How to Make a Girl Squirt

From A Beginner's Guide to Pro tips and techniques

Squirting is a mysterious event that all men are curious about, yet few have experienced in real life. You may have seen it in porn, but is that something all women can do? Good question.

For many women, squirting is the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to stimulation. If you’re curious about learning how to make a girl squirt, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about squirting, how to make it happen and which best sex toys for women to use.

So what is squirting?

I just can’t dive into teaching you how to make a girl squirtyou need to know the basics first. Squirting, also known as ‘female ejaculation,’ isn’t necessarily what you see in porn. Female ejaculate is when the urethral sponge (G-spot or Skene’s gland) becomes highly aroused and fills up with fluid. The fluid inside the urethral sponge that leaves the body is what’s called squirting.

Is squirting an orgasm?

Now this is a tricky question. Everybody is different. While someone can squirt, it doesn’t mean they’re having an orgasm. If someone does have an orgasm while squirting, it’s sometimes called a “squirting orgasm.” And for some people, though the feeling of squirting is similar to an orgasm, it doesn’t necessarily feel like one.

Is squirt pee?

Everyone wants the answer to this question. Is squirt pee? The fluid that’s released isn’t exactly urine. Some research suggests that it contains some of the same compounds as urine, but that doesn’t make it urine. In general, urine has a strong odor and colors, whereas squirt is clear, odorless, and essentially tasteless.

Can all women squirt?

Now this question is important. You may want your partner to squirt, but that doesn’t mean they can. Between one-tenth and one-half of vulva-owners have reported squirting, according to the International Society for Sexual Medicine.

This doesn’t mean it’s not learnable. For now, they may not be able to squirt, but after reading this guide and practicing, it could become a reality.


4 things to do before making her squirt

Before you start trying to make your partner squirt, there are a few things you need to do. These steps will ensure this hands-on approach is done safely and enjoyably.

Trim your fingernails

If you have long fingernails, don’t even think about trying to make her squirt. You may love your long nails, but they can do serious damage to the vagina. So, trim them, file them down, do whatever you have to do to make sure your fingernails are vagina-friendly.

Wash your hands

I know you’re not in kindergarten, but there’s nothing wrong with a friendly reminder! Before putting your hands inside her vagina, make sure your hands are clean. The last thing she needs is an infection.

Don’t rush

Making her squirt isn’t something that’s going to happen the moment you put your hand in her vagina. Squirting takes time, so don’t rush. If you put too much pressure on the end goal, it’s not going to be a fun experience for either of you.

Use lube

Things also go smoothly when there’s lube. If you want to make her squirt, the less friction, the better. A water-based lubricant will do the trick in making her squirt.

Step-by-step guide to make a girl squirt

Okay, so you know what squirting is all about and how to prepare yourself for the big event. But what do you do to make a girl squirt? Let’s find out.

Set the scene

Sex, though physical, is mainly mental. If you want your partner to squirt, she needs to be in a mental place where she feels comfortable in letting go and exploring that side of her sexuality. So, you’re going to need to create a relaxing and sensual atmosphere. Light some candles, put on some music, and have a towel by the bed. Make the space a place where she can be sexually free and expressive.

Focus on foreplay

Oh, I know you’ll want to skip past this but not so fast. Remember how I said sex is mental? Exactly. Setting the scene is only one step. Now, you need to arouse her mentally. If you bypass this step, there’s a big chance she won’t be warmed up and able to squirt. So, spend at least 30-40 minutes engaging in dirty talk, exploring her erogenous zones, massaging her and turning her on. If you do this, you’ll warm up the G-spot.

Know where the urethral sponge is

If you want her to squirt, you’ll need to find the spot. I’m talking about the urethral sponge. It’s about 2-inches deep, along the front wall of the vagina. It feels a little rough, spongy area that’s unlike the rest of the wall. That’s the urethral sponge.

Lube, lube, lube

Where do you think your dry hands are going? Definitely not in her vagina! If you want to slide into this smoothly, you’ll need some water-based lubricant. Stimulation is needed to make her squirt, which means friction can become a problem. Apply lube across your entire hand and apply it generously.

Find the right position/technique

This will take some practice, so don’t feel defeated if you didn’t make her squirt on your first attempt. If she hasn’t squirted before, then you two are learning about her body together. If she does know, perhaps she can show you what works for her. It’ll take some time, so explore the different techniques and positions, finding the ones that work for her.

Get some help from a sex toy

Sex toys can achieve amazing things when used properly. Vibrators that focus on G-spot stimulation will help seek the stimulation you’re looking for. Play around with motion and pressure to find out what works best.


What can I say? Practice makes perfect. This isn’t going to happen overnight and if it does, you’re one of the lucky ones. Understanding your partner’s body takes time, so be patient with it and don’t apply pressure onto your partner. This isn’t a race.

