the hyper sexual girl in front of me. It was definitely gratifying, the girl beneath me, the other girl next to me; the moaning in double stereo. We drank champagne from each other's mouths and came and came and came.

Panting on my bed, thinking of how all of this had come to be. The strange night with Tom; these amazing girls. They had not cowed away from my apartment, though I resided in a pretty rough part of town. They found my house cute.

Yeah, they agreed it was not all that, but they said it was cozy, more cozy in fact than that bizarre condo we'd just escaped from. So it was all good. And we drank and laughed and hugged and kissed. We ended up here, in my bed. I hugged Alice and sighed.

'May I ask you something?' she said.

'Of course baby'

'Do you believe in Alien Worlds?'

'Yes, of course I do,' I said, laughing. 'Why do you ask me that?'

'I don't know... I would just like to explore them one day. And if not me, someone should.'

'I think we had a pretty good time exploring each other's alien worlds tonight,' I grinned.

'You are a pervert,' she whispered.

'Yeah, absolutely, and it's all your fault!'

While we began to tickle each other, Mary suddenly yelled from the kitchen:

'Hey, there's a message signal holo flashing over here! Better check it out.'

I nonchalantly clapped my hands, with which I opened the message in front of me. It hadn't even occurred to me that it could be a live transmission. And there she was. I was convinced I had lost my mind. This was it. Tom's drugs had killed me.

But she was there. I was there. We were all there. How the fuck had my life ever come to this point?

'Hey there cowboy,' she said, 'I see you're still quite the player, aye?'

woman floating in room

'Oh, sorry,' I stammered, 'I opened... I should not... I'm...'

'You're in some lovely company, I see. Allow me to introduce myself...'

'You're Ada!' Alice screamed.

Mary raced from the kitchen with such hast that she slipped over the doormat en crash-landed on the bed, all over us. My gown, which she had worn, was ripped off her body. And now we lay there, a pile of naked bodies, wriggling, right in front of Ada's eyes.

She placed her right hand over her mouth and giggled.

'Oh, oh, this is so embarrassing!' she cried, 'what were you thinking when you opened this commlink?'

'Jesus Christ!' I yelled, 'I wasn't thinking at all!'

'Hahaha, I'm sure you weren't. You didn't expect me. You probably haven't thought of me at all for quite a while now.'

Alice shook her head. 'He's been talking a lot about you tonight,' she said.

'Oh really? Two girls is not enough for mister super sperm. Hahaha!'

I recovered my wits and said:

'listen Ada, I'm sorry for all of this. But it is great to see you. It really is.'

'Likewise dear John. I see you're living the good life, I can only congratulate you.'

I took a better look at Ada. She was floating in an octagonal space. The room, or whatever it was, was painted white on all sides, I could discern that although it was lid by fluorescent purple-blue light. And Ada was there... Ada! Her body was not the same. She was no longer human, she was super human. Her proportions were perfect. Everything about her was perfect.

'Where are you?' I said. 'What have they... what has been done to you?'

'I'm still Ada, but enhanced. I am now Ada 2.0.'

'The last time I saw you, you were in a wheel chair. I heard on the news that you were going to be the first disabled person in space.'

'I am now extra-abled. My body has been perfected to maximum effect.'

To be continued


John Condor

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