Meet the Feel Star: Leigh Raven

It isn’t an exaggeration to describe intensely seductive actress and model Leigh Raven as a work of art. This inimitable, beautifully tattooed performer owns every scene she’s in and simply commands the attention of any room.

And the star now adds her undisputed talents to our Feel Star Collection – much to the ecstasy of her loyal fanbase.

Here, we get to know Leigh a little better, discuss a career decorated with highs and find out what makes her tick.

The camera loves Leigh

Leigh may have long been a scene-stealing sexual dynamo but the star excelled in every aspect of her career before then too. Leigh has always felt most at home in front of the camera, modeling fashion/lifestyle and adult magazines in New York, before eventually moving to Los Angeles.

It was here she got close to now-wife and industry veteran Nikki Hearts. Leigh performed in her very first adult film in December 2015 after a request from Nikki, who was directing and performing a feature for Filly Films.

Leigh’s talents know no bounds. Her most notable achievements include industry award nominations, Penthouse’s July 2018 Pet of the Month and winning an AltPorn Award for Favorite Female Porn Star.

Meanwhile, Leigh and Nikki have gone from strength to strength in their personal life and work commitments. Leigh told KIIROO their relationship, simply, works: “Nikki and I have been pretty fortunate that we haven’t really run into the issue of work taking over our personal life. They kind of just co-exist and we have learned to navigate both and communicate with each other.

“It’s a weird world that we live in but we make it work. It’s really hard to explain and put words to it, but we make it work.”

Leigh’s latest project sees her collaborate with KIIROO for her very own FeelLeigh stroker.

Kiiroo feel leigh stroker

Fulfil the fantasy

For the very first time, Leigh’s fans can feel what it’s like to be with her using the stroker. Leigh says: “It’s exciting to be a Feel Star. I think a lot of girls in the industry want their own toy and to be able to create one for my fans is super-exciting.”

Leigh is notorious for being a sex-positive advocate for women in the business and believes her job to be extremely empowering, explaining: “I think working in the adult industry empowers me, being able to be my own boss and create the content I want to create and put out there. It’s super-empowering.”

And asked what excites her, Leigh smiles: “Coming home after a long day to a bath and my cats excites me!”

Leigh is as down to earth as the rest of us – but isn’t that her appeal, after all?

Leigh joins the rest of the Feel Stars, whose personalized strokers, when paired with the KEON and your favourite content, offer the most realistic sensations and feelings of being with the stars.

Want to know what it’s like to be with Leigh Raven? Head over to the collection and FeelLeigh.

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