Meet the Feel Star: Molly Stewart

She’s here, she’s fierce, she’s utterly lovably unique… Film maker, entertainer and actress Molly Stewart has brought her sculpted, sultry magic to Kiiroo’s Feel Star line up.

With her midwestern charm, wicked sense of humor and red-hot magnetism, Molly is impossible not to be drawn to. Come, get to know the latest Feel Star on an even more intimate level…

Pleasure works both ways

Since her camming debut in 2013, Molly has continued to thrive alongside her fans, many who’ve followed her through her entire career. You can see why they’re smitten. The six-foot beauty isn’t satisfied unless both herself and her fans are having the best time ever.

She explains to Kiiroo: “The most important skill that you can have in bed is communication. You have to let people know what turns you on. You have to let people know how to make you, you know, finish. You have to be expressive and give it as good as you get – you can’t just lay there and expect someone to read your mind.”

A true master of her art, Molly will raise your heart rate, excite and dominate, but with every climax comes creativity and laughs.

Let her entertain you

Molly’s winning combination of looks, laughs and lust-worthy content has seen the red-haired model branch into the likes of Playboy, Twistys, Brazzers and Digital Playground.

No longer contracted, Molly has taken control of her own content creation, providing special access to her most irresistible content on sites such as OnlyFans and LoyalFans.

No longer camming for up to 12 hours a day, Molly has extra time to show fans a different side of her. She launched ‘The Totally Wholesome (Not Dirty) Podcast’ in 2021, chatting with many guests who she also creates content with.

Fantasy meets reality

Six foot tall and sculpted to perfection, Molly Stewart is the ultimate fantasy heroine.

When she’s not watching movies, reading comics, or playing video games, she’s channeling her favorite characters into her adult content. From Lara Croft to Psylocke to Princess Leia, Molly’s cosplay means her fans can explore boundless fantasies.

But it’s not all dress-up and Marvel, as Molly tells us: “My guilty pleasure is getting really really stoned, and watching Gossip Girl.”

Oh, and she’ll probably be doing it all nude.

“I find empowerment through my job,” she smiles. “I love being nude in front of the camera, in front of other people, in a public forum. And I think there’s something very powerful about your sexuality and being happy with the person that you are, and the person you are presenting to the world.”

Good feelings for the future

With Molly Stewart now gracing our line up of Feel Stars, fans can use her personalized stroker to feel what it’s like to really be with her. And the long-limbed entertainer is very excited to flex her creativity with new interactive content experiences.

Asked how she feels about her fans now getting to feel her, Molly enthuses “I think that it’s really exciting because I have fans from all over the world.

“I think it’s going to be a fun interactive experience. I think it will make sexting a whole lot more interesting and it will make for better video content since we can now sync it all up together. It’s going to be a really fun and sexy experience for all of my fans.”

You can use the FeelMolly stroker with our luxury automated masturbator KEON and pair it with your favorite Molly content to feel her in real time.

If you’re unfamiliar with Molly’s videos, then prepare for infinite pleasure, fascinating experiences, and a lot of mischief. And remember what turns her on: “My favorite sex position while filming is me in a more dominant role.”

Want to feel what it’s really like to be with Molly Stewart? Head over to the collection and FeelMolly.

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