Q&A with Natalia Starr

We are pleased to announce that Natalia Starr is part of the FeelStars collection here at Kiiroo. The award-winning model and actress graces us with her beauty and charisma.

Polish-American statuesque blonde model and actress Natalia Starr is one of the most exciting stars in the industry today, thanks to her dynamic onscreen performances in leading roles for some of the world's top studios. 

This natural blonde, statuesque beauty is the Feel Star that will leave you seeing Starr's every time you use her stroker! 

We sat down with her before her FeelNatalia Stroker photoshoot to ask her some questions and to get to know her better. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram


FeelNatalia Kiroo FeelStar

Kiiroo: How was the molding process like?
Natalia Starr: It was fun! It was quick, actually. I was expecting it to be for it to be much longer than it was. It was like 30 minutes. We were in and out. 

K: What was the best part of the process?
NS: I think the best part was how accurate and how perfectly it mimicked me. It was super cool to see how the technology of that [works]. 

K: Name three things that give you pleasure.
NS: I love delicious food when it just touches my tongue. And it's very...erotic actually, all the different flavors hitting my tongue and then going down my throat. Another thing that gives me pleasure is like.... SEX, obviously. I like having connection and like having [that] passion... and getting touched... and getting felt on, and getting kissed. I love getting kiseed, like... everywhere, all over my body. 

I love, I LOVE getting my pussy eaten, it's like, oh! I just go down there for like an hour, stay there like, I don't know, study it. Go to college down there! Finger it, play with the butt, play with the clit, do it all! Go up and down. I love that. 

Another pleasure thing, anal. Getting like my ass eaten. I love eating ass too like... I like to eat ass, I like to finger it. 

K: If you could make a wish right now, what would it be?
NS: I would wish to fly because I would love to soar. And just like get anywhere, anyplace.

K: What is your guilty pleasure?
NS: My guilty pleasure is going to like a really nice restaurant and ordering everything on the menu. And trying everything and trying different tastes... and so...yeah food would be my guilty pleasure. I like to eat. 

K: What is something you want to try in porn that you haven’t tried yet?
NS: You’re talking to the wrong girl. I tried almost everything. No, I haven't tried gangbangs. That's a thing I haven’t done. I think the orgasm with that would be perfect. Imagine getting hit with, all like.., everywhere. Like any pleasure, everywhere is coming at the same time from all the holes. 

K: What is something that people can learn from porn?
NS: I feel like people can learn how to moan. How to kind of throw it back! Like good sex positions. I feel like girls should watch porn so they could get like..get into the groove, get into the action, how to moan. How to, like, just love your own body, how to, like, feel yourself and, you know... just be comfortable. 

K: What would you say to someone who is going to watch porn for the first time?
NS: Well, make sure you pay for it first. Yeah, enjoy yourself, go for it. So many things, like the world can show. Pay for it and make sure, you like it. 

K: What would you be doing if you weren’t doing porn?
NS: I feel like I would be a deejay because I love music, I love dancing, I love entertaining people, so my energy would still be getting from a lot of people and like in porn people would watch me a lot, so I get the energy from that. 

K: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
NS: I see myself on a yacht in Saint Tropez, drinking champagne, getting my pussy licked! Hahaha like spread-eagled, like, you know, being a super fucking rich bitch. You know. I also like to see myself like being a resident and a deejay, in Ibiza somewhere. Paris Hilton, I'm coming for your gig! 

K: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
NS: Gorgeous, funny, and entertaining. 

K: How do you feel about the fact that your fans are about to FEEL Natalia Starr?
NS: It makes me feel really fucking hot. I feel like it's like turning me on that a million-plus or billion people will be able to fuck me. 

K: What would be the best way to use your stroker to get the full Natalia experience?
NS: Come in it, hard! I love cum so... 

K: What message do you have for anyone using your stroker?
NS: If you have my stroker, I will love for you to send me a video so I can watch you fuck my pussy. 


If you want to check out Natalia's stroker head over here. 

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