Natalia Starr

FeelNatalia is the only personal stroker in the world molded from this star-studded beauty. Paired with the Keon by KIIROO; your lust and desires will become your newfound reality.

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You'll be seeing Starrs

Evoke your most vivid fantasies as you slide on into your new favorite place. The FeelNatalia Stroker embodies all that Natalia emulates in the bedroom. You will be left star-struck after experiencing FeelNatalia for the first time.

Feel What You See

Pair your FeelNatalia stroker with Keon by KIIROO for an interactive automated experience. You will feel every move made by Natalia in real-time. When you enter Natalia's universe you will be moaning and groaning and screaming her name.

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Natalia's Starr-studded Universe

Meet Natalia

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Enjoy an intimate experience with the Feel Natalia Starr Stroker.

1. Natalia Starr Stroker


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A mind-blowing interactive experience is awaiting. Get Natalia Starr stroker paired with Keon and a bottle of Arctic lube.

1. Natalia Starr stroker


3. Arctic lube


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An even better experience awaits. Get Natalia Starr paired with Keon, a Generic FeelStroker and a bottle of Arctic lube. We've got you fully covered.

1. Natalia Starr stroker


3. FeelStroker by KIIROO

4. Arctic lube


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