'Love Sick': 7 ways to show affection without touching your partner

'Love Sick': 7 ways to show affection without touching your partner

Tempted to Touch

Sometimes you’re not always able to show physical affection to your partner. Maybe you live far away, or one of you is sick. If that is the case, you need to figure out other ways to express romance and intimacy.

But non-physical activities are everywhere around us, we just never pay attention to them. So, if you want to connect with your partner without physically touching each other, here are some things you can do to strengthen the bond.

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1. Show your appreciation

Okay, you may not be able to touch your partner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show them your appreciation. But how do you show appreciation?

If your partner is sick, for example, make them soup and tea, and take care of them. If your partner lives far away from you, send them an ‘I love you’ package of memories you two share. Or surprise them with a couple set to share intimate moments together.

2. Virtual Reality

Aren’t you happy you live in the 21st century? Back in the day, Virtual Reality (VR) was something we imagined but never thought would come to life. VR is here, and it will change your sex life.

Using a VR headset and a compatible interactive sex toy, whatever you see, you feel with your sex toy in real-time. Not only can you use VR to intensify your solo sex, but it can also help couples who are looking to spice up their sex lives.

Not to mention, you can also play interactive games as well. VR is the way of the future for couples in long-distance relationships.

3. Actively talk and listen

We tend to underestimate the power of effective communication. But most of the time, people just want to be heard. When it really comes down to expressing romance and intimacy, it can easily be done by just actively listening to your partner.

Put the phone down, turn off the television, and just listen to your partner. It’s easy to get distracted, and when we do, we might forget about our partners. So, the first non-physical activity you should engage in is listening and talking.

4. Surprise them with something unexpected

Maybe your partner lives miles away, and you’re unable to visit them. Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t surprise your partner. Surprise them with a take-out dinner from their favorite restaurant. Then you both can enjoy a dinner date over Skype or any other form of video chat.

You can also send them flowers with a sweet note, or surprise them with a sex toy that’ll blow their mind. Kindness and maybe even a little naughtiness, goes a long way in keeping the spark alive between you two. We prefer the latter if you ask us.

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5. Start sexting

Though technology has the power to distance couples, when used properly, it also has the power to bring them together. When there’s distance between a couple, intimacy is usually the hardest obstacle for people to move past.

Not being physical with your partner is hard, especially when you both want physical intimacy. But if you two aren’t able to physically touch each other, what can you do? Say hello to sexting.

The beauty of sexting is that all you need is a phone and your imagination. Sexting is basically using your words and photos to have fun and be intimate with your partner. It’s not a bad way to release some sexual tension.

6. Mutual Masturbation

There are several benefits to mutual masturbation and one of them is getting to know what your partner likes.

We all know there are hundreds of different types of sex toys out there, but you can use a toy for solo sex any day of the week. That’s not what you’re looking for. You need a toy that actually connects you with your partner.

Kiiroo’s couple set allows couples to feel each other and be intimate from anywhere in the world. You and your partner can orgasm together while controlling your partner’s device and vice versa.

In real-time, you and your partner can control stimulation, speed, and pressure, making it feel like you’re having sex. Just because you can’t touch your partner, doesn’t mean you two can’t be intimate together.

7. Send love notes

It’s a little old school, I know. But old school romance charms everyone. Handwritten notes are a thing of the past as now it’s all about using our phones.

But there’s something truly touching about finding a handwritten love letter under your pillow or in the mail.

It’s a small gesture but it will mean so much to your partner. You can include some cute photos of you two together or an inside joke. Tap into your creative side and have fun with it.

Being unable to touch your partner isn’t a great feeling, but you can use this time to find new ways to express your love and affection towards your partner.

Because love isn’t just about being physical; it’s much more than that.


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