4 must-know hand techniques to make her squirt

If you want her to squirt like a waterfall, then you need the right hand techniques. The trick is to stimulate the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously—don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds. You can do this by pressing gently against the clit with one hand while your other does the work.

The Come Hither

She’s coming! The come hither technique is easy to master. With your palm facing upwards, you insert one (or two) fingers into the vagina. Make sure you’re not too deep in, stop at knuckle level.

With your fingers, you’ll feel a rigid spot, noticeably rougher than the surrounding area. On that area, move your finger up and down in a ‘come hither’ motion. Slowly pick up speed and pressure as you feel the G-spot start to swell.

The Window Washer

Clean those windows, baby! Insert your index and middle finger into the vagina, the same way as you would with the ‘come hither’ position. Then move them side to side over the entire G-spot, almost as if you’re washing a window.

The Running Man

If you want to play around with pressure and movement, try this position. It’s essentially the same position as the ‘come hither,’ however, you’ll need two fingers. When your fingers are inside the vagina, you’ll move one another, making a running man motion.

The Hook

Everyone enjoys a specific technique, but this is a favorite among many vulva-owners. Just like the rest of the positions on this list, you’ll enter the vagina with your palm up. However, for this position, you’ll use your two middle fingers, bending them into a hook position. Then, you’ll move them up and down, massaging the G-spot area.

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5 best sex positions to make her squirt

The beauty of sex is that you have many ways to pleasure your partner and make her squirt. So, here are the 4 best sex positions you should try if you want to switch things up and avoid cramping your hand.

The G-Spot Position

Say hello to the G-spot position. If you want to make your girl squirt, then this is the position for you. Your partner needs to lie on her back for this position, with you kneeling in front of her. You’ll grab her hips and lift them up off the bed. Her legs should be resting on your shoulders. Then, you’ll thrust, so the tip of the penis is hitting the top of the vagina where the G-spot is located. Bullseye!

The Jockey Position

Oh, you’re going to like this one. Your partner lies down on her stomach with her butt in the air (she can place a pillow under her lower stomach for support). Then, you’ll straddle her while on your knees. In this position, you’ll be able to deeply penetrate her, massaging her G-spot with your penis.

Doggy Style

Doggy style is really a jack-of-all-trades type of sex position. There are small tweaks you can do during this position to make her squirt. Aside from stimulating her G-spot, you can also play with her neck, breasts, or clitoris. She can have her legs opened or closed; the sky’s the limit.

The Bouncing Spoon

This is a pretty easy position to try out if you’re new at this. Your partner will sit upright in bed, with their back on the bedboard or wall. You will go on top of her, finding the right angle of penetration that will allow you to hit her G-spot. This will take some experimentation but will pay off with pleasure.

The Launch Pad

3, 2, 1 - takeoff! The launch pad is a fun position to try out. With your partner lying on her back, she’ll raise her hips and place her feet on your chest (also a great position if you’re into feet). You’ll be kneeling in front of her. She can use a cushion underneath her lower back/bum for more support. With her feet on your chest, she’ll have control over the depth of penetration.

3 best toys for squirting

Don’t underestimate the power of sex toys when you’re trying to make your partner squirt. Sex toys can be the secret to unleashing the flood gates. Here are the 3 best toys for squirting.

Cliona Clit Stim Vibrator

Get the clitoris stimulated with Kiiroo’s Cliona Clit Stim Vibrator. For an intense orgasm, while massaging the G-spot, you or your partner can use this vibrator to stimulate her clitoris as well. When it comes time to orgasm and squirt, she’ll have a mind-blowing experience. The beauty of this sex toy is that it’s waterproof (which is a feature you’re going to need) and can be controlled via app. So you can make her squirt whether you’re next to her or not.

OhMiBod Fuse

The OhMiBod Fuse is a dual-stim massager with two-way Bluetooth communication. So, whether you’re next to your partner or not, you can make her (and watch her) squirt. Its smooth silicone design will deliver a powerful and unforgettable orgasm.

Pearl2 G-Spot Vibrator

This sex toy says it all in its name. You know by now that if you want to make her squirt, you have to arouse her G-spot. And this is the toy you’re going to need. The Pearl2 G-spot vibrator is a dual-stim massager with Bluetooth two-way communication. It’s silicone and waterproof, so you can soak it while she achieves ultimate pleasure.

And That’s All There Is To It!

For many women, the biggest hurdle when it comes to squirting is that mental block—the stigma placed on squirting by the media and uptight lawmakers, the fear of making a mess, or the pressure to perform.

Once you let your partner know your desires to help her squirt and make it clear that your only expectations from her are that she has a good time then the rest will often fall into place to create the perfect scene for squirting.

And if not then no pressure. Chances are you will have both had fun (and perhaps even multiple orgasms) in your squirting session together. Besides, there’s always next time…


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