Meet the Feel Star: September Reign

We’ve delighted fans with the addition of the charismatic and brilliantly talented September Reign to our Feel Stars Collection.

This gorgeous actress, model and dancer boasts an explosive career, and can now add the creation of her own very FeelSeptember stroker to her impressive CV.

Here, we take a closer look at what led September to her adult film debut in 2015 and discover what makes her tick.

The not-so-hidden talents of a phenomenal star

California-born and bred, with a Creole/French/Brazilian/Haitian/Native American heritage, September’s boundless energy and passion for performing make her one of the hottest stars in the industry. She grew up indulging her love for dancing and gymnastics – it’s little wonder she’s so flexible – and began work as a nightclub go-go dancer at 18, before exotic dancing and a lingerie modeling career took off.

September burst on to our screens – to audiences’ delight – in her 2015 adult film debut. And her star has since risen and risen, so much so she’s now one of the industry’s most in-demand performers and content creators.

But what’s the meaning behind the name? She explains all to KIIROO: “I [was] born in September. September holds a very special place in my heart because a lot of people that are really close to me and that I hold really dear are also born in September.

And back when I started entertaining people, I needed a name that was going to be easy to remember and that no one had. And ‘Reign’ because I’m a huge Prince fan, so Purple Rain, and I’m a queen so it’s reign like a queen!”

Kiiroo feel star september reign

No time for lost passion

September is so loved by fans because of the authenticity and passion she brings to every single scene she’s in. Asked what three things give her most pleasure, she answers: “I love to be caressed. I love to be grabbed. I love to be sweet talked – not dirty talked, sweet talked. There’s a subtle way of saying something really deliberately. And I like being kissed all over. I love kisses.”

September believes that all too often people forget to bring the passion to whatever they’re doing. She explains: “I’m passionate about passion because that’s something that’s lost, right? I think more people need to be more passionate about how they do everything, including masturbating because I feel like people lose that.

“I’m all about passion so whether it’s something personal, art or a hobby, or whatever, be passionate about it because you feel it more. It’s more intense that way. It makes life more intense when you feel things.”

As well as being passionate about her work, September is a huge fan of butterflies. She says: “[They] represent that time is of the essence. Time is not guaranteed and time is short so you have to make the most of that. They’re also constantly moving. They’re never once at a stand-still unless they are growing, or they stop to smell the roses, if you will. They just represent a time that I’m in of always transition, always be on the move and on the go and experience life now’.”

September is thrilled to have joined her fellow Feel Stars cohort. She joins the likes of Kenzie Taylor, Nicolette Shea, Natalia Starr and co, whose Feel Stroker textured sleeves recreate the feel of each of the stars. Pair the strokers with our innovative KEON and connect to the Feel Stars’ erotic content for the most life-like experience possible.

Want to know what it’s like to be with September Reign? Head over to the collection and FeelSeptember.

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