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How to have the best shower sex, ever!

You’re naked. You’re dripping wet. You’re being pleasured by a partner (or yourself) under a warm, relaxing stream of water. Shower sex is a mega-hot fantasy for many, and one that’s made even more alluring in the movies. Yet, in practice, no one ever tells you how to have shower sex that’s actually sexy - and won’t see you slipping and breaking more than just the mood.

Whether you’re getting jiggy under multiple jets or steaming up a standing-room-only situation, these practical tips, ideas, and shower sex positions will help you get wet and wild (without the injuries or awkwardness). Lather up and let’s go…

How to have sex in the shower, safely

There’s nothing like a steamy movie shower scene to get you aching to try it yourself. But what you don’t see on camera are the safety precautions. Water can make your genitals less slippery for penetration, while making the bath or shower more slippery and increasing your chance of falling. The solution?

First up, lube up. Keep a bottle in the bathroom, in case some spontaneous shower sex strikes (you lucky thing). Silicone-based is best for shower sex with a partner, as it won’t wash away as easily as water-based lube. However, the latter is best for use with sex toys, since silicone lubes can degrade the surface of silicone pleasure products.

Shower water isn’t a replacement for lube, neither is soap, shampoo, shower gel, or any other products you might have lingering in the tub. These can dry out the natural lubrication your body produces, reduce the effectiveness of condoms, and potentially lead to vaginal yeast infections (gotta keep that pH balanced!).

Secondly, bring in the reinforcements to keep you grounded and less likely to slip. A simple bath mat can be ideal - they’re cheap, easy to put down, and a less intrusive alternative to say, building a sex bench in your shower (although if you can, do it). If you’re going down on a partner or trying a kneeling doggy shower sex position, the cushioning of a rubber bath mat can also provide extra support for your knees.

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Four shower sex positions to try

Most of us don’t have a grand, walk-in shower to get massively adventurous with shower sex positions, but there are a few you can try to get you both the right kind of soaked. If you’re ready to master some steamy moves, give these a go…

1. Standing up doggy - beginner shower sex position

A perfect move if you’re nervous, or just getting to grips with sex positions in the shower, with support from both the wall and against your partner.

To try this classic, stand with both feet on the ground, then place your hands against the shower wall. Lean forward slightly to allow your partner to enter from behind with their penis, fingers, or sex toy.

2. Missionary or seated - beginner shower sex position

If standing isn’t doing it for you, think about moving into missionary. This depends on the size of your shower and if you have a tub, but if you can do it, you’ll love it.

Missionary is even better when your naked bodies are confined to an intimate space, all wet and slippery. If you can’t lie down in your shower, try a seated shower sex position.

Make sure the shower head is positioned so it covers your bodies (not your faces), then have your partner sit on the shower floor, hands behind them to support you both. Lower your body down and slowly squat onto your partner.

The wrap around - beginner shower sex position

Another standing shower sex position, so make sure that bath mat’s down. Start by placing your back against the shower cubicle or wall, with your partner standing facing you. Lift one leg and wrap it round your partner’s waist. They can hold your leg up for support and use their other hand to support you further around your waist.

The wet wheelbarrow - super advanced shower sex position

For deep penetration and ample amounts of booty on display, this shower sex position is a must. A non-slip bath mat is another must. Put simply, this move is just like the traditional wheelbarrow, where you’re in a makeshift handstand and your partner is behind, holding you up by the waist with your legs around their waist. The arm workout is just a plus.

The best shower sex toys

Remember, the best shower sex positions may not necessarily be penetrative. Sometimes, slow and seductive foreplay can be mind-blowing - getting dirty while getting cleaned up, anyone?

Having waterproof shower sex toys on hand can take away the pressure of finding the absolute perfect position - you can always move things into the bedroom later.

Clitoral shower sex toys

Sure, shower head sex is good, but people with a vulva can take it to the next level with Cliona - a vibrating, massaging, deeply pleasurable powerhouse in one petite waterproof package.

Penetrative (and clitoral) shower sex toys

If you’re in the mood for some steamy penetration, our Pearl2, Pearl 2+, and the next-gen Pearl3 all have waterproof silicone enclosures for wet, sensual play. As well as sending direct vibrations straight to your G-spot, Pearl3 has improved touch sensitivity so that you (or a partner) can use it to tease your clitoris under the warm, running stream. Deeeeelicious.

Anal shower sex toys

Buttplay in the bathroom is possible, thanks to our waterproof Lumen. It’s silky soft and fully interactive, so you can sync its heady buzz to your favorite shower tunes or let a lover control your pleasure.

Shower sex doesn’t have to be in-person, after all. Lumen glows as it vibes, so you can put on a seriously steamy show - just set up your camera and tripod, with plenty of lube at hand. Lights, camera, ahhh…

Penis-pleasuring shower sex toys

Knowing how to have shower sex is one thing - knowing how to have hands-free shower sex is a whole new dimension of pleasure. Pulse Solo Interactive takes the original Pulse (aka the world’s first Guybrator™) into a multi-award-winning interactive masturbator that takes away the need for stroking.

The wetter, the better - this waterproof wonder gives you the shower of a lifetime, while freeing up your hands so you can stimulate yourself or a partner in all kinds of different ways.

When it comes to learning how to have sex in the shower, the most important factor is relaxation - no stress or judgment. Sex is one of the most intimate human experiences there is, and should be the pleasure and comfort for everyone involved.

So, if it’s not for you, then it’s not for you - and that’s fine. Also remember that the best shower sex positions don’t have to be enjoyed with a partner – solo sex in the shower can be way more practical, regular, and just as important for your partnered sex life too.

Ready for some steamy sex, or a little lathered-up self loving? Let this erotic shower story get you in the mood.