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Want to know how to make a woman Squirt? Interested in achieving a squirting orgasm with your partner?

Squirting. For many, it’s the holy grail of climaxes.

That ultimate peak which is without comparison. Most people who have experienced squirting have sworn by how empowering and sensational the act can feel and for many porn scenes a strong finish comes with a gush of fluids. But just what is squirting? Can anyone do it? Can you make your partner squirt? If so, then how?

Well, sit back and grab a towel to sit on, because today we’re going to delve into the wet and wonderful world of squirting. 

What is Squirting?

Squirting, also known as ‘female ejaculation’, ‘she-jaculation’, or ‘gushing’, is the act of expelling fluids during the throes of a, particularly intense orgasm. For some women the quantity of fluid is small, white, and almost milky, for others, it is a whole waterfall of fluids (enough to wet the sheets and sometimes more).

Squirting was popularized through pornography but it’s certainly not exclusive to the industry. In fact, some studies have shown that at least a third of all women have, at some point, reported an experience with female ejaculation, though the actual numbers may be larger due to shame.

Yes, I said shame.

Is It Pee?

Sadly a lot of stigma and controversy has surrounded squirting over the years, with the scientific community unable to decide just what squirting is. Many are in agreement that squirting, at least in part, involves secretions from the Skene’s glands (otherwise known as the ‘female prostate’). Prostate-specific androgen (PSA) has been found in the fluids of women who have undertaken tests on their ability to squirt.

A 2015 study found that, for heavy gushers, at least most of the fluid came from the bladder (which would fill, even if empty before, just prior to the point of climax). Egregiously the world media took this single study to mean that squirting was, in fact, just urine and tried to dismiss this powerful female climax.

However, the squirting community is having none of this. To the eyes of those who are capable squirting is definitely #NotPee. And, even if it is comprised of the same fluid as urine, the context and sensation of squirting should be no less diminished because of this.

Squirting may be banned in the UK porn industry but here at Kiiroo, we think that squirting is amazing and want to be able to help all couples embrace this earth-shattering release.

How to Make a Girl Squirt?

So you’ve decided that you’d like to ‘stick it to the man’ and help your partner achieve a squirting orgasm. Good for you! The first bit of advice I have for you is to sit your partner down and explain your desire to achieve this.

It’s her body and her orgasm, after all, so checking that she’s interested in embarking upon this endeavor is incredibly important. If done correctly this can be a wonderful bonding experience. If done incorrectly it can cause resentment and a sexual rift so tread with care.

The second bit of advice I have to offer you both is to relax. Squirting sounds like an amazing and oftentimes daunting goal, but the point of sex isn’t to shoot for milestones—it’s to enjoy the journey that helped get you to those peaks.

The more you worry about squirting the less likely you and your partner will be able to relax into the experience, so don’t put any undue pressure on yourself or her.

The best way to increase her chance of squirting is to set the scene for it. Here are my top tips for facilitating a squirting orgasm.

1. Lay Down a Towel

Or, even better, a waterproof sheet. This all comes down to nerves again. Many women find that they are unable to squirt or are sub-consciously ‘holding back’ because they’re worried about causing a mess or wetting the bed.

By putting down a towel you’re not only setting the mood for your adventures into squirting but you’re also putting her mind at ease. With the clean-up covered you can relax your partner into the experience and make her feel confident that squirting isn’t just planned for but it’s desired too.

2. Locate and Explore Her G-Spot

Squirting is most likely to happen after strong and prolonged G-Spot stimulation so make sure you know where her G-Spot is and become well-acquainted with stimulating it.

For most people, the G-Spot will be located about 1.5 inches inside the vagina on the upper wall. It feels noticeably different from the rest of the vaginal canal for many (it is often described as feeling spongy) and applying pressure to it can sometimes provoke a ‘need to pee’ sensation.

Ask your partner if she knows where her G-Spot is and how best to stimulate it. Communicate with her as she guides you through the motions and helps you better understand her sexual needs.

G-Spot orgasms are, in many ways, a precursor to squirting, so learn how to stimulate her G-Spot and you’re already on the road to success.

3. Use the Right Equipment

For squirting the best form of stimulation is firm and persistent pressure. This often means using sex toys that are curved, have a bulbous head, and/or a rigid shaft.

Take the Kiiroo Pearl, for example, which has been specifically designed to stimulate the G-Spot. This smooth toy’s firm and subtly, the curved shaft is great for applying strong pressure, whereas the curve acts to naturally press against the G-Spot. Vibrating insertables such as the Kiiroo Pearl2 can also provide that extra kick needed to take her G-Spot stimulation to the next level.

Metal and glass toys are also very good for this purpose, as they provide a literally unyielding experience. Just make sure that you can get a good grip on whatever toy you use and check in regularly to make sure the angle is right.

Rapid thrusts often work well for squirting orgasms so you might want to hit the gym for a few sessions too prior to your sexual activities. 

4. Take Your Time

Most people recommend at least 20 minutes of stimulation before trying to experience a squirting orgasm (though, of course, there’s no one true timer on sexual pleasure).

The key here isn’t necessarily the time itself but the build-up. Squirting is most often achieved at the peak of sexual pleasure, which means taking it slow, building up excitement and perhaps even helping her have some orgasms or edging prior to the squirting climax.

One thing is for sure—squirting cannot be rushed in any instance.

5. Help Her Enjoy the Release

This part is mostly up to your partner’s body and her own personal pleasure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help bring her to this point.

When a woman’s body is finally ready to squirt it will feel like a swell of pleasure that is rising in the body. For her part, she will simply need to enjoy this sensation, allow it to build and, at the point of climax. Instead of naturally clenching her vaginal muscles or holding back in some way force her muscles to expand in a strong, gushing release.

Your part is in making sure that you effectively communicate with your partner and have a signal in place for what to do when nearing climax. As squirting is usually achieved through strong thrusts or pressure you’ll want to have a word or gesture ready that lets her communicate when to up the ante.

From there simply listen to your partner, observe her body language and stimulate her with extreme enthusiasm. With any luck, her body will respond accordingly with a wet display of gratitude.

This could involve a small amount of fluid or it could involve a lot. Either way, make sure you check in with your partner and see how she feels. Emphasize your enjoyment of the experience and shower her with the aftercare that she desires. No doubt this was an intense experience for both of you, but especially for her.

If she’s just come back from riding a wave of pleasure then make sure you’re the calming shore that can soothe her gently.

And That’s All There Is To It!

For many women, the biggest hurdle when it comes to squirting is that mental block—the stigma placed on squirting by the media and uptight lawmakers, the fear of making a mess, or the pressure to perform.

Once you let your partner know your desires to help her squirt and make it clear that your only expectations from her are that she has a good time then the rest will often fall into place to create the perfect scene for squirting.

And if not then no pressure. Chances are you will have both had fun (and perhaps even multiple orgasms) in your squirting session together. Besides, there’s always next time…

Written by

Emmeline Peaches

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