Is it that different between men and women?

This month is a special one; it’s Masturbation Month! As this special time of the year has cum (sorry, I had to), the concept of self-love and sexual wellness has people talking.

There are more conversations directed at women about learning how to masturbate and the importance of it. But with all eyes focused on the female orgasm, it can make it seem that the male orgasm isn’t as exciting. 

Again, that’s not true. When it comes to masturbation, it’s a powerful experience for women, but it should be equally as empowering for men. 

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The Beauty of Female Masturbation

There are many reasons why female masturbation should be something every woman does. The health benefits of masturbation are endless. 

Masturbation relieves stress, aids with falling asleep peacefully, can increase libido, and give your heart a bit of a workout. But masturbation extends further than just the physical health benefits. 

Women learn about their bodies

Many women left it to their partners to make them have an orgasm, but numbers show that women aren’t achieving orgasms. Over 80 years of research and 30 different studies analyzed by Elisabeth Lloyd in her book The Case of the Female Orgasm have shown that 25% of women have had a vaginal orgasm. 

Those aren’t good odds. Through female masturbation, women give themselves time to learn about what makes them tick and get off—making them feel whole and aware of themselves.

Women take control of their orgasm

Have you ever been broke and had to ask a friend or partner for money? It’s not a good feeling; you feel out of control. Well, that’s what it can feel like when you rely on someone else to give you pleasure.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with your partner pleasuring you. But having the ability to take control of your orgasms will make you feel sexually independent.

Masturbation cultivates self-confidence

You only have your body; you should see it as your best friend because it’s not going anywhere. But if you want to be life-long friends with your body, you need to explore it. 

The moment you understand your body, you’ll have a completely different appreciation for it. Sure, wearing a sexy dress can make you feel comfortable, but knowing how to orgasm is where true confidence comes from for both women and men. 

Women can better connect with their partners

By developing self-confidence and understanding your own body, a woman can then truly bond with her partner. She knows exactly what needs to be done to orgasm, and she’ll be able to express it to her partner. 

Also, since she’s rocking self-confidence, sex is no longer 30 minutes of thoughts like, ‘do I look good in this position?’ or ‘they can see my fat jiggle.’ Instead, it’s about having fun and enjoying the shared experience.

Oh, and it feels amazing

When it comes to the female orgasm, it’s an amazing feeling. Orgasmic. The feeling shoots up through the body, and can literally give a leg shaking reaction. Plus, once a woman becomes comfortable with having an orgasm, she can challenge herself and have multiple orgasms - one right after the other.

But this experience doesn’t stop at female masturbation. Yes, women develop and grow through self-love, but it’s not inclusive to only women. Male masturbation isn’t that different. Sure, one has a penis and the other a vagina, but men can and should also experience these powerful sensations. 

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Can Men have the Same Experience?

With all this talk about female masturbation, it’s understandable why men would think they’re missing out on something. But men can have intense orgasms just like women; there’s no reason why they can’t. So, here’s how. 

Use the right toy

When it comes to solo masturbation for men, all the work is left to their hands. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s safe to say after a while, it gets a little dull.

For men, their orgasms can be more intense when using a realistic sex toy that makes masturbation feel like the real deal. Using Kiiroo’s interactive pleasure products can give you a feeling of your first time in the palm of your hands. 

Take your masturbation experience to VR

There’s your regular masturbation, and then there’s interactive virtual reality (VR). Put them side-by-side, and it’s hard to compare the two. Naturally, you have your go-to methods when it comes to masturbating, whether it’s online porn or staying old school with a dirty magazine. 

But for a more intense and powerful experience, VR masturbation lets you connect with your deepest sexual desires, and experience them from the comfort of your bedroom. Through VR, men can explore and experiment with their sexuality and develop self-confidence in the bedroom.

Practice Edging

Many men struggle with premature ejaculation, but they can take control of their orgasm through edging. There’s nothing more powerful than being in control of your orgasm, whether you’re a man or woman. 

Through masturbation, while women learn to achieve an orgasm, men can learn to control and delay the urge to orgasm. Edging is a start-and-stop method to try when masturbating. Just when you’re close to climaxing, stop completely. Then, slowly begin again. Do this as many times as possible to build up control. 

Can men have the same experience as women when it comes to orgasms? Absolutely. Try these methods out the next time you’re pleasuring yourself. It can help with mental health, make you feel good, and masturbation is a healthy way of having frequent ejaculations to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. 


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