KEON by KIIROO: why it outperforms on every occasion

KEON by KIIROO: why it outperforms on every occasion

Kiiroo exists to bring luxury ‘like-no-other’ products to the sex toy market and change the way the world thinks about teledildonics. It’s a sex tech brand that wants to bring the future of masturbation into the here and now – embracing remote connections and ensuring innovative technologically diverse toys become a mainstay in our day-to-day life.

KEON by KIIROO arrived in 2020 to revolutionize sex toys for men with its ergonomic design, intense stroking function and personalized masturbation experience.

Here, we take a closer look at the KEON and highlight why it’s so loved by people with a penis.

What is the KEON by KIIROO?

Providing the ultimate in pleasure, the KEON is the smartest automatic masturbator available and is renowned for its power and a range of interactive capabilities.

The KEON’s compact, intuitive design and ergonomics enrich the most intimate of moments, while its robustness provides the perfect tightness of grip. You’re in control of the speed and length of the stroke (it can manage up to 230 strokes per minute) and the tactile buttons make it easy to find the ideal stroke combination for your needs.

The best, most innovative, aspect of the KEON? You can explore your erogenous zones with manual mode – or sync up for immersive fun.

Getting the most of KEON

KEON comes with its own sleeve and case – the Feel Stroker, which comes in four different colors for your own preference. Our teams have worked tirelessly to create the highest-quality body safe material that resembles real skin-like softness and texture. And the sleeve’s spiral ridges only add to the sensation. Use with a water-based lube for the utmost in pleasure and to prevent the stroker from deteriorating.

Bluetooth connectivity is what takes KEON pleasure to the next level. In interactive mode, you can pair KEON with your partner’s device from anywhere in the world, as well as connect to interactive or VR content and webcam shows.

The FeelConnect app allows to you to connect to interactive content or experience your partner from a distance with a couple set of toys. This type of play is ideal if you’re in a long-distance relationship or away from your partner for a period of time

KEON is also compatible with the Feel Star Strokers, which give you the opportunity to, quite literally, feel what it’s like to be intimate with your favorite adult-industry performers. These sleeves are molded from the stars’ most intimate parts so pair with your KEON and turn on your favorite erotic content and you can feel every movement and sensation in real time with what’s happening on the screen.

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A customized experience

The beauty of KEON is that it’s entirely customizable to your needs and preferences. It can be used hands-free and you can adjust the speed and thrust to your liking.

If you’re interacting with a partner and their device, use the chat and video call features for an even more intense experience – with each of you in control of the other’s pleasure, this is solo play at its finest.

Everything about the innovative KEON has been designed to meet your personal pleasure requirements for the most intense and realistic experience. Plus, accessories like the KEON Hand Strap and KEON Neck Strap make for as comfortable an experience as possible, while the Virtual Reality Headset takes your fantasies to the next level.

Interested to experience the future of sex tech for yourself? Find out more about how to use the KEON by KIIROO. Plus, KEON is available as part of our toys for couples range so you can get interactive with your partner.

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